G-d’s sense of humor you have too love it.

As I have told you before my life has HIS story written right into it.  Didn’t know my parents and my stepfather was a carpenter.  I too only had one son.  Not as great as Jesus no one is ever greater than Jesus.

Because Jesus is G-d, Jesus is the opposite of me in many ways Angels announced HIS birth. Mine had gone unnoticed.  Then 30 days before my 50th birthday Jesus came and gave me the call.  He had a violent ending all because we are sinners and needed atonement to enter into HIS holy presence. I will have a great finish as I send many to the foot of the cross.

I married the right woman; however,  she does not realize she is England’s newest Queen like Hosea G-d is doing something spectacular.

My son and I were separated, and then he came to live with my in the fall of 1999.  I began building a website designed to help other people recover money taken from them by the telephone company on bogus charges.  The name of it was IFindmoney.com. No kidding,  I even had a logo made for it.

My only son made this.
My only son made this. If you refresh, you can see it do its thing.

That was in 2000 -2003 nothing ever became of it, but I became well versed in the internet and design work.  However, G-d is amazing and leading us where we need to be. After the towers went down which was a day my son decided at 5:00 am he did not want to go to school that day, which I was just fine with I had only to stops to make and I would be right home on 9/11/01.  G-d always spoke to me when my Son was close to me, and I knew and told him this was a two minute warning a trumpet call and G-d had me opening my eyes and seeing what they were up too.


In 1991  a group of young people from Church calling ourselves the advanced group went to a prophecy weekend retreat, the prophet gave a word to the man on my left telling him that G-d was going to bring him in front of dignitaries and statesmen, and he would proclaim the word of G-d to them.

Now I’m the next guy in line, and I was thinking,  what a great call I would love to hear G-d say that to me. Then he says to me “Son don’t worry about your title preacher, prophet or teacher I am going to bring you through some intensified warfare, and you are going to tell others no not that way this way.”  Well, that night I went up to pick up my Son, who was seven at the time and only 1.5 hours away, then G-d spoke to me and told me to give the Prophet the same word he gave to the man to my left the day before.  I thought it odd, but I do as asked.

I am sure everyone there understood it was the same word he had given the day before. I was telling him that G-d would bring him before statesman and dignitaries almost word for word, and I made a spectacle of myself I am sure.  I knew then the word was for me. I knew then Father was playing with me. The group probably thought I was off my rocker and today I’m sure some of them still do.

The kicker the one that made G-d laugh the hardest is when I thought Obama was the Antichrist because of the 700 billion and the calling the car the beast I was setup.  I said,  “I hope he is I want to wrap my arms around him shake his hand and say thank you for coming, my Jesus is next.”

You see friends if you are going to be a G-d then you must have others who will love you.  Jesus before coming to Earth as a man was G-d in the heavens above one G-d revealed to us in three persons.  Spirit visible to the angels the SON not so visible without man.  Every life has a spirit and the sons spirit needed a container to go through the congregation with. So G-d knowing how precious Jesus is to all of life covered him with treasure.  That is why every precious stone was his covering Lucifer bore the light. However, he was not the light, but everyone knew where the light was they did not know who it was.

The rebellious angels turned him against the Father.   G-d took the lamps from him and waited to give them to Jesus when he came into the world.  Jesus was G-d’s container G-d’s covering he came poor but deserved all of the world’s wealth and resources.  HE is back and found a container to finish the work he began hence the white horse that I am. If you are going to be a god then you should be covered in treasure, I don’t want to be a god, that makes it that much better no chance of turning on G-d,  I just wanted a family.  The same thing that happened in heaven is again taking place, this time, the light bearer is in flesh, and the enemy needs a lesson in sharing  how a G-d should give and not take.

Abel (Host to the King)


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