G-d Guns and Glory

Luke 22:36  Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

Every year at this time, the subject comes up over which candidate will promote our second amendment rights? My feeling is if our enemies have guns we should have them as well to act as a deterrent. Near the conclusion of this post I will tell you how owning a gun will help others surrender to Christ in and before the tribulation.

I will also reveal rules to be obeyed in the end game as to who can shoot who during the tribulation,  if you should be left behind Matthew 13:41. Those which are presently on the road to damnation, which is an eternal separation from G-d the ones who rejected Christ as the only way will of course be left.

That way they will know where they were headed.  No more questioning where they were going to spend eternity or if hell is real we will make sure they know before we leave. Many will fight against the NWO so leaving guns is a very good idea. We are only here because a group of very bad angels refused to worship the Son to begin with and insisted HE reveal himself. So thinking anyone can get into heaven without Jesus would be sadly mistaken for all eternity. We need to stress Christ the only way and expose people like Oprah as frauds.  That one man standing up in the last days is a genius idea on G-d’s part don’t you think?

It would be nicer if no one was shooting anyone and that we all made the first wave out Isaiah 26:20-21. However, as Momma Gump would say… “Stupid is, is what stupid does.” According to what I can see stupid is everywhere.

Everything G-d will do with me and through me will point to the second coming of Christ HIS word and how one must prepare. That’s what light does it shines on the path. Lamps of light made the crop circles and that same light lives in me. The first time we see one of these lamps is in Genesis 15:17 in a KJV this passage reveals the lamp follows behind G-d, now the lamps are preceding HIS return to prepare the way, before we leave.  If you know your bible then you know the one who wanted to wear the grown up clothes and rule things,  once carried these same lamps.  He was called the light bearer who went rogue and engineered the CIA and many other lie until you die organizations.

At about 2:30 of the video this is linked to, you can hear about the eyewitness testimony as to the lamps that make the crop images. My pastor told me that he had heard they have machines, which make them?? Proving that he is not a good Berean at all. Sadly, his ignorance on the matter is robbing G-d of souls and HIS glory all because he falls for the lies so readily. Many do not know what G-d is up to, that’s why it is important not to compromise the word so that HE,  not someone else can explain it to you. Why would G-d tell someone something that HE couldn’t trust? Men who readily mock G-d don’t discern very well,  allowing G-d’s enemy to mock HIM without defending the truth? The truth is crop circles are not all made by man or made by a machine. Why would so many of them be so obvious that they are indeed biblical in nature?

Jealousy of this kind is damning your friends and loved ones who need to hear the gospel. I would rather see them carry Bibles rather than guns. Come to think of it my pastor is a gun aficionado maybe he wants to stay behind; we can do that Matthew 13:41.

We have something for everyone. Those children who like call of duty will be pleasantly surprised at the things they can shoot at in the tribulation. However, if one dies without Christ he will lose everything there is no reset all his life’s work will be for nothing. In this game, you get one new life if you become “Born Again” it is Christ living in you, which means you cannot shoot anyone in the tribulation.  It is better to be martyred and join those who left for celebration and wedding cake in heaven. It is after all the winning move. Some people claim that fighting helps them feel alive, the fact is you are the walking dead until Christ comes in you and then you are alive and need nothing more than a closer walk with HIM daily.

We are called to tell Roman Catholics and Mormons the truth. However, according to the deceived of the devil, if one is born again and slips into a Mormon group because the seed did not take root, and they believe in Christ differently and in another gospel that is today acceptable to G-d??? You know the G-d who never changes who tests our love for HIM?  Being anything other than “Born Again” will not interfere with that person’s salvation as they mislead others into a damnable heresy?

