The Future of the U.N.

It is so nice to get all those countries together to let everyone know at once that Jesus is on His way. I suggest we start changing the name to the Federated United Nations after all it seems prophetic that it is headed that way.  Thank you, Eugene Wesley “Gene” Roddenberry for seeing the future so well. If you are a Christian, we will have nicer bodies and better equipment all the way around.

There was another antichrist figure named Wesley, who lived in the 1700’s.  His name was John Wesley, and he was an Anglican minister.   England holds the head of the Anglican Church (Church of the angels) who resides in the house of Windsor, who holds the scepter of David.  If you are a Christian, you should understand the procession of the scepter of David for we are grafted into the vine and have a closer relationship with the divine through the acceptance of HIS only begotten Son Jesus and sealed with His Spirit making it so.

So we need to bring about a peace plan in the middle east and thanks to the Rothchild banking cartel and the Vatican wealth they held we now have 700 billion dollars to bring in the harvest.  The problem is the Catholic’s keep denying it was theirs; their leaders keep misdirecting and denying the truth while they sit among us.

Many well-meaning Protestant ministers aided them in structuring our demise by assisting Haman in building their own gallows. You have time to repent Protestant ministers but not much time.  The last TRUMP is about to come on the scene.  The crop circles in England say they are guilty, and judgment is set up so that they and their misguided not born again sheep are being left behind unless they repent before rapture/ resurrection day.

I am the key to getting the wealth into the church to lift up Jesus’s name revealing G-d’s mercy and justice and HIS existence.  The wicked will have to choose either join us or remain with the evil element who rejected Christ.  Many when we are gone will give their lives to Christ and be martyred.  Catholic idols in every nation will be destroyed in making way for the one true and living G-d.

We must unite the world to bring peace to get the temple rebuilt in Jerusalem so we can start by requesting the U.N. to rename themselves the Federated United Nations moving towards a Federation.  Jesus is on HIS way, and we must get all those nations to place their weapons together to attack HIM on HIS return because they haven’t attacked HIM enough already.   We can then use the acronym F.U.N.  until we become the Federation.

May G-d bless you all children of the King

Brother Abel

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