Why is she not considered a cult but her offspring are?

I once belonged to a wonderful church that got caught up in overlooking her seductions, one or more families were sending their children to her schools ignorant of the truth or had been like many brainwashed from birth. Television had her on display,  outwardly it almost looked kosher but the idols and God’s love for Israel gave it away for me,  that they knew HIM not.

The minister’s wife once gave a teaching on how demons hide behind idols, that the idols represent them seeking recognition and turning the focus away from the word of God which without the word souls cannot know their true need for God.

We place significance on programs and exterior elements but do not look too closely at the scriptures because inside is the key to destroying the enemy’s kingdom.

Did you know that the only riddle given in the Bible is the riddle that is the Bible?

I love lions, don’t you?

The congregation went through a split as many churches do which is indicative of a lack of HOLY SPIRIT as the HOLY SPIRIT is the oil that unites and makes the gears of the system work smoothly.

There is a false church working within real churches to create this division it helps them destroy nations by allowing them to make others believe they are a genuine church.

It also destroys souls as long as it exists.

This may be the only church many of them know and it is their life raft on the big ocean that they are clinging to.  This raft only exists because they refuse to read the word themselves or they truly believe what their church teaches that they are not called to understand it by themselves they need the leadership to guide them.

A Bishop is to be the husband of one wife the scriptures make it clear.

1 Timothy 3:2 KJV
A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

This same leadership makes mobsters think they can gain heaven by belonging to them???

How is this fruit overlooked?

Private interpretation???

2 Peter 1:16-21 KJV
(16)  For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.
(17)  For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.
(18)  And this voice which came from heaven we heard, when we were with him in the holy mount.
(19)  We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:
(20)  Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.
(21)  For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

Why would the first Pope be against his own Church on so many points easy peasy because he wasn’t ever a Pope,  Peter was sent to the Jewish people of his day Rome just stole the keys and hid the word to open the gates of hell.

It’s almost too simple.

Jesus told me if we shoot the raft and open up the word they will run on the top of the water to the ship of truth.

Their way is the way to weaken a nation by creating division and it reaches into the home once the pin is pulled on the grenade discouragement disillusionment and despair are the result,  it is what causes others not to attend Church.

The pin is usually a person who has a better idea,  even though their vision can be direct from God it should also be revealed to the one they submitted themselves under.  A student is never greater than his master maintaining respect for the call of the other is paramount to maintaining strength and not giving the devil his door that will ruin lives.

Every life matters and the fallout could be minimal even nonexistent if done in a spirit of humility rather than subterfuge.

God reveals to a minister that he has a Joseph or a Daniel in the church the object is not to hinder but assist because it is a lamp sent unto the church to offer growth. Claiming it is your church or your ministry is the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar.  You might even start barking like a dog or eating grass rather than steak.

I was a part of a ministry and it was my first leadership position I was 10 years old in my new birth experience the ministry catered to helping the homeless,  it sprung up as a result that these individual lost souls needed to sit under an anointed ministry to break the strongholds over them,  so we bussed them from Boston to Woburn many in the church were involved and prepared meals to serve them after the service. We did this because it was SUNDAY and if they were bussed back into the shelters after the service the serving of food had ended so they would have to go without. Besides the more time, we spent with them the more of Christ’s love they could see in action.

We even had a few evangelists come from it.

This vision was not in alignment with the church’s vision a church of affluence is no place to bring pee-stained gruffy homeless people to so it was deemed not in line with the Pastor’s vision and I’m pretty sure his vision was not leaving the Boston Area.

Thank God for people like Pacific Garden Mission in Illinois who care for people like these a link is provided and a $1.94 offering can feed a homeless person for thanksgiving so please use the link and give.

I don’t think it’s going to get better under Biden they are now talking about going to a cashless society and what will they survive on?

The Pastor’s stepson had been made a spectacle of in the news media of Massachusettes God desired to lift HIM up in Massachusetts to bring conviction to those who stood against him,  we lost those souls because of another’s vision done incorrectly but we did have a great T-ball program on Saturdays for the kids and that is all that really matters when it came to voices whispering in the ear of the visionary they were Catholic voices.

How are your friends the Catholic’s not antichrist?  They have sucked the wealth from the world and are giving us the mark instead. Sounds to me like they are serving the wrong God and the Ecumenical church is towing them along.

However, the demons know about the call of Daniel or Joseph they must insist on the proof they created, knowing a true follower of Christ could see through their disguise and their disguise must remain in order for them to operate he could not do their delusional gifts and be effective for Christ.

The wisdom of God to get from the bottom to the top every darkness must be revealed,  and heads stepped on.

I will not deny that I am a sinner saved by grace, not perfect and far from it but I know my ROCK is different than theirs.  I see the damage their rock does,  my ROCK need only be spoken too not continually sacrificed in a mock priesthood.

A man offers on the pulpit false teaching and then expects a great move of the spirit of God to come forth but the man who knows the truth is not impressed by the teaching and the move they are looking for is demonic at best.   He knows it is not prophecy or knowledge or the speaking of tongues but the one that has caused the weave to happen within the church,  that lets idolators continue to believe they are Christian.

A Jesuit’s only purpose is to keep true Christianity from occurring among the world and they try to look as much like us as humanly possible but the elect cannot be deceived. What gives them away is that they are a priesthood unto themselves. False teachers are false teachers and they are not hard to spot if you see their past fruits.

A person having the HOLY SPIRIT should be able to see the working of the enemy to weave his church into theirs.

Preterism is a doctrine of theirs as it distorts time and lies about portions of scripture the Preterist defends the harlot and may even be responsible for encouraging the vision of another that aided in splitting a church.

A false teacher teaches falsely.

They love the idea a minister out on his own puffed up and if they can get him to fall as well it’s bonus points, then they can say look at this cult and their Kool-Aid it’s safer you stay with us,  we care about your soul.

Reverend Jim Jones was one such man given over to seducing spirits that led his congregation to drink the kool-aid and commit suicide a sin one cannot ask for forgiveness of,  it fails the trusting in Jesus.  Did God not let them in HIS house? There are several houses in heaven and every case is different but Jesus must be the LORD of LORD’s over one’s life one must confess their need of HIM. You wake up talking to HIM and you go to bed talking with HIM and you meditate all day on the things of God.

You get to know God by going after HIS heart found in the four gospels.

We are here because the angels refused to worship HIM and they are still at it.

They destroyed America’s educational institutions,  just so they could educate the Children. Do they anger God less than our Pagan schools that they created by providing the funds to the scholastic book publishers?  They placed their people on the school boards. In order to shift students and monies to their church.

They understood it in the 1930’s.

There is nothing wrong with having a vision to win souls to Jesus but a vision is not meant to destroy another work of God.

If we use the rule that we are being watched by the angels at how we will treat them and that they are represented by Israel and they see how we treat Abraham’s direct descendants it is a clear indicator we belong to them and part of their family.

If they see us mocking or placing blocks of stumbling and not honoring the word of God then there is no reason they should take us with them. Jesus is just a name used in vain to gain what we want.

When the Roman Catholics finally came around to commit themselves to Christ they did so half-heartedly,  they did not recant her wickedness. They made excuses for her and allowed her to be dysfunctional. Only the devil needed her to survive no it is over and we need to complete the one world order.

Jesus is coming back and we need to get peace into the middle east and get all the armies of the world to gather into the field called Armageddon.

Whose with me?

Brother Abel (Benjamin)

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