Why Pyramids?

You may find this a tad humorous, it is in the best interest of all that we understand above all God loves HIS creation. HE is the great educator and communicator. HE made humans a little lower than the angels but placed within them HIS breath and made us into HIS image.

Never forget G-d saw the end from the beginning.

We became a living eternal soul when he breathed into us HIS breath. When HE created the spirit world first HE spoke them into existence there was no hands on as it was with the man and the woman.  The woman, by the way, was taken from the side of man (his rib) she was created in heaven in a clean hallowed place. G-d had to bring her to the man. G-d tells us HE tempts no one but HE marched her right past the Angels this was HIS finest work to date. Some of them started getting ideas. In the Antarctica video, you will see what those ideas were as we find it also in Genesis 6 and Enoch 6.   The Son of G-d would come through the womb as all life would so heaven was the place to create Eve.  Jesus is the example for us all man and Angel.  The womb even in the crop image depicts it as a holy place.  I believe Jesus said to HIS Angels in 1947 “So which of you, want’s to start a family and bring in the harvest? Now Wakey, wakey the final birth pains are here.

People were in awe of this claiming it was a diagram of a ship.  They were absolutely correct.  Notice the left side is a cut away and the notches are the days it takes for the egg to leave the ovary and embed on the Uterine wall.  There is a video done that points to the numbers that point to Job 3:9-10. Many people feel like Job today.

This is the actual ship we arrived in the other is just a sketch of it. On the left G-d has it shown as a virgin and until the right man comes into her life with a Bible and marries her she should stay that way.  If he placed an iris like they did in Stargate we would be swarming with Eunuchs and men would fear to be with women. Then how would we have our Avatars for the final battle?

You would think it was man who came up with the classic game of king of the hill.  This one was designed to win it all for Jesus. God placed up the first pyramid in Antarctica and just as HE planted the idea in the mind of the enemy to fashion the cross. Father knew that his enemy Satan had a tendency to mock the holy things of G-d.

The West is the head of Christ mind of G-d America and England represented by the older serving the younger. Benjamin the new Covering.
 The idea was planted. The plan executed,  the lost saved.

At one time Antarctica was a land thriving with life the fallen angels had made a home there, thanks to a brother in my Church he put me on to this truth. Antarctica mentioned in the book of Enoch Chapters 18 & 19 see the video below. Like the cross fashioned by the twelve tribes of Israel in the wilderness tabernacle, an idea was planted in Antarctica by G-d and HE is going to use it to win the world to Jesus. Jesus is King of the HILL always!

Now that’s how to hide a Pyramid no slave labor or the need to hurt anyone.
Because they stopped coming to worship the Son and were cast out of heaven they fought among themselves and a split took place.  The enemy said he could build one better than G-d. He always thinks he can best G-d.

On the left solid rock under snow never seen by man before. On the right, the one built before man by the New World Order planners. Who said G-d had no Son.

The crop image below is a puzzle for me how many pyramids can you make without using the same triangle twice. Four sides to a pyramid when you get them all find the Psalm it points too.  I did it for you in the video below the image. Try it on your own,  I call it in My Fathers House there are Many Mansions.


Brother Abel under the King of Kings.

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