Another blown opportunity…

And the rattle on his tail goes Nazi, Nazi, Nazi. We see the head of the serpent appear cut off. What happened to Papal infallibility?
G-d placed a rattle on his tail that sounds like Nazi, Nazi, Nazi. We see the head of the serpent appear cut off. What happened to Papal infallibility? When the blind lead the blind.

Pope Francis could have delivered the salvation message to hundreds of millions who had been watching around the world with his visit to America. In America, we don’t persecute Christians, not as yet any way,  so he should have felt safe to do so.  There are many here who would welcome an anointed Holy Spirit filled salvation message, one that would have brought glory to G-d and a blow to Satan’s kingdom, no one sees that the devil will not step on his own neck. Thanks to the mocking priesthood and their neglect at honoring G-d’s word, persecution is coming,  they bring it to every nation.

Historically, the message of truth has never been heard from their lips when they do have the chance to tell others that they need to be “Born Again.” It is NEVER mentioned EVER. It shouldn’t be hard to see why he would be more popular than I. That will change because they need a peace plan that only I have, and it is not a false peace.

My life points directly to the word of G-d and also fulfills biblical prophecy, which should be good news, we are preparing to go home. However, not before we put a large dent in Satan’s kingdom. That may be why I may not be so popular with many church leaders or my local clergy. To them, I am the lunatic, the delusional one. It is they who are doing G-d’s will by keeping me from sharing the works of the Holy Spirit made in England, that open G-d’s word up to the world. Not doing so saves souls how? Who are they really serving, if they are talking to G-d, they certainly don’t hear from him very well? Sleeping with the harlot causes the loss of discernment.

A Papal message concerning any aspect of the environment fails biblical prophetic writings and warnings of these last days. The solution for any problem is repentance from sin, hand your life over to Jesus Christ seek HIS counsel, HE is the only way? Odd how this same religious system, forced everyone to believe it was their way only or hell to all. Now that they own it all, they welcome all because it builds their muscle mass. They say that we all serve the identical G-d just in different ways??? Jesus made it clear how HE wanted to be served in Spirit and in Truth. They can start by not calling any man father or praying repetitively, and showing respect in his word the full 34 times while preaching and teaching it to others.

Global warming is the least of mans troubles. G-d makes it perfectly obvious that after the 144,000 are sealed to do their work, the vegetation, the waters and the air, all become irreparable. The message is clear you need G-d to have peace and restore order and the environment. Unless those days be shortened Jesus said no flesh will survive. The mark of the beast is something they brought into the world.

Every nation has fallen only one is able to bring it back when the church joins forces with England.
Every nation has fallen only one is able to bring it back when the church joins forces with England.

Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy while Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. America and many other nations are on the verge of financial collapse, but one group stands above them all. How is this possible??? They did not win because of fair play, they won by foul play. The German elite after the war handed them gold for new identities and protection in other countries. Birds of a feather flock together they were the door in which brought them here to America to build weapons for their manufactured wars. Before Jesus came Rome always placed the politic and America is no different. To lose one’s eternal soul is not intelligent at all.

The Kennedy curse was being Catholic and defiant to the Pope and loyal to America. A country that is supposed to protect us from all powers both foreign and domestic. So where is the protection? Where is the outrage from the church on the loss of America? G-d is clearly revealing in these last days who the problem is and has been since they stood up to take the word away from us and give us a fish symbol in its place. How about all the symbols in England that point to scripture, how does that grab their goat? Don’t tell me the Catholic church is not serving Satan, they certainly by their own exposure and admissions are not serving G-d the Son.

Don’t let your opportunity pass you by to tell others that Jesus is on HIS way and that we need to turn from our wicked ways before he arrives.  It can start with the clergy opening their eyes and hearts to Jesus and this last call to repentance. Do the will of G-d save the Catholic leadership save the world.

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