What to Look Forward to in 2018

With the increased consumption of fuel oil to heat our beloved American homes this winter a certain faction that rules over us and hates our Protestant lifestyle sees a need to curb our consumption. The same spirit in them seeks to have those weapons point towards the return of Christ who is at the door.

War is profit for those who invest heavily into the military-industrial complex.  Seeing how most of that money is belonging to the RCC invested through the Rothschild’s bank it is they who have taken over our politics and forced our country into war after war.  It is the Roman way of conquering. While Jesus seeks to conquer with word and love, not violence.  They are pretending to be our friends in Christ they are liars and know not the G-d of Israel.

The end of sacrifice came when Jesus cried out it was finished and he sealed the fate of the priesthood.  Turning those of us who came to him into Royalty.  He calls us a Royal priesthood everyone who calls on his name. You need to inspect Jesus to have that calling

The wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted (Psalm 12:8). We can see why G-d needs to put an end to it.

When you own all the horses in the race! Expect evil to have a hand in it. There is no Democrat-Republican there is only the Vatican. Fear of their wrath and weapons.  Agents of darkness protecting mother Church.  There would not be a priesthood if they knew Jesus. We are not too consider ourselves better than another. Don’t seek to take the high seats in high places for you will be embarrassed when G-d seeks to honor another and you are asked to leave the seat you sat in. That’s why there are ten Kings and G-d puts it on the heart of them to choose one. to give the power too. I still may not be it and that’s OK it’s like playing hot potato.

What good is all that military equipment if it has no fuel to operate with?  So it means quietly and decisively removing a certain percentage of the population. How will they do it? Maybe more false flag scenarios to install more enforcement or just keep sending drugs into our streets killing our children or sending them to more wars they started? Just as they are doing in Ohio.

Right under the German people noses, they were euthanizing Jews and political dissidents for years it went unnoticed by their people.   The demons have gotten a little smarter by getting the clergy to protect them…They’re for pro-life?!?

It is common knowledge that our military fighting overseas was also used to protect the heroin poppy fields of Afghanistan.


I know a pastor who plays a dangerous game of human psychology which fails the wisdom of G-d. I had no hand in building the symbols of the battle and it is not I who needs the peace plan.   So I can be patient,  he thinks I will burst out with some dramatic pentecostal outburst when it is he and his kind who need the peace plan.  How can one say they are Christian when they lift up the vilest among you? G-d wants you to pray for your leaders but it would be better if the leaders you picked really prayed not played to gain a vote.

Creating order from the chaos they created the chaos and so now the demons will begin to make you all feel at ease as their political installs all back off to warrant a feel-good moment. I came to bring you real peace it is obviously unwelcome and unwanted.

I want to lift Jesus and my site does just that.   It reveals the truth about what is going on. G-d rejoices in the truth so if one really has the HOLY SPIRIT would he not be wanting to lift G-d’s SON out of the dirt and rejoice with HIM? If G-d sends me to hell after finding what he meant for me to find wouldn’t HE continue to have a rebellion from the saints as he is now?

A light bearer in heaven could not do the things the Pentecostals do.  G-d requires balance and a just weight( Proverbs 11:1).  Pentecostal’s  consider themselves more spiritual but when it comes to protecting the harlot and pagan ideals they do just that,  they love the NWO  translations opening the word of G-d to the world in crop circles is foolish for many of them even though G-d made them especially with a KJV by one’s side.  They would be out of work if they opened the word to everyone and wouldn’t that be nice?  The thought of (Rome) Catholic’s now owning America makes some of them very happy only for G-d it makes them traitors of the kingdom.  Still living in darkness they still have no idea what is going on. Idol’s will not win the Jews to Jesus and HE is wanting to do just that!

A united church void of idols will win the Jews to Jesus.

The following man lived not more than sixty years ago he drank and sang songs and made love to his wife but he was still a monster.  G-d looks into the heart, not on the outward appearance of man. Forgetting the past is not what G-d has asked of us,  we are to be aware and be watchman.

Free will does not become robotic when you die so the odds of rebellion happening in heaven again is clearly there.  I can see it happening in the church now. So we should never forget and never come this way again.

Until every demon is dealt with our Churches and the Kingdom will not be safe.

What’s God’s Sons honor worth to you?

I seek to lift up Jesus as directed by HIM not by a man who has already chosen to betray him.  If I give in am I any better than him?

Whom do you say that I am?

Brother Abel.

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