Just like Noah’s Generation EXCEPT….

They did not have Jesus to turn to or see the actual LOVE of God on display; they did not have the completed Bible in all 66 books. Though they had Enoch’s writings, they had no revelation of the final sacrifice or the trial Jesus was to endure at the hands of all the pagan gods that gathered together in ROME to hinder the salvation of many.

God had remained silent for four hundred years after Malachi giving our adversary time to gather all the false gods together in one place.

Noah’s generation did not have the completed tapestry that I lay before you in service to the King of Kings that reveal all the divisions in heaven warring right now here in the flesh. From the first angels falling that only sought to be rulers over the kingdom without giving the SON of God HIS full worship or understand HIS value.

They were cast out of heaven to the earth before the dawn of man, so women were not what they came to want or desire, unlike the second rebellion of angels found in Genesis 6, who did come for the women long after the first group reverted back to spirit.

Can you identify the two groups? Kind of like the “Age of Empires” the game,  over each group stands a fallen angel.

If you have been following my blogs, it should not be hard to decipher; the evidence doesn’t lie.

One group is not interested in marriage. Women were not part of their reality before they fell, and after they died, the worm of their being is not interested in a relationship with women. However, they use women to deceive others, so they forbid them to marry, denying God the ability to bless them with children. The fruit of the womb is God’s blessing.

Men in darkness claiming to be agents of light are running that show, which is why Mary is never seen wearing a new outfit during apparitions.

When I found Jesus of scripture, I was overtaken by joy and zeal and wanted to share the experience of being born again with others. I immediately joined the evangelism team at my Baptist church that was in 1982. However, it was five years earlier, in 1978, that I had an encounter with the light making an appearance in my childhood home. It began turning my world upside down.  Though back then, I did not know at that time what Church to attend or trust? For the first time in my life, the encounter had me at peace and a feeling of comfort, knowing there was someone greater watching over us.

Compare my spiritual encounters to the following image taken shortly after Mary is claimed to have appeared to these precious children. Only a small handful of people got to witness it, unlike our crop circles that point to the word of God that everyone can see.

Children are the most honest of all; only when we become adults do we start making things up. Looking at the joy on these angelic faces makes me want to break forth in song! Would “Your a mean one Mr. Grinch” be suitable?

The woman who gave up their roles to be mothers are working to be called a mother superior they insist they are the bride of Christ married to Jesus, only they are not “Born Again” and are blind to the deception of their church who treats them like dogs. They do good works, and true saints know good works do not get us into heaven.

It must be the HOLY SPIRIT working through them to accomplish the works that have been prepared for us by HIM from the foundation of the earth. God would not be divided against himself that I am definitely absolutely sure about.

The below image reflects the absolute truth heaven is protected by laws that God insisted we keep to come into HIS kingdom.  Laws none but one could keep only because HE was behind the making of them. Placed there so that not everyone is getting in without HIM, we are here because of the unbelieving untrusting angels,  some who sought to deny HIM worship claiming what they could not see has no value (Son of man) and insisted they be given kingdoms themselves to rule over and became the false gods that man is deceived by today with.

The ladders state the following Evolution, Self Righteousness, Religion (Popery), Good works (Mormonism, Popery), Ethical Culture, Reform, Morality, Honesty.

Because the adversary, the devil, said he would make them kings and gods once he became like the most high. Man becomes possessed by them, and he gives them kingdoms. The demons get comfortable in their chariots (those not born again) to the point we can see them operating around us at all times, seen by what we call the fruit of the spirit.

That is why the government is full of Catholics, and no peace is forthcoming because they cannot submit to God; they are one leg of iron. The other is the Greek Orthodox out of the Byzantine empire headquartered in Constantinople, both claiming a continued priesthood and both having holy fathers.

Greek Orthodox Holy Father visiting the pyramid under the snow, which is a natural pyramid not made with man’s hands but of God.

Above Kerry is visiting Antarctica for the same reason but those in the know, know he is just another chariot.

False teachers have sharpened their lies to serve their twisted understanding of God while they take over the world with war and violence in the name of God.

False teachings are plentiful within the church Preterism is placed by Jesuits to throw the timing off and spiritualize ROME as being a Christian church and not the whore of Revelation. Another teaching by Jesuits is that you will sit on the right-hand side of God in heaven. Another is they nailed his wrists, but the scriptures make it clear it was his hands. The premise is to make them seem more knowledgeable about what went down on that great and glorious day. To those of us who do not know better, suck it up and see them as authorities on the subject.

Clearly, the evidence says they do not know Christ or understand HIS word or see HIS value.

To say, we do not need to agree on everything to be friends in Christ; some things just cannot be compromised.

Psalms 22:16  For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet.

Hands are significant throughout scripture and mentioned in 438 verses, and Wrist or wrists are mentioned zero times.

Luke 24:38-39 KJV
(38)  And he said unto them, Why are ye troubled? And why do thoughts arise in your hearts?
(39)  Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.

It is to the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to seek it out.

Evil was on their minds continually in Noah’s generation, and they did abominations in the eyes of God without the HOLY SPIRIT that we have today through the “Born Again” experience. Given to us to help us reach others for Christ.

Cannibalism and violence were abundant among the giants of Noah’s day. By the looks of our television and movies, it seems to be our pass time watching actors commit evil we ourselves would not do or play simulated video games, and then we claim no harm,  no foul; we are not hurting anyone for real.

In the tribulation, this beast is coming back, and we have seen him rearing his ugliness Cannibalism.

Revelation 17:8 Cannibilism

If it is in their heart to do, it’s part of their will and their worm.

The worm of one’s soul will never die. We can see that in the Church of ROME and the demons behind them that were here as fallen angels before man was made who wanted to rule heaven as gods without the SON.

Below the worm of one’s soul.

Part 1 = 10 3/4 flattened positions 10 x.75 Psalm 7:5 which comes after Psalm 7:4.

Part 2 = 8 x.75 on the raised sections Psalm 6:1-10

The whole one for Psalm 1:1-6 a Psalm to help us all to avoid a place of torment; then add that to Part 2 for Psalm 7 again and keep repeating forever and ever.

If Noah’s generation had this technology, things might have gone better; more would have come into the ark.

Every time I ask someone how they are doing?  I get, “I’m living the dream.” well, it’s time to wake up.

Now we know for sure the second rebellion of angels happens after the women are here and before Noah’s flood. God did not want their DNA mixed with ours. Hence, HE began a purification process. HIS SON was to be born through a holy lineage that set itself apart from every other false religion.

All of it leading to HIS day of rest, HIS millennial reign of 1000 years; many of us are going to be here for that thousand years.

There is an argument for the study of Greek Mythology, and I support that as long as the student understands its myth and not fact.  It is the superstition of men during the culture of that time. Greek Mythology reveals the war of good and evil,  heroes, and heroines.

Before Noah’s flood, these giants were hailed as gods from where much of the myth originates.

The Bible reveals that there is only one true God, and fulfilled prophecy supports the source from where it came.

Noah’s generation did not have ultralight planes to take pictures; the world’s governments seem to ignore the handwriting on the earth. Then again, consider who placed them in power.

Every nation darkened one more to go: America, the harlot has placed her puppets everyplace else. You have to be deaf, dumb, and blind, not to see it.

This was the Mother Of All Boats; when the door is closed, those outside will undergo the worst storm to come.

Keep in mind the ones with vast boat-building experience built the Titanic, and Noah was an Amateur boat builder and someone who loved God.

Noah’s generation did not have us.

Brother Abel (Benjamin)

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.


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