Who determines what’s fake and what’s real news?

I am one who says let’s tell the world about the good news Jesus is coming back. Though I am not very well accepted by the new world order builders or even my own brethren. My idea of the new world order screams Jesus and prepare the way.

I came excited to lift Jesus and thought many would be happy at the discovery that supports an intelligent creator who loves us.  The political and economical part of the church dismissed the truth.   Some said pyramids would confuse people, get rid of those lamps Bobby,  I don’t want them. Don’t speak of this in my church but you’re welcome to stay.

Don’t get angry it ruins your testimony, your causing strife among our Catholic friends who follow their priesthood that began 270 years after Jesus ended the need for them.

Darkness want’s someone who will not open the word of G-d or lift up Jesus and truth.  If I don’t jump high enough or flap my arms fast enough I can’t possibly be the one.  So now we have flat earther’s springing up. While the non-believers build their new world order that will re-educate them as to why the earth is round and that G-d is a myth.   All the while there is this effigy of the Son of G-d hidden in Egypt under 400 years of bondage not being lifted.  HIS name is not being praised by millions of more newly saved individuals who we could have shown what is coming compliments of Rome and their need to be the only church even if it is all a lie supported by the ecumenical members.

The men of G-d I went to easily dismissed me,  not wanting to understand any of the crop images and the reason for them.  I am as Sampson only with a haircut before my first fight,  the sweet was in the Lion but know one will know except for a small handful of us. Rome doesn’t know what they are,  so as good puppets neither do their ministers in our Protestant churches. So the priesthood and their black ops puppets spread lies how aliens or men made them.     The world want’s a leader who won’t point to Jesus and demand repentance of the clergy and false priests pretending to know G-d.  Keeping the word closed has always been in their best interest especially when you hold the most wealth in the markets that profit in weapons of war and technologies.

They (ROME, NASA, NAZI’s) don’t want you to know the peace G-d want’s you to know they see no profit in it. Because they are not “Born Again”  and they don’t believe.  If only some of us could rise from the bottom to the top to reinforce the hand of G-d.

The world wants leaders who won’t point to Jesus and demand repentance of them but still, bring peace to the middle east.  I suggested as G-d revealed in some of the circles we flood the markets with our Kings who will give HIM glory and hand those Kings the wealth held by the bank of England for the Church to aid the suffering and provide a Christian peace plan has still not gone viral.

G-d has given you the last Trump… G-d owns the dealership and HE can choose the cars and steer them to deliver or to punish.  HE wanted you to love your family friends and acquaintances to love their eternal souls. Mankind had families blood relatives,   the angels only had acquaintances who they let fall to the dark side and shall always remain in torment.

Is the protest really over or is that fake news?

Brother Abel.




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