There is a strong delusion coming, but it hasn’t taken my pastor yet who tells me Catholics are Christian and vote Mitt Romemoney. When you compromise with evil, you lose the ability to discern. You lose your relationship. The god of your own understanding has taken control. Keep in mind it is Satan’s plan to overthrow G-d and let everyone into heaven just as the Pope is teaching today. There is but only one way, you cannot be a king in G-d’s kingdom when you play on the swing with a harlot…Which by biblical definition is not true to one G-d, what does it mean when David writes in Psalms 56:1-2 Be merciful unto me, O G-d: for man would swallow me up; he fighting daily oppresseth me. (2) Mine enemies would daily swallow me up: for they be many that fight against me, O thou most High.

Laws or rules are made by lawgivers…How does one get to be a lawgiver in G-d’s kingdom?

Genesis 49:9-10  Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up? (10) The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

Observe the video in the right column below the heading “The winning move/shows over.”  to see  how to rouse the lion. G-d hinted through Sampson that the sweetness was in the lion.  G-d went through a lot of trouble to have his Son named the Lion of the tribe of Judah who coincidently also camped on the east side of the wilderness tabernacle.

If only the irresponsible had guns, that would make us foolishly irresponsible. How can we use them in a way that will bring others to the knowledge of the true prince of peace? What the enemy meant for evil, we know G-d will turn to good because HE is good, G-d has a plan for guns, or he wouldn’t tell us to buy one Luke 22:36.

Look friends the tribulation is going to happen as we know Jesus said it would. So let us use wisdom and bring as many to the cross as we can before it does. A favorite passage of my pastor is that no one will be wiser than Solomon the truth is one came wiser than him.

King Solomon ended up with a honey do list that just wouldn’t quit. A wise man wins souls Solomon went around building temples to other gods for his wives and concubines. So not only did his wisdom seriously degrade what was he really telling his wives??? My stepfather before he became saved used to tell my mother directly, Solomon did it with flair.  There is wisdom hidden within wisdom, sorry to have to say this pastor, but if you studied the word, you would find out G-d gave you something greater than Solomon. The devil keeps it from you, and it is for this reason you are busted, only the devil would want other Christians to believe they will never have what Solomon had. We have that and more without restraint if we ask G-d for wisdom will HE give us a stone?

It is a wise man who wins souls. Many pastors are proving how unwise they are. If you are a student of human nature, then what will many of them say to you when they find out you prevented the word to the world, including their loved ones? Instead, you decided to defend Roman Catholicism and protect the dragon’s treasury, keeping them from their jubilee before leaving. How will human nature react to their loved ones being lost for all eternity? As a pastor, you don’t have to care, they are not your concern. We are to owe no man anything so if we are debtors, we must pay our bills before we depart. How do you propose we do that? Can you do it within the year?

Unwise men do not want you to see the wisdom of what G-d is doing, so they keep selling the no one will be wiser than Solomon angle it is a Jesuit /demonic thing keeping you from seeing the treasure that really lies within you. Jesus asked if darkness be in you, how great is it? Why do you let ministers keep feeding it? Light comes to expose darkness not spread it? Before Solomon was I was, then I wasn’t, at present I am again, to make it even better, we now have the mind of Christ. 1 Corinthians 2:16 to not have the mind of Christ, is not to know Christ. (Which means you may hear, “Away from me; I never knew you.” ) There are people wiser than Solomon and there are some who do not know what G-d has given them. The one who suffers is Christ and those who remained lost because of blind guides who do not know what’s going on. If one tries to help another to bring G-d glory and souls to Christ and the other keeps trampling him down, who does the other really serve?

So glad they became Christian could you imagine had they not? They stopped the slaughter of Christians in 313 and opened the door for more war and death increasing the killing of more Christians in the inquisition and in their financed wars. they didn't preach G-d's word or Teach G-d's word they let the devil have free reign.

War, guns and weapons can never bring peace it is a redundant undertaking that only places another vile person in an exalted position Psalms 12:8. The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted. Thank you CIA! Liars end up in the fires and when you choose a job that insists you lie Rome, and all the weapons in the world cannot save you from G-d’s wrath to come or the eternal remorse of one’s failings in hell. If the enemy was a god at all, then why doesn’t he create the weapons to overthrow G-d’s kingdom? How can he promise men thrones or endless parties when he can’t even create a slingshot? Why must he use us to do his work? Many of your spies will go the way of their predecessor Ignatius Loyola known to the angels as Ignoramus Lyallot, who began to infiltrate lie and destroy the Bible readers of the Protestant kind. If any of you knew how many Churches Rome began as Protestant to insure their agenda succeeded you would be horrified.

