Coming full circle…

There be dragons in the way…The 777 symbol represents the kingdom of G-d, and here I am using it to describe the war that took place in heaven. Where 1/3 of the angels rebelled and refused to worship the Son. The triune seven’s are surrounded by twenty and four scrolls, two scrolls for every billion angels, in hopes of explaining this better we are looking at 4 billion removed. Each elder would of course be responsible to G-d first,  then his group in the new kingdom,  two are better than one for accountability reasons.

Earlier explanations I claimed one elder per billion but stand corrected by the returned Arecibo message posted below. It reveals a population of 12, 742,213,502 which if prophetic, then we are getting back more than the original, if the original was indeed 12 billion? Keep in mind I am practicing and prospering Daniel 8:12. If it is a present count, there would have to be more elders, and we know there is not, so I am going with 2 for every billion prophetic. Then again, if it is not prophetic, this could be bad news for everyone??? (I’M JUST KIDDING RELAX). We are coming up on eight billion on the earth, and G-d has asked me to inform Christians of childbearing age who are married of course to have more offsprings during the harvest years. We are obviously taking children who are below twelve and have a respect towards their parents. Heaven is big with plenty of room for everyone. Taking their children will hopefully motivate their parents to join us if their parents should get left in the tribulation, martyrdom would be the only way now. Do not feel bad for them, they had been persecuting us for being Christians to begin with. There is no room for troublemakers and unrepentant sinners. The sworn loyalty to Christ and surrendering only to him is the single way to G-d as we have always said. This harvest has been carefully thought out.

seal2Rebellion  proposed a problem because when G-d began with the angels,  it was all good. There was harmony until some fell away from worshiping the Son, causing G-d to have to bring in the enforcer or head covering cherub to keep the rebels out of his hair. They became ungrateful pesky annoyances, which were never satisfied or content. They thought they had better ideas at how to run things. As we know the covering cherub Lucifer carrier of light leads the rebellion removing 4 billion which is 1/3 of 12 billion for all we know when he was created it was close to twice that who had stopped worshiping the Son, which produced chaos in the kingdom.  It had to be stopped after all it is G-d’s dwelling, and they decided not to love him, by denying the Son, whom HE credited all the creation to. Some upon seeing the size and power Lucifer was given gladly ran back to honoring G-d’s request of worship of His Son. While the others denied he even existed. That third is never coming back because they chose the wrong leader, they sided with one who cannot create or offer hope or counsel that enriches one’s life.

seal3-7This left some in the kingdom murmuring saying had the Son showed up the rebellion would not have happened. They became insistent on requesting that the Son make an appearance, not knowing what they were asking of HIM. G-d requires balance and order; HE is rebuilding the kingdom this time with grateful souls and those who will never want to pass this way again.

seal3-71The imbalance is upsetting. G-d must educate free will and reveal HIS Son, so he creates man and woman because everyone knows it takes a woman to have a Son. Except for the more brilliant theologians among us that say no it doesn’t, HE was constantly there and always seen. Then they wonder why mainstream science has a hard time understanding the entire formula. You cannot have a Son without a love story involved. This is the greatest love story of all. So the imbalance causes the world to be turned upside down and inside out. G-d began with 12 billion if I am seeing this correctly. We, on the other hand, began with only a man and a woman and are now just coming up on 8 billion. It is when the two Adam and Eve break one rule that the enemy took from man, the deed to the earth and made it his dominion. G-d handed the deed back to the original inheritor upon discovering the truth in Egypt, until our work is done. Saying that HIS Son’s honor is worth the world.

seal3-72At a later moment in time, another group of angels look upon the daughters of men. The KJV makes it clear they took on flesh and blood in order to have relationships with the women Genesis 6:3. I use this to indicate that Lucifer’s rebellion did as well and explains that these are the ancient aliens everyone believes built the first pyramid. The first judgement of man coincidently 6+3 gives us the number for judgment, While 6 x 3 give us 18 or 666 the final judgment. We come to learn that Satan does not desire women while the second rebellion covers their women in some ritual of shame and remorse they feel for having given up heaven. Gabriel stops in Daniel 10 to talk with them, and they make a deal that will not allow Satan to complete his one-world order until the hidden man of G-d shows up. Guess who???

