Lessons From Nature

The Bible says all things are here to bring glory to God, saving the world’s souls would do just that, which means getting the lost to see the light.

The featured image is that of a sharks mouth that distorts the significant star of David for without them we would not have a savior. You cannot change the nature of a shark they are killing machines and are you glad to see America is no longer a Protestant Nation? Who did that?

What evil would place idols in the path of Abrahams’s descendants to hide Christ from the world? Those who claim to have supernatural gifts reveal they are not super at all.

A stanza in the song Amazing Grace reads, “I was blind, but now I see.”

In nature, it is the male that puts on the display for the female in color and dance.

The video below is a revelation of this truth.

In man’s fallen state, the reverse has taken place; it is the female that seeks to attract the male. Preparing the Bride of Christ or any bride for that matter will take the concerted efforts of females in preparation for the wedding days.

The woman throughout the ages and in many religions stands beneath her husband as a punishment by them for their fallen state; she is referred to in scripture as the weaker vessel when it comes to detail, it is women who prepare the wedding, who raise and educate the next generation.

What the devil used to take man down is what God is going to use to restore man and end the curse.

In nature, we see signs of the end of our world that cannot support the growth of our population. Animal species in every part of the world are suffering because of the growth of humankind.

There is a need in the church for men today to take the lead and do the dance we find our bird doing, to encourage their mates to do the job set before them and they need women to help with the details for the groom is at the door.

Are there gifts in the church that are a distraction from the word and truth?  I know  a man who claims to be on the path,  everywhere he has gone on his path he has either stopped or limited the revival in favor of his vision of gifts over the word.

It is the word of truth that sets men free and the devil knows it.

Everywhere I have found myself  he has followed me.

I was told I should not  think of myself better or more important than any other.

Then why do you follow me?

The darkness drawn out the angels target and protect their charges. Angels can drive. Note the small one HE really has nothing to worry about he won the game of hide and seek.

Do I have something you need because of this?

The LION of the Tribe of Judah it’s HIS effigy built by a loser, who claimed he would make the Son of G-d his pet if he ever showed up.

Or is it because of who I am?

Lucifer was the first  light-bearer to reveal to the angels the son of God has value he carried the Spirit of the Son throughout the congregation before the making of man.

Light in our world is truth,  I do not have the covering the enemy had but you can feel the scars beneath my hands.

That’s how  much he cares to save the lost.

Brother Abel

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