I never liked violence or war in general. I find it disgraceful, when Jesus said he came to bring a sword he was speaking of HIS word. It is within the corrupt who reject his word; we find violence.

That is why the little horn tramples down many stars in Daniel 8:10. Stars are meant to guide, but some guides have betrayed Christ and G-d’s church. They are traitors who reject the truth that is why lifting the Lion proves invaluable in the last days.

The agent of Satan may say something like pyramids will confuse you while the star of David stares them straight in the face. Latest word from the deceived leader in my life is if you have to explain something that is not obvious, then it can’t be from G-d.

What posses someone who teaches the Bible to say such nonsense? Daniel was the only one in the kingdom to interpret the kings dream or the handwriting on the wall or Joseph, doing Pharaoh’s dream. The examples are endless. G-d chooses whom he desires to reveal these mysteries too. I for one did not compromise with the two biggest delusional cults on the face of the earth. Is not G-d testing our loyalty to Him? If another comes to tell you to follow other god’s you are to say OK??? There are many who come in his name, but HE seeks the one who stands on the side of truth not given over to fables.

Iggy Loyola coined the phrase we don’t have to agree to be friends in Christ, well one of us Iggy doesn’t have the mind of Christ, which would it be? A wise man would esteem correction; G-d corrects those who use his name in vain and dishonor his word by raising up another Nation up against the evil doers to punish them. America is being punished for its stand with the ones the Pilgrims fled from in the first place.

They have not changed they have not repented. G-d designed America to lift Christ up, and the wicked are destroying it to throw Christ down, and the clergy is helping to do it by siding with Roman Catholic doctrine of the demonic kind. Buy guns’ people, buy lots of guns. I don’t care if you just lock it in storage and place the key with your other keys or right the combination code in your bible.

Christian parents if your son or daughter is old enough for drivers permit, teach them gun safety and buy them one. Saints will be glad in the tribulation that those who don’t take the mark or surrender to Christ can eliminate a few bodies that have taken the mark, allowing our numbers to grow.

Will you be a Roman Catholic or Protestant? A house divided cannot stand as one. To side with error is to side against Christ welcoming the wrath (Islam) as American Protestants are doing by supporting a system of immense error.

Then they who stand with Catholicism pat themselves on the back as Christian’s followers of Christ while G-d is revealing they don’t know HIM at all. We have seen Roman Catholic fruit throughout history it is rotten to the core. In 1983, they had the same mindset towards Protestant’s as they did in the 1500s. I am not looking for fault it is a statement of fact. I had a great-aunt who was a Nun and refused to attend my Baptist wedding insisting I had betrayed G-d, when I actually found HIM a year earlier.

Kill the root of the tree and it shall die, as it perishes, Protestant churches will flourish with truth seekers. Who desire to know the authentic Jesus of scripture. Show them their queen is a delusion, and the bees will flee the hive seeking another, and they will do so without us ever having to compromise G-d’s word. Those who do compromise see alien visitors of both kinds and lose all discernment.

Good honey bees are disappearing while killer bees remain,  what is G-d saying? How about be a good DoBee and you can leave too.

The killer queen bee has her agenda to destroy America below the attack of the aliens using religion with no true relationship. 89% of Mexicans are Catholic. Jesus said the angels are leaving behind all things that offend and do iniquity. So the Holy Spirit infilling rapture theology is incorrect because anyone can say they have the Holy Spirit it is the angels who watch and know for sure, they are doing the separation.

Deuteronomy 27:17 KJV (17) Cursed be he that removeth his neighbour’s landmark. And all the people shall say, Amen.


