Mary and John C. Were Neighbors of Mine.

I could stand on the steps of my home’s front door and hit the back of their house with a rock.  Mary and John lived on the next street down. Between us was a small cottage home where a mother and her son lived. I’ll call Helen, who had a statue of Catholic Mary  standing in her clamshell on top of a filled over concrete wading pool that as children we once played in.

They filled it in as we got older later on Mary was placed on top to guard it against ever being used again.  If there were any Jewish people or Muslims in the neighborhood, they would not have found Christ at either of our three houses we were religious, not relational.

When did Mary have  the time to pose for her statue?  Why would a Jewish woman like Mary mother of Jesus  sanction a statue of herself?  Something smells  fishy?

Before I got my call Helen who lived in the cottage, passed away, she grew depressed and felt she wanted to go home and be with the LORD.    I watched as she willed herself to death  I  visited her in the hospital, she had just given up I often tried to encourage her but  to no avail.

Morphius, in the movie, the Matrix said it best “It is harder to release the minds of those who have been plugged in too long to the system.”

The hall of doors they are holding all the keys, and no one is getting into heaven who follows them.

She was raised to believe that the Catholic Church was the only way to Christ, so her involvement in teaching young children at a local evangelical church had her learning truths that she struggled to reconcile.

She did believe in Jesus,  yet she still gave up, and I remember talking to her often about Jesus; she was most fascinated by my encounter with  HIM in 1978.  It was not until 1982 I surrendered,  I wish I knew then what I know now.

Repentance is to change the way you think of God and see HIM as HE desires to be seen. Loving, compassionate, merciful, and mighty,  a far cry from the one Rome had taught for so many years, is it no wonder  Islam is like Rome’s inquisition?

God is giving them the god they wanted the desires of their heart, which is to make everyone assimilate into their delusion of god, and it is not delighting in Jesus of the Bible who said call no man Father. Islam would have a relationship with the risen savior if the religious priesthood stayed where God wanted it non-existent.  Let the people inspect the sacrifice and become the priests they were meant to be.

Helen did not stand a chance to defeat that spirit of depression she was raised a Catholic and the land behind hers became Mary, and John’s that once belonged to a recluse by the name of Shorty, who had all sorts of heavy equipment on the property including an old Lawrence city bus as a storage shed that the neighborhood tweens took over after he passed.

We would have someone of age buy us beer and hang out in the bus, drinking and passing the weed around. I’m not going to lie to you and say I was raised a saint Father God let me experience the worst so I could tell you about the best it is not in drugs or drinking.

Below is me as a child holding a plastic plane built using a plastic erector set on the left; the small cottage behind that the shanty was Micky’s / Shorty’s home.   He was a hoarder the truck in the yard behind me was one he used to plow the town of Methuen with, and for a few winters he picked me up for the ride. I do not believe he knew Jesus. Jesus is not a symbol or a card to put up on the wall and say, I believe.  He is someone worth sharing with others; in fact, HIS Father insists we do so in order to reconcile the lost to heaven. He asks you questions that HE already has the answers too, and HE does it to have dialogue HE loves to talk with us, and HE will not contradict  HIS word already given.

To die without Christ is the worst scenario a hell is a real place meant for the devil and his angels, and there is something worse than the COVID-19 virus, and that is hearing Jesus say away from me I never knew you,  depart from me into the fires prepared for the devil and his angels.

John and Mary built a home and moved into the property they never shared the good news with us saving it for when they fellowshipped with other Christians as Catholics they kept social distancing before it was a thing.

No one wants to get involved in other peoples problems   and it would have been impossible not to have heard my mothers torment and lack peace  in her life a torment that if not set free from would continue into eternity.

I first met Mary and John at a Baptist church the Vatican allowed their prisoners (I meant to type parishioners) to visit with other churches where many of them were placing a new cloth on an old wineskin these are the tares growing alongside the wheat.

My stepmother was taught in the orphanage to do all her Catholic dogma’s in her native language of French. Associating with white anglo Saxon American Protestants was frowned upon; they came to divide and conquer to steal,  kill and destroy it is the motto of Rome and well canvased by the term  Christian it happened in Russia and Germany. Now it is happening here in America.

We have a problem at our Mexican borders; what percentage of the Mexican population is Catholic? Unless God wants you to see it, he keeps it hidden from you.

But we have a natural occurrence in nature that reveals God’s plans. The killer bees are invading from the south; they kill for their delusional queen, while the good honey bees have disappeared. You want America you can have it, but let me get my wicked Protestants out first.

What’s that about the blind not having any light to show them the way? If I only knew what these lamps were for?

A pastor has a dream about a man in the community who wears a suit and tie coming in and ending the gifts in the Church. I once learned from the same teachers as he did that a dream may come from one of three places. I do not want to stop gifts. I want you to discern if it is from God or keeping the word away from the lost. Are your superpowers from God?  Because I frankly find ignorance of God my kryptonite.

The primary concern here is hearing the word and understanding it, but no need to worry about it now  19 has no 6 in front of it.

I was told,  no, I was snapped at by a Pentacostal Pastor that shouted at me that the antichrist is going to burn forever in hell,   that was after he had thirty crop formations pointing to the word of God revealed in Protestant England.

He left the area and went south which he was headed before I got there  (metaphorically speaking), he had a Papist as his treasurer and could not understand why God was not blessing the Church. He did not want to honor God’s call on my life; he wanted me to turn stones into bread (metaphorically speaking).

He started in the right direction buying HD t.v’s to allow the crop circles to be explained by someone God sent to take out the confusion hence my initials Babel. However,  the voice of God said no leave the effigy of Jesus in the dirt don’t expose what I want to be exposed keep that and the word hidden from the world if he wants to rule the world make him turn stones into bread or walk on water. Make him do my Benny Hinn falling over miracles. Not calling the world to repentance that’s not for us.

Mary was a school principal at the Church I began to attend in 1982 it was on fire for Jesus the first Church I started my walk in. It is where I met the love of my life well, my second love.   Mary and John attended; she knew who I was but still never could muster the desire to share Jesus with my tormented mother, who insisted she was Catholic and wanted to die that way.

Mary and John like my stepmom and dad had adopted a set of twins,  right before Jesus came to awaken me in 2009 she had come up to me at a film festival I was ushering at and said to pray for the twins they were not walking with Christ? Then I heard that small still voice say it is because she has not decided for Christ either; you cannot serve Rome and Jesus, you will hate one and love the other.

One only serves for mammon.

My apologies to Israel and Islam  Rome does not represent my Jesus, nor should they be speaking for HIM. Jesus, who does not leave heaven to go into a cookie, my Jesus ended the purpose of the priesthood I know Israel does not believe that at the moment but they will once someone can explain it in the simple terms.  You must have faith in Christ and be “Born Again.”

HIS holy spirit is here,  and HIM, you can know.   HE is not in Bill O’Reilly because God would not leave HIM out of a movie about Jesus; in fact, where was the outrage among Christians over this heretical movie about killing Jesus is that how you see Jesus?

I wonder after this COVID -19, will I get to say my piece about the prince of peace without interference from the kryptonite gang?

The antichrist is going to burn in hell you can be sure he is, but that is who? For there are many who would hide the truth from others and claim they know God and look at how the Pentecostals follow them.

Brother Abel

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