size-israel-italy-fullOn earth as it is in heaven Matthew 6:10… So who represents all parties in this lesson we are learning? Those who remained in heaven and kept the law of worship whom did not need to see the Son to believe rather they trusted G-d in faith… That one day HE would come. They are represented by the descendants of Abram from the free woman…The nation of Israel. The first rebellion which had no interest in women because they did not exist as yet, they only sought to rule the kingdom are represented by Rome. Who has romance in their name but neglect love, so they will at no time, know true peace? Who we learn in these last days never has enough and had to destroy America to take more.

And the rattle on his tail goes Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.
And the rattle on his tail goes Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.

They are Satan’s hands and fingers. G-d allowed HIS enemy to redress himself. G-d gave him all those beautiful stones in heaven with knowledge that if he did go the wrong way, the stones which made others attracted to him in heaven would be his vanity, assembling others here to collect his treasured jewels back to himself on earth. The lost souls would obediently do his bidding, while the wicked would protect him without being part of his cloistered group. Such as groups like the CIA / MI5 was created at Rome’s interference in our political affairs to protect her interest throughout the world.

The reason they don’t get married and have children is in response to what happened in Egypt when G-d gave Moses the victory over the pharaoh, including taking all his treasure from him. Which made him look foolish to the world, that would never happen to Satan again. His leadership will not have children ever. Now as we near the end they are rethinking the celibacy rule, a day late a dollar short. Caring for our children is what they seem to do best. They make sure they have the finest battle fatigues our tax money can buy in which they can profit from.

justice3The second rebellion found in Genesis 6 were impatient and took women to be with rather than wait until the end like the rest of us. They represent the ones Rome has a problem with today. How long will it be before the Catholics lead the whole rebellion by agreeing with their spiritual leader who originally drove the first rebellion? When will they start saying the exact same thing that he did in the kingdom? That G-d has no Son, and if he ever shows up, I will make him my pet. Well, the latter has already been done by them.

seal1G-d requires balance, and we are coming full circle restoring what the enemy stole from the kingdom. We are offering the world a clear chance at understanding the need for Christ. We are here because the original angels seen no need for HIM in heaven. The same spiritual sellouts run some of our pulpits and churches today. They compromise with the dragon, and that offends G-d and those angels who remained. They still pursue the bling thinking, there is a reward with him if they do. How we relate to Israel tells the angels how they would be treated if these kinds of people were allowed in heaven. So it is no wonder that when Jesus said HE is sending HIS angels into the harvest fields to separate all those who offend and do iniquity leaving them for the fire that Rome has so graciously given the dragon.

Everyone who has gone after his treasury has died or been killed by his agents. Now he needs a peace plan...Uh OH!
Everyone who has gone after his treasury has died or been killed by his agents. Now he needs a peace plan…Uh OH!

This was another way of saying this ….


Amazing how this message below comes back with a population value showing 12 plus billion. I did the above without accurate information of population size. Well no one’s perfect, except for Jesus of course and that’s why we need him. A society to function properly needs to worship. So my thoughts are if we departure here with four billion that will leave bodies for the original angels who fell to wipe themselves out with their weapons and fight against Jesus at his return. We then could end up with 20 plus billion with tribulation martyrs and wouldn’t that be grand!


When you add the diameter of the communication device numbers of 2789.52 up 2+7+8+9+5+2 we come up with 33 Psalm 33:1-22 what a hoot. Alone Psalm 27:1-14,  Psalm 89:1-52, emphasis on Psalm 89:52 it all speaks the same to me.. Jesus is on HIS WAY!

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