UFO sightings until we deal with free will and educate it to be obedient to G-d.  G-d will not create another race.  To do so would be disrespecting HIS Son those who believe such nonsense do not understand what is happening and why. Think humans as Avatars and demons warring against Angels through us and believers assisted by angels.


Drug and Alcohol use see a pattern? They have guns and are irresponsible.
Drug use factor in alcohol use,  see a pattern compared to the one above? They have guns and are irresponsible. Everywhere a killer bee hive went up crime increased it’s a fact. No word, no peace,  no fear of G-d.

With Rome in control of the NWO can only mean one thing to true believers of Christ. Now that I am awakened, I am sure many of you, and many of the lost will see it G-d’s way. I hate seeing people suffer. I suffered most of my childhood so this call is troublesome for me. I must stay connected to G-d without compromise in order to master the puzzle of tearing down the kingdom of darkness, and driving as many to the cross as I can. Those who compromise cannot tear down the works of darkness if they can’t see them because of the compromise.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I feel safer if all the Christians were armed walking under the mandate of “thou shalt not kill.” We know what inquisition and Nazi Germany were like, now combine them, both and no America to save anyone, wouldn’t you want a gun knowing that? It is the same organization that gave you the other two,  bringing this.

Those who hold the keys are locking all the doors, so the lost grope in the dark looking for the true path. The Roman government hijacked Christianity in 313 AD by ending the persecution of Christians only to have control over it. They never honored any of the teachings of Christ, and the government continues to do so to this day under the same hand. Caesar is merely wearing new clothes and using Christ’s name in vain to do their works.

Catholicism teaches works are necessary for salvation. Let me stress this point only faith in the blood atoning work of Christ can set you free. The unique work you must to do is get on your knees and talk to G-d with a heart of repentance. Enter His gates with Thanksgiving and His courts with Joy once he places HIS Holy Spirit within you; HE will give you works that you will enjoy. G-d will not treat you like an animal, to stand, sit and speak to end the redundant program come get your treat. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So glad they became Christian could you imagine had they not? They stopped the slaughter of Christians in 313 and opened the door for more war and death increasing the killing of more Christians in the inquisition and in their financed wars. they didn't preach G-d's word or Teach G-d's word they let the devil have free reign.
So glad they became Christian???

The image on the left and the same above, the gods have a new face lift but the demons remained. Though the idols had their names changed the interference between man, and G-d continues. They stress works are necessary for salvation along with Christ. While Protestants proclaim by grace, you are saved not through works lest any man should boast Ephesians 2:8-9. In Germany, the concentration camps had signs on them that said, “Work will set you free.” It is the demonic belief that freedom is an act of one’s own works, denying the work of Christ. Whether it is drugs, alcohol or sex that has you in bondage, desire Christ as much as you crave the other, and HE will set you free. These crop circles open up to passages of scripture that can help you defeat the works of Satan.

We should be glad Rome became Christian could you imagine had they not? They stopped the slaughter of Christians in 313 and opened the door for more war and death increasing the killing of more Christians in the inquisition and in their financed wars throughout history. That’s what it means in the bible, she is drunk with the blood of the saints. They didn’t preach G-d’s word or teach G-d’s word, which could have ended wars instead they let the devil have free reign by controlling the word and their people with fear. In the end wisdom dressed HIS enemy and trapped them here in America to show the world the dragon is real. Pastors do not want others to know that truth who sold out to her.

Once they said they were the only way to G-d. Now that Satan has taken America and feels as if he won it all, he is opening heaven to everyone through his church. Isn’t that what Satan wanted to do to begin with? Ignore the word of G-d and do what you will. If everyone came in, it would be more of the same. Jesus is the reason that keeps heaven from being like earth. They are careless with the keys that G-d never gave them, saying now all can come without repentance? This galvanizes the wicked against the true Saint for being intolerant of sin. This is now in the mindset of the wicked “Protestants, why can’t you be more like the Catholic’s everyone of them knows there are many ways to G-d even Oprah knows that?”

