2 Chronicles 7:14 Dragnet and Catch Them All

We have been planting seeds from before any of you were born with every intention to win you to the love of Jesus Christ and taking you away from here. What is unfortunate is because I will not bow down to your Pontificate Maximus many will not hear the truth.

Many say they know God; only many of them cannot prove it.

Is that the HOLY SPIRIT guiding you to ROME and building America into a dung heap with superpowers to boot?

It is sad what is happening with COVID-19, but it came from China, and I have, along with others, been warning you that the dragon does business with China, and Protestants suffer because of it as does the lost.

Place a six in front of that 19 forgive me some of the images may be upside down???


The all-seeing eye and the symbol chosen by the devil surrounds the character for China.
Communist China Catholics continue to sacrifice Christ acceptable to all Catholics while Protestants hide in underground churches.

If God decides he would like to condemn me to hell after discovering the truth, then so be it. However, unlike the first bringer of light, I’m taking some of you with me, which see no value in Jesus Christ other than to mock the HOLY things of God.

For one to tell me to get rid of the lamps, then say to the one who has the lamps that he does not know what the lights are for is redundantly revealing their ignorance.

The center lamp represents Christ here. We see it is about to be lit. Are you ready because right now yo many will miss Resurrection, and you do not want to go empty-handed?
Lamps of light entering the darkness.

The following episode reveals the problems we are facing.

Fathers need to love their daughters and Sons need to love their Fathers.

714 adds to twelve the law is ten commandments and Jesus made two more out of the ten making it even harder to follow them. Praise be to God HE did not break any one of them because HE WAS GOD among us and proves it with Peter catching the 153 fish after HIS resurrection.  7 + 14 is 21 again the number for the Trinity. So you can claim and cry out 2 Chronicles 7:14 but you need to help the harlot by dissocializing from her and more than six feet.

This link should be shared with everyone https://619short.net/wmet the stats from the W.H.O. organization. This page can be shared using this link https://619short.net/war. We even used the “Matrix” to get the message out and even “Stargate” today, you are blessed if you can see your great-grandchildren.  In Noah’s day, they lived to be over 900 years old. The ancestry and population were extraordinary gestations for birth have always been the nine months do the math.

The hall of doors they are holding all the keys, and no one is getting into heaven who follows them.
Everyone is familiar with the Stargate series, so why not?

The angels tell me the green ones are much more tastier.

2 Chronicles 7:14 Dragnet and Catch Them All

Brother Abel

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