Why Socialism? There is a better way.

America seems to be leaning towards an agenda that failed when the early settlers tried it in Jamestown when men don’t benefit from their hard work they tend not to work very hard.

When private property was granted work flourished and the colony prospered. Men began to work to better themselves with it came invention and ingenuity to prosper themselves and benefit others.

Socialism at Jamestown Virginia
Established May 14, 1607

The same holds true of the settlers of the famed Plymouth Plantation who underwent a similar disaster that brought on famine and with that brought death and disease.

Socialism in Plymouth Massachusettes 
Established in 1620

Both colonies did not have the benefit of NPR radio or newsletters to communicate so both did it independently the results were the same isn’t it odd that history gets it wrong even in who was here first.?  You would think it would matter to educators and those who write our history?

Albert Einstien was for socialism and wrote an article called Why Socialism? Explaining the evils found in capitalism with the wealthy greasing the palms of the politicians which created the evil in capitalism.

In his final words, Einstein cautioned that “a planned economy is not yet socialism”, since it may also be accompanied by an “all-powerful” bureaucracy that leads to the “complete enslavement of the individual”. It is critically important, therefore, to ensure that a system is in place to protect the rights of the individual.

Those who believe in a single ruler a Theocratic system of government where God is sovereign which is soon to happen here on planet earth.  Those who do not surrender at the cross will suffer the greatest loss with eternal separation from the one who knows how to do it right.

The new world order is being brought to you by someone who thinks he can rule better than God we call him in the Church the prince of darkness who robs men of relationship to the true God of creation thus we suffer by not having our minds on the word of God that is behind the making of the one true utopian society where we all come to worship Jesus who loved us the most of any man.

We are here on earth suffering because a group in heaven did not want to come and worship him and doubted his existence this Son of man.

The devil has used the name of Jesus in vain to build his one-world socialist society and if you have been paying attention to this site you know who his hands and fingers are. Listen to their plans for your new world order society and in order to make everyone work in their socialist society, it has to be just like the one Hitler was building with a one-world leader meaning mass executions.

The better way Jesus is coming back and you should back HIS choice because HIS choice points to HIM.  The enemy wanted to be like the most high and my Lord started in a manger.

One good peace plan is worth the world.

Brother Abel

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