When Rome tries to help they get us killed, then again, look who they follow. Don’t let their absence of packing heat fool you, they have an abundance of the world’s armies protecting them, and they paid dearly for them. While manipulating our tax dollars in doing so, they have great political clout as a result why are we being persecuted if their Christian??? Why are the Ten Commandments being torn down in America of all places? G-d still has freedom of speech and the last I checked so did Americans.

Communist China Catholics continue to sacrifice Christ acceptable to all Catholics while Protestants hide in underground churches.
Communist China Catholics continue to sacrifice Christ acceptable to all Catholics while Protestants hide in underground churches acceptable to all Catholics.

Rome had power to use a President to open the treasury of America to faithless based groups. Groups which decided that taxpayer dollars could now be theirs, get that new sound board and projection screen, buy more land for G-d. This will make the world love us so much more don’t you think? The CIA knew they were going after the housing market long before this, in order to ruin America forcing us to be debtors to none other than to China, who embraces Catholicism over Protestants, they think they are clever but the elect cannot be deceived.

At present, the future government can hold control over them. Where before they didn’t know where Christians were, they now have names and addresses and what church will be a problem and which one will not. It is the same for the gay community as they register to marry it allows the NWO to target them first. Allah is coming, and he does not go for that kind of loving, and neither does Jesus nor HIS father. To say you love someone and not consider their eternal soul is not loving them completely, it is eros love for self-gratification and not agape.

In the tribulation, one partner will know if the other partner truly loves them, the mark of the beast will be the defining measure of that love. Everyone will be duly and diligently warned of where one will spend eternity if they receive the mark. The goal get them to the cross before rapture, and the heat of tribulation will bend the iron. G-d can work with clay, but iron must be heated.

My Church and my G-d say that evil can never come in at any time or in any form. Only by way of surrendering at the cross turning one’s life over to Jesus can anyone obtain eternal life in heaven. Hell was made for the Saints to keep heaven from being like earth. In order to have everyone enter heaven one’s will must reflect the will of G-d. You must believe HE is, then embrace HIS Son as you would do a spouse or a precious lover. Those who place stumbling blocks to the lost never get in no matter how many ways they use the word holy or Jesus’s name or mention the word sacred in a sentence.

Those who say they can discern and tell you that you cannot be friends with the devil may be friends with the devil. Doing his work throwing you off his scent so that darkness that is in him will sound like light. Clues are many. They support false doctrines and teachings. They do not see Rome as a threat to Christ or HIS Kingdom but friends and fellow saints. Which should reveal they are friends with the devil or unwittingly being his stooge. What gives it away for me is that G-d loves the Jews, and they cannot go near idols of any kind placing a stumbling block before the blind is an abomination to G-d. If men loved G-d, they would understand that and speak out against it. Part of the gifting of G-d is discernment. The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth, and if you elect you are not deceived by the workings of Satan. You don’t encourage Santa or vote for men whose religion teaches them they will be a god someday, just because you want your gun rights.

There is a kingdom you are supposed to be defending and being tested for that doesn’t allow for either guns or false gods or any other gospel. What should be exalted is men who honor G-d and preach the truth? If you see the supernatural workings of G-d, you should get on board with promoting them rather than the works of darkness. If light made it and it opens up to the word of G-d, I would seek to become a better Berean than a stooge for Rome.

Satan’s agents will never support you in having the mind of Christ 1 Corinthians 2:16. They will keep selling that no one will be wiser than Solomon’s fable. If they are ever corrected they will not as a righteous man would, thank you for the correction, pride stands in their way.

Proverbs 9:6-10
(6) Forsake the foolish, and live; and go in the way of understanding.
(7) He that reproveth a scorner getteth to himself shame: and he that rebuketh a wicked man getteth himself a blot.
(8) Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.
(9) Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning. (Unless he attended Jesuit seminary or one taught by one.)
(10) The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

If they find themselves wrong on several points, they will not tell you but defend the errors they made, it is a Jesuit thing never admit their wrong. Have the true man compromise with the false teaching even if G-d tells the truer one not too. Once the individual is compromised, they can have them accept anything as long as words like holy or sacred or Jesus are attached to them in some way. Blind faith is not faith at all to walk in the Spirit one’s eyes must be opened. I was blind and now I see does not end in a song. Seeing what is going on around you is important to winning the world to Christ and only Christ.

