I love G-d more than gold or silver

Long live the Queen she goes so does the world’s peace plan, and the temple never gets built.  So will she make it through another corrupt Presidency created by Rome? I think not.  So how near to lift off are we? If Jesus left himself half of his seven years to finish his seven-year harvest. This gold belongs to JESUS, and I am the Host for both.

That’s why I get it, I asked when he asked, what would you have of me, I went down the list of spiritual gifts I just learned about that night.  HE then asked “Is that all?”, I asked, “Why is there more?” He laughed and repeated it.  “Is there more ?” I said,  “Give me whatever I need to bring in your harvest.” He said “DONE.”, Then I hadn’t heard from him until I found what he led me to find in Egypt 29 years later. I prayed and talked to him but this I never expected.

He couldn’t wait to go over everything in detail and handed me my mantel the rest of who I was and am.  Satan buying out America was the trap, and it was fantastic.  His body had to give up 700 billion dollars to purchase the presidency.

The proof sits in England waiting for the true saints to rise and win the world for Jesus.  The plans are all laid out in scripture and the crop images, Of course, this covering will be staying around for the other guy too do the clean up, but right now Jesus drives.  What excites me are the many friends of mine who have volunteered to stay behind and help with cleanup while I enjoy being with Jesus.

Abel Host for the King

Also the host for the other guy who is a genius when putting together a one-world order, so that we can tell everyone about Jesus.

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