G-d’s timing…

Whether building a house or a kingdom timing is everything. You cannot place the roof on before the foundation or the walls to hold it in place.

Camps had been going on for years before the public was ever made aware. It is what can happen when the government also owns the media. Disarming the public will not bring an end to violence. It will, however, allow what happened in Germany to take place here, Demon’s hate losing their chariots.

In my last post, I talked about everyone possessing a firearm in the last days, I did not explain the simple logic behind it. I knew the wise would figure out most of what we are doing. G-d wants everyone to choose between love or violence. Violence of course is absent of love.  Those who commit it have never really known deep-rooted love. Those who try to love the violent do so without requiring complete holy repentance.

Christians should never forget only G-d, and HIS word can change the inner heart of any man. It’s what changed us and tampering with perfection is not smart at all.  To hide G-d’s word from the world is to create monsters and enemies against us.  This would also make some of us as monsters as well. When you compromise with evil do you expect to be rewarded by evil or for that matter, even G-d?

G-d in these last days is going to seal the demons in individual bodies, only in those who willfully ignore the message of Romance, Love, and Salvation. Demons hate to lose their chariots. It means having to locate another and if G-d has claimed them as HIS own, entrance is near impossible.

For example, when JFK was killed the enemy was sending a message to the underworld. It was this… That he would take away their chariot and force them to begin again with a new vehicle. Should they refuse to honor his demands or his position over them as G-d? Future Presidents would now become puppets in his hands. The Kennedy curse was being Roman Catholic and not honoring their Roman overlords. Ted Kennedy seen first-hand the power of the R.C. Jesus and knew that he should be obedient to him or be killed himself. In order to be a acceptable to them, they do not care if you attend church or obey the commandments just don’t interfere with building the one-world order. They taught us all as Catholic’s G-d was a punishing G-d. In my next post, this will be proven if I have not convinced you as of yet, my Pastor is unconvinced that Rome is a threat to democracy, and freedom in general. So I have no doubt more of us may need more enlightenment.

To walk in the spirit requires us to open our eyes as well, you can sing and dance and increase your endorphin levels, the word promises us G-d inhabits the praises of HIS people. G-d wants obedience, and HE rejoices in the truth. Truth sets souls-free singing, and dancing is the result of that freedom. The devil hates it when you sing and dance but what he hates more is the truth that makes it happen.

Jesus questioned if darkness is in you, how great is it? If we both say we have the HOLY SPIRIT, then why does yours lead you into a different truth altogether? When Jesus said HE (Holy Spirit) would lead us into all truth? Yes, G-d allows for individual expression but when it comes to HIS word, it is not left for private interpretation. It is clear he ended the need for the priesthood upon the final offering. The only reason the priesthood was created was to expose the real from the counterfeit. The false began in Egypt the authentic in the wilderness pointing to the true and final offering. Satan began the priesthood and puked deities everywhere. G-d perfected it so only one G-d would be worshiped until it was no longer necessary. The false just played on the people’s ignorance and fears while the priests stayed fat, dumb and happy, until they died of course.

Christ is the cornerstone of a present and future utopian society, all other housing built without HIM will crumble, the ground without HIM is all sinking sand. The enemy has built his house on this very sand. We can clearly see what he offers the world or heaven should he win.

It is always more of the same, war and destruction those who want this kind of life will have no part in G-d’s eternal kingdom. When I say present, I refer to the kingdom of heaven it is a utopian society, it has order, elders who rule it as G-d ordains Revelation 4:4. It had a rebirth after G-d told the rebellious angels and only after they refused to honor HIS Son… There is the door, and it will hit you on the way out. Once closed it will remain locked to you for all eternity. G-d will not allow sin and rebellion in HIS home ever again. Free will must be debugged that is what the Bible is all about, how to correct free will, getting right with G-d and getting back home.

G-d’s desire to have family began with creation of the angels, revealing that spirit came before the housing that we find ourselves in. Free will is necessary for true love to reveal itself. Educating it would be challenging, but not so for G-d. If treated like water it would find its own level and balance. To help it along, HE would become its greatest guide through the incarnation of HIS Son.

Matthew 8:29  And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of G-d? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?