G-d is trying to create a cattle drive to the cross by allowing the same spirits to build what they had built in NAZI Germany right here in America. Sound unbelievable well it’s not. Instead of the deadly Eucharist in the inquisition, they have sucked the money out of our nations to instill the mark as the brand-new Eucharist / weapon to justify killing those who refuse to go their way in their new world order that they built for their pet dragon. Who ironically has made the Catholic church into his pet. The evidence is in the obedience training the ringing of the bell instead of blowing of a dog whistle. Add that to the Rerum Novarum encyclical they are pushing for it isn’t hard to see who these people serve.

His ministers will even sit on work that can open up G-d’s word up to the world and deny that it can. They have no vision. They offer no hope only the same meal plan which does not involve the HOLY SPIRIT. The Baker had his head cut off while the chief Butler was restored to the kingdom. I will be restored to my former position in heaven that is a promise from G-d. Abraham only sought what it was G-d led me to find. When my Pastor can agree that Christ’s honor is worth the world, we can begin the harvest. The only emotion one needs is to love Christ with all their heart, if you want Benny Hinn, then you don’t want what G-d wants, which is to lift HIS Son out of the dirt.

Made in the backyard of Rome who gave us the fish and took away the word from us. Just to reveal G-d is not anywhere within them to be found.
Made in the backyard of Rome who gave us the fish and took away the word from us. Just to reveal G-d is not anywhere within them to be found.

G-d desires balance did you think when Lucifer was carrying the light around in heaven, he was slaying angels in the spirit? I am acting fair while the enemy plays unfair. All he had was his beauty, his size and the wisdom he carried. Jumping up and down does not tip the scales as well as truth does, and G-d rejoices in the truth. It is after the preaching that signs and wonders followed, but some don’t want to hear the message. They want the signs and wonders first, while neglecting the obvious signs. To hear they offended G-d, is not ear tickling material. We are children of the highest G-d, and we cannot do wrong ever???

The chief Butler knew the inner workings of the kingdom, that is why he was reinstated. He was not left in prison or behind for tribulation as the Baker would be. The agents of darkness transformed into ministers of light their excitement may be more in tune with the number of souls that will be lost to the enemy, while they keep up the charade of being knowledgeable and on the right path. They like guns but for different reasons. Are your family members going to be safe with people like these if they don’t make it? Buy a gun and tell your loved one where you hid it, in case they are left behind. If they insist on not giving their lives to Christ and are homeowners request they have a pool installed if one is not there already.  The saints would really like a pool with a barbeque deck when they come to reign with Jesus in the millennium.

How can you tell that your church has Jesuit compromise within it? For starters, the Catholic church is always under defense by them usually a former Catholic still under their influence. They were saved and became “Born Again” however, retained the religious spirit. They don’t find it important to rescue others trapped within her. Your church may have been started by them or early on been infected by them. The wheat and the tares stand in every church, but the Pastor is without excuse a teacher of G-d’s word who should be more aware of what is going on around him. Minister, if your church is filled with former Catholics. Why do you seek to bring them under the old bondage by defending a priesthood that ended in 37 AD and destroyed completely in 70 AD? Protestants have it better it is the way G-d desires to be worshiped, so why pastors do you compromise? Could it be your Jesuit theological training or the Ecumenical movement leaning you the wrong way?

Abraham, David, and Solomon compromised in sexual misconduct, they paid the price. It bit them. G-d never condemned them because of it. The Sons of G-d left heaven to be with the women, today the devil tempts many from entering heaven by using sex as he did the angels in Genesis 6. What you fail to note in Daniel 10 is that those spirits were given a reprieve by Gabriel. He offered them something to hold their ground. That is why Islam (Princes and kings of Persia) will not give up their sovereignty and allow Satan his one-world order. With Abraham’s sexual misconduct, it was his lack of faith in the promise. Did it hurt us all, or does it just seem that way? G-d knows the weakness of men. However, without it, we would not have made it to these numbers. Forbidding to marry is a demonic undertaking not a pious move of grandeur 1 Timothy 4:1-3… In this final battle, every angel and demon will have their own Avatar. Angels will guide and help us win souls. While the vicious demons show the lost what to expect from them in the tribulation, if I was staying behind, I would open an Islamic women clothing store, burkas will be very popular in the future thanks to facial recognition software.

