Have Protestants Failed God in the Harvest?

In my last post, I posted a video from a Catholic Conference where a Nun says we have failed in the harvest. I added I feel we have not even begun the final harvest.

I desire as my heavenly Father desires that none should perish, but all come to repentance and the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.   Thus I want to reveal to the Church of Rome the three invocations that are, and I know you will also see are missing from the mass that will open blind eyes and begin the great harvest, this is the falling away that will set many captives free and expose the enemy in the church and those who have been deceived by him.

These simple three sacred invocations will have many rapture ready, and they will also help with gender confusion as to whether one is a  boy or a girl. Sin must be repented of, and the wicked exposed that is what the lamps are for to expose the darkness.

Jesus is coming, and we must prepare the way that and someone needs peace in the middle east to have his temple built, so these three invocations have been saved for such a time as this.

Good news should spread and be made known to the world hope should be offered, and those who claim to love Catholics, namely Protestants, should explain the importance of these missing procedures from the Catholic Mass. We should love them and tell them the truth for the truth will set many free.  You will feel good that you turned a soul to the Christ of Scripture and away from being left behind.

For one man to save the world is an enormous undertaking, I will need some help, so  I need to reveal this to the elect so that they can understand.

We are by the standards outlined in scripture a HOLY PEOPLE  a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, a HOLY NATION  grafted into the vine of Abraham I am a Jew by divine election.  I am a High priest because I have inspected the sacrifice and find I need nothing more.  The veil was torn that we all may freely enter in the priesthood  God designed was disbanded in 70 AD no longer required to make sacrifice the perfect sacrifice had come, and by HIS blood, I am made right with God.

As one Royal individual to another, I would not treat you as a slave or a pet, and neither would Jesus.   Each of us needs to take an inventory of just how much we love our brothers and those we would like to be brothers in the LORD that would be everyone. Before we were kings with Christ, we were sinners on the way to hell, like so many others blinded by self-will and desires.  I did not seek leadership; I had leadership thrust upon me because I am blessed to have found the truth, and the truth is good news and captives can be set free.

I am a Protestant and by the standards of Roman Catholicism who assassinated and martyred many of my family Revelation 6:10 and robbing them of their possessions throughout history, calling them Antichrists. They are a people who have powers to pull Christ out of heaven and call it the transubstantiation, (Is this a false sign I wonder?) They stand above their flocks and parishioners and make them believe they are receiving Christ so that when you or I  try to share Jesus with them in their minds, they have already received  HIM. Still, there is no change, no new birth that opens their eyes.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result by adding these three invocations we change the formula to bring about revival.

God has asked me to tell the Protestants to tell the Catholics to invoke these three invocations into the mass after placing the eucharist on the tongue of the recipient and calling it the body of Christ it needs to be followed up with a  head pat and a gender-affirming good boy or good girl,   and an added yes you are is befitting to bringing about revival.

Shame on those seminar tongue talkers who say they are more spiritual who cannot see two feet in front of them what is clearly evident.

God has a plan.

They are not only wolves but wolves who can train sheep, this is not how you treat a child of the King, is it? God allowed the enemy to dress his followers who play church, but they are naked and look who took the bait and joined with them clearly, not the elect.

God has remembered her sins because she never repented of them before Christ came they placed others in political power, what has changed?

Paul started the church in Rome not Peter he was sent to the Jewish people who honor the first four commandments.  Rome would be more like Paul except Paul did not go back and start persecuting the Christians again.

Brother Abel.

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