Demons have a set time, an appointed end. They know it, and they also know they are subject to the G-d of creation who determines that time. Demons are free will agents who chose not to honor Christ the Son of the living and only G-d while in their first estate, all this was before the making of man. They shall be cast into the lake of fire to be tormented for all eternity when this is all over. It is they who have caused all this unspeakable evil. They were clearly given ample warning and made the choice anyway. They chose foolishly to betray the hand who made them. Mankind is about to get the same chance and warning.

If G-d had ended them before the making of man, HIS insistence, they worship HIS Son would have been for not. Don’t you want to be with like-minded people who love what you love and hate what you hate? G-d said HE was sorry that HE made man Genesis 6:6. How else would you determine who should and should not belong? It is written,” The just shall live by faith.” Romans 1:17 the angels doubted the Son’s existence.  G-d chose someone HE loves someone who will always be precious to HIM. HE then watched and actively participated to see how others would respond to that love. As the angels drifted away from faith and worship of the Son disbelief, and doubt began to poison the others, heaven had people like Richard Dawkins and Oprah Winfrey once in it long before earth , but in the person of rebellious angels.

G-d created a covering to hold the light that HE was going to place into HIS Son. For obvious reasons because of who he was made for, he was made the biggest grandest and most adorned in the universe with a place nearest to G-d. G-d loved HIM like a Son after all He was carrying the Son’s light. He was fast becoming G-d’s best friend because of who he was carrying. The statement being made to the rebellious angels was… Look how much I love my Son. If HE were not real would I have made such a beautiful covering to house HIS Spirit? Lucifer used his merchandise (wealth) and wisdom and turned against G-d but not before sending the wise angels back to the Son.

The turning of Lucifer G-d’s best friend was caused by the half-hearted and jealous angels. Those who were envious of Joseph, who plays the part of Christ the one father loved the most.

We can see clearly our G-d created the original enforcer. Like Skynet of the famed “Terminator” series he decided with the rebellious, the ones he was created to turn back to G-d, he claimed G-d had no Son. We can compare that to how the R.C. Church is handling Islam. However, it was not until the wise ones returned first after seeing that this creature was given way too much authority. His size and adornments frightened them into seeing the worst possible scenario. Lucifer alone divided the kingdoms giving us choice and G-d knew that those belonging to HIM would select wisely. To wipe out the angels would have taught the others nothing, they would then see that Lucifer was right that a loving and compassionate merciful SON of G-d was not real. The greatest surprise party ever thrown in the universe was on day three after the crucifixion came resurrection… SURPRISE! Timing is everything.

The wise ones returned while the foolish continued to deny the Son of promise. Saying it was just another attempt at keeping them from their version of fun, unfortunately, their version of fun involved breaking G-d’s heart. They wanted to set up their own individual kingdoms. They wanted to place their leadership without considering G-d’s Son at all.

In heaven that was not going to be allowed. However, on a small planet third from the Sun was prime real estate to open school. Through the ages Lucifer has been trying to regain, his former beauty and G-d allowed HIS true followers to splinter giving the enemy a sense of victory. The enemy is clever and seeded Protestant churches as well.

I am hard pressed to find the ones he hasn’t influenced, I seek men of G-d who are of strong character who will not compromise the word of G-d and who want to crush the serpent’s head to set souls free to my surprise too many build for him safe havens.

The difference is who rejoices in truth and who just rejoices and rejects truth.  As he regained his merchandise and wealth, he redressed himself in purple and scarlet, they are after all Royal colors. Being one dragon he needed a lair to store it in and find people who would protect it for him. G-d told me that in ancient times, men would keep their purse / money in their boot,  I don’t care who you are that’s just way to funny.  None of you seem to get what G-d is doing and why?

The dragon needs his peace plan, and it will cost him. This is wisdom, wiser than Solomon is three wise men Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. G-d used Solomon to help me see the truly unwise among us. If you are Christ’s you have the mind of Christ let’s just see how damaged it is?

Those who took from America to build their churches rejoice, but it is not in truth. They protect the dragon while telling themselves they are Christian. Anyone can repeat and parrot what is heard or read. A lot of chief bakers who prepared meals will lose their heads in the tribulation. Praise be to G-d that chief butlers who work in the kingdom are hard-pressed to find, that’s why they get brought back to their former positions of glory. Prophets are to see into the future it’s part of having the mind of Christ. Your future brothers and sister in Christ who come to HIM in the tribulation will be persecuted because of the money that was removed from America in order to build this sick new world order. Harassment of them will come from the taxpayers as they are turned further against the church, thanks to Rome and her Jesuit CIA who needed to bring a peace plan to the middle east in the form of a Obamanation.

