He paid a debt He did not owe, I owed a debt I could not pay.

The Netflix series “The Family,” they brought up an interesting subject in episode two Jesus came for the sheep but who is going to love the wolves?

Here I give my two cents.

Other wolves will love them that’s who.  The nature of a wolf can be bread out of them; it is how we got our domesticated pets and sheepdogs.

Jesus is the good shepherd who leaves the 99 sheep to find the lost little one.  We are warned of wolves who prey on sheep for sustenance we are warned of wolves in the church. Usually, a good shepherd can spot a wolf among the sheep.

Man built not everything in Egypt; fallen angels were here before us.

When an individual speaks on a topic that should involve the whole congregation, and the pastor says it will confuse them, who is he to make that decision? That’s a wolf at least have some discussion on the subject matter.   Such as the topic of the pyramids when clearly God made them of importance Genesis 15:13, it was wolves who built them using the sheep. That person is not interested in discovering the truth that can set people free, especially this truth; this man could very well be a wolf.

Wolves usually protect their pack and are led by one alpha male.

You cannot change the nature of a shark.

Wolves are like Sharks its what they do.  The Bible tells us some are made for the fire; God gives some up to believe the lie. I reveal many in the appointed time’s lists who went against God publicly.  My pastor, who is leaving claims that anyone cannot know as much as I claim, of course, he did it indirectly was it to discourage me; further or was it the jealous nature.

It’s tough being Abel with so many Cains placing others in chains or refusing to set them free. Could they be the wolf who wants to be alpha male?

Knowledge was part of the reward for seeing HIS SON lying in the dirt in Egypt and my desire to make it right; I want us all to make it right.  A replacement light bearer or what a light bearer does alludes some.

It is the very reason the earth was cursed, to begin with. Man was created to make it right, and I guess he does not want to help me in doing that. If he can single out a spirit out of align in a worship service on a Sunday morning, why could he not see the Papist treasurer/deacon sitting in his church 20 plus years?

Who upon their split the pastor held up a paper written to the membership by the treasurer and claimed he did not like the spirit it was written in?  That spirit has always been in the church, and that is why there is no revival, using human psychology on me playing the devil’s advocate, dishonoring the word of God seeing no value of what was HIM lying in Egypt built by the first fools. Though the man who wrote the letter left the church, the spirit remained, I am such a dirtbag as he said. This inspires me not.

The devil blinded the eyes of the religious people of his day, and they crucified our LORD and Savior if not for that day where would we be,  where would we spend eternity?

Jesus paid a debt He did not owe, I owed a debt I could not pay.

I feel I owe something to the enemy as well for blinding their eyes for that moment in time, I think we all do, so join with me please and let’s get his peace plan in place and get that Temple built.

Brother Abel.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.


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