We are admonished to flee youthful lusts. Lust is not love, it is the absence of love. The angels enjoy the mating ritual of the human, just as we like watching the animal kingdom. They like to see G-d bring people together. They love children and the joy they create, today children are being abused, and we cannot allow it any longer.

Sometimes a Protestant family who fell for the deception and continued sending their children to parochial school because they mastered the holy rhetoric without the relationship. Soon they and their children defend the idolatry and their existence while telling themselves they are of Christ as well. Better you hear it from me than on judgment day visually there is no denying the truth on this. G-d has through England exposed her Rome’s wicked ways.

Major Jewell Jesus given to Abel to complete the work.
Major Jewell is Jesus the holy one.  A ring is a symbol of authority this ring is given to Abel to complete the work Jesus began to finish the other 3.5 years.   He is not alone G-d is with him because it is Jesus other half of the seven years of harvest.  Now just to find those who wish to do G-d’s will and bring HIM glory.

England holds King David’s scepter…Genesis 49:10. The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. G-d has a seat held for HIS interim king to restore order and separate the waters. Though it is temporary here on earth, it has an eternal benefit. G-d said he would have a man stand up as told about in Daniel 8:23. Won’t this man send men running to the foot of the cross when he does rise up? It’s showing them the spank switch not just talking about it.

Only one explanation there are two completely different spirits using the same man one of course has to wait his turn. Benjamin was given two names and the star sign Gemini. Saul of the tribe of Benjamin became Paul this would be like Paul becoming Saul. I’m in the transportation industry at the end of my shift someone else hops in the same truck and finishes the other part of the day. G-d picks his team first, but of course. Those Satanists and his stooges are going to be truly disappointed it isn’t going to go the way they thought. The transformed ministers of light should know that Satan represented by Rome always double crosses. They are ready to defend Rome. However, G-d’s man in England they fear will ruin their plans to get as many souls into hell as they possibly can. So they hold G-d’s man back as long as they can until more people can die without Christ.

While telling themselves they do G-d’s work. G-d’s work is to get as many to the cross before rapture and leave as little behind as possible. Those who like the guns for the wrong reasons won’t be disappointed in the new NAZI regime that their precious Rome is building again. Some would rather see suffering than open G-d’s word up to those in need. They do it best behind the pulpit under Ecumenical Catholic compromising methods. They are fooled by Rome’s stand on the protection of the unborn but don’t see the evil purpose for our children by them further down the road. Satan does not love women or children so his followers have neither. No weak links like there was in Egypt so his money stays safe. Protestant’s buy the lie that they are friends because of a few good works. It still does not stop the demonic doctrines that keep others from a true relationship with G-d or their leadership’s unquenchable desire to rule the world.

(Satan the great horned one) their are 14 circles including his two eyes because he lives in darkness eyes are not necessary. So we subtract to get 12 add the three average sized angels by the tail for the passages Isaiah 14:12-15 Double the first number because he is two faced to come up with Ezekiel 28:12-15
(Satan the great horned one) there are 14 circles including his two eyes.  Because he lives in darkness his eyes are not necessary. So we subtract to get 12 add the three average sized angels by the tail for the passages Isaiah 14:12-15 Double the first number because he is two faced to come up with Ezekiel 28:12-15

Only Christ the real prince of peace can bring true everlasting peace. The opposite of war is love, which brings peace, occasionally there is of course the late-night feedings. However, they soon pass and peace is restored.