Christians will not be safe in the tribulation or easily explain to the lost truth as they are looked upon as thieves and liar’s thanks to their dear brother and sisters who may or may not have been taken in the rapture. From what Father has told me they (leadership) are being left behind who behaved as the failed men of Gideon’s army . G-d is big on teaching lessons. You should have seen the lesson I was getting while I was growing up.

I’m no threat to HIM or HIS kingdom. I was raised to know I will never be anyone, that I am not special and no one will ever love me.  Thanks in part to the dragon I could at no time rise up and claim to be a god. However thanks to the mind of Christ I can rise up and make him eat every last word he ever spoke to me.  Future Christians will be made to look like criminals because of the churches who had “great faith” took America’s wealth before the powers of Rome took more money from our housing markets.  Forcing our country deeper into debt and aiding China to overtake us financially. So Christians who are true will go underground while the monster makers live above ground like they do in China. Some communism is good like China while Russian communism is bad,  who really made it that way? Russia was once Greek Orthodox and an enemy of Roman Catholicism the Jesuits destroyed Russia with their smear campaigns telling Russians that the Czars had too much wealth.  Look it is true what goes around comes around.  I seem to be doing the same thing by attacking the true evil conspirators who hated America as much as they did Russia.

Good and evil give wise, decent and loving people a chance to choose for themselves. On earth as it is in heaven, can clearly be seen today as… On earth as it was in heaven, just before G-d’s best friend Lucifer came on the scene.

However, on earth to place precious stones to make me like Lucifer was once in heaven would be done a little differently. G-d has a two-fold purpose. G-d allowed Satan to dress himself in order to expose what G-d calls wicked, they came to steal, kill and destroy on the earth John 10:10. In his theft, he sucked the wealth out of the world, so we would war for the leftovers until they are all gone.

G-d protects the unborn proof men at night did not make these!
G-d protects the unborn proof men at night did not make crop circles or machines. Rodents and animals were blown apart not fast enough to escape the light that really made them. Other flowering plants were left untouched proof again the lamps have intelligence. FYI when the dinosaurs were wiped out the eggs and hatchlings remained, the increase in gravity did not stop them just stunted their growth a little.

G-d found a new best friend in me, my pastor said after six years of sitting on the crop circles that they have machines that make them??? In twenty years of them being made no one caught a machine on film heating only the nodes of the plants and going so fast that hundreds of acres are done within minutes.  Do they run on batteries or are they gas-powered?   Jealousy condemned billions of angels and it’s going to do it here as well,  only in human souls. Pat yourself on the back pastor you are a great man of G-d who robs G-d of glory. You want Benny Hinn get on the phone and call him see if he has the peace plan you need?

Satan, the merciless, the old devil separated from G-d by his own will cannot do peace. So G-d gave HIS new best friend the peace plan. Now the enemy has to pay for the right to get his temple built-in order to rule as G-d for seven years, it is nothing more than sheer genius.  What else can I say are there even words to explain it?

The problem for him is the real G-d, and HIS Son has seven years to do THEIR harvest of plenty. That is Jesus planted seed for the harvest 3.5 years leaving HIMSELF 3.5 years to complete. The wealth that they claimed was being saved for Jesus upon HIS return is placed with the man who is given the peace plan to accomplish the last 3.5 years of THEIR harvest. G-d has found his chariot, and the other has to wait his turn…Sniff, sniff…

This is the first white horse of revelation. The rider is the lamps (the light) Spirit of G-d but not as so his head becomes too enlarged. He transports the lamps like Lucifer once carried only because he is Abel. To be fair and balanced Lucifer did not slay angels in the spirit all he was given was wisdom and truth to turn the angels back to worship. When he fell from heaven, he took on flesh, he needs another body. He knows it is going to be a leader of G-d’s people he was impatient when he wrestles for Moses’s body, which had to be hidden from him. This gives it away that it is a leader of G-d’s people he needs. Because I play fair and seek not personal glory, I will be placing Pentecostal individuals as arrows with the bow G-d has given me. The wealth only shows the church where G-d has placed the lamps Lucifer once carried.

