Free will gives us the choice to say yes.

It is the same will we are given to say no to sin and yes to Jesus. Love is a choice and not a feeling. Do you truly love your gay counterpart? G-d is going to test that love in the near future and it is closer than you think.

Can you say thank you Jesus!

I sat under a great anointing in Woburn Massachusetts where the most beautiful woman taught from G-d’s word.  When she spoke my ears burned, I needed to hear more about her Jesus. We all have our Jesus there is another Jesus, A Jesus who cares not about what the other Jesus said or did.  Many will come in that name thinking it was Him they were serving, only to hearAway from me; I never knew you.

She said once concerning the homosexual lifestyle, that G-d did not ask her to take a stand on something He had already condemned. I knew this woman had great wisdom. At one time, I had an uncle who was gay who passed away ten years prior. I wish I knew her Jesus back then.  My uncles former lover I met at the church I first got saved at (Salem, NH) Salem means peace from the word Shalom.  Melchizedek was the king of Salem my first church was a Baptist Pentecostal immature in the spiritual gifts it was for them all so very new it is there I met my soul mate. He m y uncles former lover wasBorn Againmarried to a woman and had a son of his own. I felt he was safe having become a Christian and all. My wife wanted to work so we needed a sitter for my son, he offered, we accepted. The second day he baby sat my son, we picked him up and on his face was a five fingered black and blue mark showing he had been struck and struck hard.

My first instinct was to pummel him in front of my wife, my son and his own. Then I heard the Holy Spirit speak clearlyVengeance is mine, do nothing to this man; he is mine.Some years later, he was placed in prison for abusing a child in the same way, but my adherence to G-d’s voice placed doubt in my wife’s mind as to my ability to defend my family.

That was not the case at all, at the time I was unaware of what G-d was allowing to unfold. I was just trying to be obedient to what I knew as His voice not long afterwards sexual sin had entered the ministry at the church her, and I attended. The elders also known as the leadership hid the sin from the public. The nature of it placed even more doubt into my wife’s life, she had babysat this mans children and looked up to him as a father figure. As a minister, he had failed her, as her own father did. At the time, I was struggling with sexual sin myself; I was a baby Christian, in fact, we both were. The every mans battle workshop had not been developed at least I had never heard of it back then. If the church had come clean, we could have begun the ministry ourselves, setting that many more men free of this sin.

I loved my wife like Adam loved Eve. She refused to go back to the church. She was angry with me, G-d, and men in general. So for two weeks we did not attend, and the enemy came at us like a flood. That’s when I found the church in Woburn. I had vowed to G-d prior to marrying that if anything happened to my marriage, I would throw myself into serving him and learn all that I could about his word and never marry again. He was without a doubt listening and setting me up.

Before I got married someone said to me that if I married a woman from a home of divorce the odds were I would be divorced. I sharply rebuked him after all it was love leading this…I said,You don’t know my Jesus; He can fix anything.I’m under the impression G-d was paying attention because my marriage only lasted as long as Jesus’s ministry did 3.5 years.

The entire second rebellion of heaven gave up heaven for sex; we find that in Genesis 6.

However, false teachers deny the second rebellion was even Angelic. So then explain better than I the correlation of the Spiritual power behind Rome and the one behind Islam? Is that Jesus praying to Mary placing statues on the front yard just to play a game of hide Jesus from the Jews? You know those Jews the ones he sent Peter the first “Pope” to? Is that him in the CIA or MI5 holding guns to our leaders heads to build their one world order? Well it’s not my Jesus  in fact my pastor doesn’t even preach my Jesus though his may be the closest to mine except for the blindness to the whore drunk with the blood of the saints or her work at turning America into their power base to protect them at the top of the hill.


Instead he bad mouths my country while another sits there and blames the church, while he defends the whore in question.  What great men of G-d I am surrounded by all they do is talk about how everyone but them have failed.