If only the irresponsible had guns, that would make us foolishly irresponsible. How can we use them in a way that will bring others to the knowledge of the true prince of peace? What the enemy meant for evil, we know G-d will turn to good, because HE is good.

As a responsible individual, you should take a gun course and pick one up. It just may save a future Christian in the tribulation when left behind, today a mugger or thief will think twice if he thought several guns were close by and available to subdue him. Don’t shoot to kill unless it is absolutely necessary, which in the tribulation certainly will be. If you must shoot before the rapture, then shoot to maim preferably in the reproductive organs, these are the people you don’t want to reproduce. In prison, there will be a Bible waiting for them, and if you hit the right spot, you deterred more sin from happening in prison. One must use wisdom when it comes to guns.

Without love, where would any of us be? Why is it hard for so many to maintain it within their homes? The wandering eye makes insecure relationships while single minded men are stable men, and stable men should own guns.

People who have children seek peace and stability. They worry about the future of their offspring their flesh and blood. A strong family makes for a sturdy nation. We defend what we love most. For Christians that should be G-d and HIS only-begotten Son, we should desire HIS mercy and bath in HIS grace. We must moreover, rejoice at HIS justice. We should not deter it, for in it; salvation can also be found more than you could ever imagine.

When you are a family with children, your home is filled with love and laughter. You have a deep concern for your own as G-d does for HIS. War takes that joy away from many all too often. The people pulling the strings of others that inspire war for profit and selfish gain, if you look closely at them; you will notice they have no vested interest in our world or our children.

They have no deep concern because they don’t have children, they did not wake up every two hours to feed and sing lullabies to them. Jesus would say of them, they are whitewashed tombs that do the bidding of Satan over G-d. G-d commanded that men marry women and multiply, in heaven a rule will stand for all time that we will never divide again.

As Christians, we know a house divided cannot stand, and I do not want to stand with those who do not have a deeply vested interest in this world and our children. These men have nothing to lose. I will not stand near them on judgment day who broke commandments and taught others to do so. G-d and HIS Son are represented by two “Christian” groups one is Protestantism the other is Catholicism one has its head in Rome the other in England. One honors G-d and allows HIM to work, they permit for Bible study, questions to be asked. They encourage reading along with proper praise and worship. The other plays G-d and kills to place their people in power like they did before Jesus came. Jesus said you break the least of the commandments and teach others to you will be called least in the kingdom of G-d. If you teach others to obey them, you will be called great in the kingdom.

Haman wanted to rule and kill those who loved G-d and HIS word. He built his gallows like these men built theirs. In the tribulation those who surrender to Christ will need to maintain the commandments of G-d, best to be martyred as a Christian and join us for some wedding cake. In the tribulation, a gun will do you no good… Thou shalt not kill. Christians can take comfort in knowing that while the wicked whom have not converted are killing those who took the mark, keeps them safe with fewer bodies to hunt them down.

The fence sitters which refuse to take the mark and worship the beast (who has no son) and refuses to surrender to the true Son Jesus Christ. They will be killing the ones who took the mark. Those who take the mark they made a decision they were told not to perform. Dead or alive will not matter they made their eternal choice.

Revelation 19:20 KJV
(20) And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

Revelation 20:15
(15) And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Dead agents of Satan by the unsaved will prevent them from arresting new believers, allowing the body to grow. They were told by the same individual not to take the mark and were fully warned. Now that individual is driven by another spirit after his head wound is healed, they were warned! Do you know who suffered the first head wound? He has gone back home from where he came.

WARNING… Should those who took the mark take the life of one who is not a Christian and did not take the mark they will not be allowed in heaven, they died in their sins. If you become a Christian in the tribulation, you are not to take the life of another mark or no mark go respectfully to your reward in heaven. What gives me the right to make up the rules to end game? Genesis 49:9-10

Revelation 14:15
(15) And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe.

I would prefer that everyone just surrendered and trust in Jesus. The heart of man is wicked and not easily broken, even within our pulpits men’s hearts are hard and pride keeps them from seeing the truth. G-d can work with clay, but iron must be heated before it bends.


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