The money replaces the stones Lucifer once had it allows the final harvest to be done. Satan’s minions will claim, G-d does not need money to do the harvest. This is a Jesuit teaching in order to block and protect Rome’s money. Two people in my Church gave themselves away as being taught by Jesuits or are Jesuits and not true children of G-d. Keeping glory from G-d should also be an indicator as not being G-d’s children. If they desire a place in leadership, they will need to repent of their compromise, it is what has stolen their ability to discern good from evil. Can you imagine 1.2 billion or half that on fire grateful for the whole truth all newly saved individuals being used in the harvest? No wonder my pastor and Rome and Satan want me stopped. It will be just like us when we first became “Born Again.”

There are two groups of men in the pictures below one is light and truth and will build G-d’s world order the way HE wants it before HE returns. While the other has built the devils new world order which looks like a remake of Socialist Nazi Germany. Can you tell, which picture holds evil, and, which holds good? Sadly, my pastor cannot. Most pastors can’t so it’s not just mine, it is because they offended G-d by standing with evil, and calling it good.

Assistancy portraits with Fr. Adolfo Nicolas
The Jesuits who have sworn to destroy Protestantism / Americans
Is America safe or how good are they at playing ministers in Protestant churches?
Is America safe or how good are they at playing ministers in Protestant churches? I think they miss the point of what a Christian is supposed to be like.

The all-seeing eye in a Masonic lodge never gets to see what’s going on inside the compass and square. If you pay close attention and have not compromised and that your discerner is working fine. You will notice the eye it is always blocked by something. So the eye cannot figure out what G-d is doing. No wonder he demonized them because good is made to look evil. The image below is a small handful of truly demonic men as reported by the Jesuits, who are good god-fearing men???

Called by the prince of darkness as darkness Heretics agents of the devil.
Called by the prince of darkness as darkness aka heretics agents of the devil all by undiscerning men playing church. They made it so Roman Catholic’s couldn’t infiltrate and see what G-d was building. Can you discern what G-d was building??? How about a better mousetrap?
The devil likes power and we made him a home away from home. Where he would feel welcomed.
The devil likes power and we made him a home away from home, where he would feel welcomed.

The devil’s idea is that we can all enter heaven the Pope is now championing their cause. We can all get to heaven because we all serve the same G-d in different ways. Making a complete mockery of the suffering of Christ but mocking G-d is what evil is best at. In their boldness, they mock him to your face while you smile and allow it to continue. To allow this in heaven is totally unacceptable, I for one am not interested in more of the same.

G-d knew the end from the beginning and devised a plan that would separate the good agents of free will from the bad agents of free will all this in order to give the good a place of peace and safety. He chose one individual to make it all happen, and HE would love this individual supremely. In this special love that HE shows to one person, above all, the person G-d loves the most is HIMSELF who we find within HIS Son. Love others as you would love yourself. The second greatest love of G-d’s desire is you.

Would you let anyone in your home with your children? Wouldn’t they have to show a loyalty to you? My favorite explanation is this… If I watch you playing with my children in the yard, and I see you mistreating them. I am not inviting you into my home. I have valuable treasures everywhere mostly hearts that have come in wounded and broken. Forcing your way in will not work, because my security is far more superior than any weapon ever created. When G-d created HIS Security keeping the end in mind he made sure that only one possible way in. That would be to love what he loves, and hate what he hates. You can be sure G-d adores His Son Jesus, and at one time this love was poured over Lucifer, whom was heaven’s first Homeland Security, before the Son arrived… Jealousy did not allow G-d to have a special friend, so they turned the coat of many jewels and gems against the Father a story we all know so very well.

Please don’t do that to me; I was sent to bring together the family and prepare the coming of the Lord. Sure I am the antichrist but so was John Huss, Tyndale, Martin Luther and the list goes on. America is called the great Satan, but it was no doubt Rome, who fed that fire. We saved to many souls now they are coming here to evangelize us. It can all be done in one swift move. By hearing and seeing G-d say… LOOK HOW MUCH I LOVE MY SON! As HE does the SON in the effigy of the LION of the TRIBE of JUDAH is lifted as well, fulfilling the prophecy. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto myself.

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