I failed as a new Christian and as a husband, where I didn’t fail was more important to G-d. I did not fail to keep my promises and my vows to Him or to her. My Jesus can do anything nothing is impossible for him while others say he is impotent and unable to save to the uttermost, which boils down to He is not G-d, sounds pretty demonic to me! Because brothers and sisters’ G-d is G-d is G-d.

We know the rider of the red horse comes to take peace from the earth,  well you first got to have it! My pastor is greatest at playing devils advocate and the other who blames the church both seem to look forward to seeing the world burn and they shall because I don’t see either one of them making the first departure which is the only departure. Because the son of G-d’s honor has no value to them!

I do pray for the persecuted church but as a child of G-d walking in light knowing the whole truth of the matter the Prince of Persia’s team is not backing down and is in the heavenly realm punishing the one who caused the problem to begin with. While Satan sits back collecting souls that claim to be Christian to deceive you into thinking they are true believers who are idolaters and so you get all weepy eyed and pray that G-d protect idolaters.  Might as well ask him to hate Jesus like they do and not honor His teachings or commands like many who claim to be Christian do.

The object of digging  a hole is to make a hole, however if all you are doing is throwing the dirt behind you and not out of the hole you are as they say going no where fast.

Don’t ask G-d to protect them when you don’t want to win them to the Jesus of the Bible to begin with.  Rather pray open my eyes Lord to see what damage Rome has done so that I may open their eyes and get them to repent and serve the living G-d who ended the priesthood in 70 AD because HE accepted the final sacrifice.

They took away the word from the world and played G-d and controlled what G-d did or could not do. They vilified the sciences another Satanic tactic,  making it look like he has all knowledge. I already showed you he tried to get them to build flying machines in ancient Egypt, certainly puts the brakes on the intelligent theory,  not to mention that he wanted to be G-d!

Though he has proven to be much smarter than many pastors and spiritual guides who sand bag his treasury and castle and hold his armor for him while saying he’s done some good works please let him back into heaven. While he continues to offer up to G-d the same sacrifice over and over, so ministers why don’t we just let Jesus keep turning his cheek a kazillion times a day while you just continue to slap it?

If your pastor does not believe G-d can do the impossible get another pastor, if he defends Catholicism that may be why G-d doesn’t do greater things among you. My pastor is keeping the world from Jubilee ain’t he saint for sinners?

As for same-sex marriages you can now register as a couple, in old testament times it was easier because they all lived in one city now your scattered so that when the Christian church is gone into heaven, G-d will need to use Islam to find and locate you and force the choice receive the mark or die, here is your chance to find out if you really do love the other now that their eternal soul hangs in the balance. My advice would be don’t wait,  you really don’t love their soul that’s obvious even now,  use this mercy time to get delivered and begin respecting G-d’s will,  G-d’s laws,  G-d’s commands.

While the Holy Spirit is still here,  he can help you as well.

One really needs to know him to get in, I can’t even love my Son or wife more than I love Him. They that love Him,  keep His commandments.   The 144000 left behind will be the only ones filled with the spirit the rest of those left behind who originally rejected the workings of the Holy Spirit in their lives will now have to do it all on sheer faith at the evidence that the church is gone on. That eternity is a reality,  is the temporal moments of pleasure worth being separated from Christ for all eternity? Satan cannot create because he has no power other than the lie he has sold you.

Again I warn the body of Christ Satan has maneuvered his church to protect his wealth so that another Exodus could not happen, so revival / Jubilee  is delayed while he kills your “Christian in name only  Mary Worshipers” and solicits your pity over idolaters while you make Jesus and Father so proud! NOT!

The weakness of the Pharaoh today has been removed from his high position, so G-d wants to lift His Son and bring judgment on the wicked. Who’s children are now in harm’s way in order to break you to holiness and righteousness? It’s over we need to bring in the harvest, the children that belong to G-d are going home to a better place, it would be nice that they could stay and lead others but your leadership who know G-d so well,  may have chosen otherwise.

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