The Reverse of COVID -19 is PSALM 91 as is 911 to Genesis 11:9

Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together as you see the day approaching.


So to the Pastor who kept preaching at us that he knew what God wanted,   is this what he wanted?

Not to open HIS word to the world or lift up the reason this began.

Found in Jeremiah 4?

Social distancing is not what God wants, or the end wouldn’t have near 8 billion people on the planet.

Why is it Christians are more afraid to die than those who do not know God?

Psalm 91 is like Genesis  11:9 just the reverse of September 911 and who is behind it Revelation 9:11.

Someday when I don’t have the microphone held back from me, I will verbalize the message clearer or when I am not being encouraged to align myself with ROME as so many have.

If our faith is being tested, then I would have to question will Jesus find faith in the earth when HE returns?

For now, because you rejected mercy  555 and made not the messages written in England go viral.   Let me introduce you to 3 6’s  666.




How do we stop the killing?

Respect the word and the ones GOD places over you that know the word.

They grumbled against Moses, and he had thicker skin than I. God swallowed them up.

I was told I was not to consider myself better or more important than others, to which I readily agreed because if there is anyone who knows this is not about me, it would be me!

I was raised to believe I was never going to be anybody or that my life had no value.  So I was surprised when Jesus came to me  27 years into my walk with HIM, and not of it was easy. To tell me HE was on HIS way.

However, this can not work as it should without us both.

Jesus is on HIS way, and America looks like  Nazi Germany only because of ROME hiding the word from everyone and mocking the work of Christ.

Let me show it to you again.  We the people. The others  servants to those above.

Every culture serving false gods had a king on the hill and a priesthood supporting them  so where did that leave you? Jesus is a cornerstone  not a capstone.

How can I come out of America or pay her pack double? She allowed me the freedom to worship G-d and speak freely.  For America to have fallen this far, this fast took a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.

Romney was one of ROMES as well; his keeper would have been another Catholic VP.

The demons would have laughed at him as President they would have surged Patriotism and the  Pledge of one nation under God would have ended us.  Instead, God just made ISIS stronger. America falls,  we all fall.

The only thing keeping the new world order “NAZI/Catholicism from taking over is the  BOX and the need for peace.


Despite what you may think the Prince of Persia has free will and is not a  servant of Satan, he refuses to become a  follower of the Prince of darkness ( Catholic )so that the message of Christ can be made known. Gabriel remained with the kings of Persia in Daniel 10 when Michael wrestled with the Prince.  This crop circle points to that story.

I said at a study one day Gabriel talked with the kings, and I got a foolish response to the message, so I came back with after careful study of the verse,  the following  comment ” it must have been a staring contest my mistake.”

Then you wonder why  I wish not to help you.  I only carry the lamps that wrote the story, but clearly, you know more than I.  so why should I say anything?

I never took a debate class, and when it comes to lifting Jesus, what’s to debate?

Then you wonder how God’s best-dressed friend in heaven turned on HIM.

Did you know he was the first enforcer to something as simple as worship?

The half holy shaping their leader, he once covered the Spirit of the most high God as a protector of the SON.

I’m just a layperson truck driver expected to do what others did before me.  They did not have 8 billion people to be concerned about.  Before that, I was a computer and copier repair troubleshooter I saw the problem and found the solution.

How does the Prince of Persia who rules over ISLAM   not have ties with Satan?

First lets me state the people are not blood sanctified by Christ just as many others are not, which makes them susceptible to demonic influence after all the fallen angels were here before us, and they feel this world belongs to them and not us.   Be honest, even you as a Christian in ignorance did something you know was not of God. You have the advantage of the blood.

As for the Prince and kings, they are holding ground until the message is heard.  Where did they come from?

Genesis chapter 6 confirmed by Enoch chapter  6  they are the ones who did not follow Lucifer in the first rebellion. Where women were not a thing, they did not exist,  so no taste for them the worm of their selfishness is not pining for them.  That is why the hierarchy of ROME   does not marry the spirits that have no interest in women, and men like them who do marry end up abusing their women.

Had Lucifer not began the rebellion and those faithless angels insisted on seeing the SON.   It meant  Women would have to be part of the picture. The second rebellion was a result of the first rebellion, and those angels stand remorseful spiritually. They try to hide the woman to discourage lust and adultery. In heaven, they heard that they would one day be with a woman.

However, they went ahead of the master and had no blood to cover them. So Gabriel stayed with the kings and negotiated man’s deliverance at the end of the age.

The reason the Prince may have withstood Gabriel  21 days (777) is wanting an answer to getting back into their first estate.

Daniel 10:13 KJV
(13)  But the Prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.

Gabriel is the angel over paradise, so what did he offer do you think that would keep them from siding with the real enemy of man’s soul who has been by the wisdom of God redressed, and he did it on his own because of his vanity.

The enemy keeps destroying his opportunities to get his temple built; he wanted to be like God.  Now with all that facial recognition software, it is going to be useless everyone wearing burkas and medical masks hiding from him.

Nun’s need only a small amount of cloth to fit into their habits in the new world order when the church is gone of which they were not part of they were Caeser worshippers who added Jesus to their pantheon of gods whose names had been changed to those of saints.

The women on the right the kings are ashamed of giving up heaven for the daughters of men. Can you spot the gay man hiding in the group on the right? Hiding from that facial recognition software or the drug dealers.  Can you spot the terrorist who seeks to do your children harm? They are on both sides.

Those who have studied the Bible know that before the fall of man, a heavenly rebellion took place. No women existed, so the first spirits of the rebellion only wanted to rule above the SON. Women were sought after by angels in the second rebellion before the flood. One is Satan’s group, the other is Prince of Persia’s group; however, without the spirit of G-d, any demon can use you.

The Prince of darkness has China all sewed up and thanks to ROME, who want to use it as their political model for the new world order as they, of course, keep serving Jesus as they always have wickedly and with malice.

The all-seeing eye and the symbol chosen by the Devil surrounds the emblem the angels use for China.
Communist China Catholics continue to sacrifice Christ acceptable to all Catholics while Protestants hide in underground churches.
Those who are not born again do as the darkness leads them. They do not seek God.

Kennedy was killed by his own to escalate the war under Johnson, then came Nixon.

Note the Pyramid shape the Devil was sending a message to the rest of us, and the CIA carried that message.

Why does the new world order continue when Christians know it’s wrong?

This is what a priesthood of Satan has built for the world. Jesuits and Catholic Priests need to understand Jesus ended the need for the priesthood’s purpose at the cross.

Why?  To get us all to the cross in time for resurrection/rapture.

Jesuit World Conquest Map
Catholic Jesuit world conquest map came off their web site.


If having superpowers is to make me blind to all this, then  I’m happy just knowing and worshipping Jesus seems to me the Pentacostal side with their great relationship seem to be missing something?

Angel’s are coming to separate the wheat from the chaff and allow the chaff to burn with their weapons. Out of these two groups, if you were an angel serving the LORD most high which, would you take and which would you leave?

This is why Catholics and Pentecostals are getting left behind. Some of you should be looking into Seventh Day Adventism after you get up off the floor from your remarkable encounter with God.

Why do you after that encounter prefer those who place up stumbling stones and hide the truth rather than seeing the AMAZING FACTS? Hmmm?

Brother Abel.


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