Why doesn’t G-d give us more evidence of his existence?

This topic was the subject line of a recent email, and I wanted to respond by placing this post on the matter. HIS evidence is all around us of HIS existence. He is about to in a very big way reveal Himself to us all.  The story of what happened in heaven is laid out in the nations along with the people groups we are confronted with in these last days. By the time you finish this, you may become Born Again many are praying that you will.

The fulfillment of prophecy is a clear indicator that HE is in control and knows what is happening. With the rising of the White Horse given a crown and a bow without arrows in Revelation 6 ties nicely into the man in Daniel 8:23, they are the same and both Kings. King’s do not necessarily have to be from Earth; this one certainly isn’t he has been given an intimate knowledge of the King of Kings through the understanding of dark sentences.

Dark sentences are spoken to hide it from the wicked, such as Genesis 15:13-14, or claiming that it is wonderful to destroy mighty and holy people, not unless they are evil than wonderfully fits nicely into Daniel 8:24. That is the interpretation of that dark sentence. In Genesis 15:13-14 G-d is pointing where we should be looking without telling us that’s what HE is doing.

The son of G-d is no one's pet and HE will not be mocked.
The son of G-d is no one’s pet and HE will not be mocked. We now can complete the new world order we have the capstone.
Actions speak louder than words.
To complete the unfinsihed pyramid in Egypt the capstone  began by the fallen angels not ancient aliens,  Satan’s new world order can now be completed.

When G-d starts delivering through me billions of dollars to bring in the harvest and hands it to the Christians, it fulfills the final prophecy of a man coming to bring judgment to the wicked. The wicked are clueless that their leader is coming in the same way Christ came. Christ began at the bottom of the society to be lifted to sit at HIS Father’s right hand.

G-d tells him to take a seat by HIS side until he places his enemies under HIS Son’s feet. That can only mean one thing if Heaven is G-d’s throne and the Earth is HIS footstool Father and Son sit face to face Psalm 110:1.

The Spirit was in Christ fully HE was spared not the spirit of G-d for HE was G-d in the flesh. In heaven, the Spirit of the Son / G-d was given a covering adorned with all manner of precious stones a vehicle of transportation to go throughout the congregation as rebellion increased. Many demanded on seeing the Son they were worshiping like many today demanding to see G-d. Lucifer was sent to restore worship and instead divided the kingdoms even further.

The wicked asked him to lead, and he was more than happy to comply because of his size and beauty he did not begin it, no more than I began it here on Earth. They felt together they could take the kingdom of heaven by force, and deny the Son HIS position. Because the Pope / Lucifer was bigger than the rest of them, they got behind him and tried to take over the kingdom of heaven and not honor any of the Son’s teachings.

In man G-d places HIS Spirit when we become Born Again, in the wilderness the Ark was symbolic of the Son, who was the Ark of G-d’s Spirit, Jesus was fully G-d and man, it was the reason the wilderness Ark was covered in gold. The High Priest is covered with the ephod containing the same stones that we find on Lucifer in heaven. G-d has replaced him and the others with us the dust of the ground.

We are doing the same thing as what happened in heaven; the wicked go after the big bling the Pope, who uses the name of Christ in vain and denies all the Son’s teachings. His followers champion him by protecting his position and destroying G-d’s original intent for the Son. Saying they are for pro-life is but a poor joke in the underworld. One good thing wipes away thousands of years of persecution??? I see no repentance among any of them or the ministers of light they have made, blind guides all of them.

The preterists they turned out are getting by on their delusions and phony grace. Denying the truth that sets men free, the rapture will occur because it is the opposite undertaking of what happened in heaven. This time, the righteous leave and the wicked remain with the big bling and their appointed leader the Pope, who like Lucifer will be stripped of all their stones because that’s who he represents in the story if you protect them you belong to them.

Jesus and HIS Father set aside their 3.5 years to finish the harvest. Again they come to the bottom and choose their leader who will drive the most souls to the true Christ of Scripture. This King with no arrows and understanding dark sentences is given what Lucifer was given in heaven the Spirit to carry, he is Benjamin to Jesus’ s Joseph to complete the 3.5 years they set aside.

He too is covered in Gold like the Ark in the wilderness only he does not follow the ecumenical group who have joined forces to take the kingdom by force. Headed up by the Jesuit demonic forces led by the Pope. Instead, he hands the wealth to the true believers and divides the nations the way G-d want’s it. Then when his time is up, and the peace agreement signed we go home. Then the world will have a leader with a head injury that says volumes about what kind of leader they deserve, brain damaged.

The enemy wrestled for Moses body because he needed one and it was after the Exodus so we can be sure that the last leader will be of G-d’s people. He will have great wisdom and knowledge of G-d’s word because of who he carries. Like Lucifer in Heaven and the Ark in the earth he will be extremely wealthy because of who he carries.

So when talking with him don’t be like the rebellious angels who turned Lucifer against G-d be more supportive because he is carrying the truth which is valued well over 700 billion dollars. It is G-d’s way of saying look where I am and what I can do. It is an adulteress generation who seeks after signs and wonders. The devil can do many things that imitate the gifts what he cannot do is tell you the truth about your need for Christ, a message that needs to be heard. If emotions take over, we end up missing the important bits and isolate many people from the salvation that was meant to be had by all. What good is being Pentecostal if you have no understanding and lack any discernment its just another term.

I am here to set the captives free and bless the body of Christ with the wealth of the world. I will have to come up against wicked men and phony holy people who have been transformed into agents of light who do not want you to have your Jubilee and set your families free to be ready for resurrection. They are not ready for resurrection if they champion the harlot which G-d makes it clear that she is by handing the wealth of the world to a truck driver working for “Land Air Express”, whose name also translated means Beautiful place divinely given I might add.

They believe money like this in the hands of Protestants would be bad for the world. The wicked men of the world have always pointed to the good and called the good evil Protestants throughout History were called antichrist’s by the Catholic Church and how convenient for them, Distortion of truth is their specialty, hiding Jesus even more so. They do not teach nor emphasize being Born Again, but hey they are pro-life, and that makes it all better. May all the Nuns children turn out to be Bishops and Arch Bishops.

They now need us to defend them against the beast they made, sure start by repenting and admitting you are lost and need Christ of the Scripture and not your delusional pagan Jesus, who embraces idolatry and kills leaders to place in leaders that suit them. Case in point Obama!

I am the new light bearer, and Jesus lives here to complete HIS other half. I am the horse HE is the rider, and we have access to 700 billion dollars to give to Christians, someone needs a peace plan, and we have one.

If you have not given your life to Christ, I urge you to do it today the time is short follow the outline on my get out of jail free card. Invite Jesus into your heart and find a good Bible believing non-Ecumenical church that adheres to the word of G-d. Keep in mind G-d is spirit, and HE desires to be worshiped in spirit and in truth.






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