We will all do this before the resurrection or stay for the tribulation guaranteed.

Confess our sins, and only under the anointing of G-d’s Holy Spirit, will we be able also to admit that G-d’s Honor is worth the world.  Jesus said,  “If I am lifted up I will draw all men, unto me.”  and that is what we are going to do. We are going to lift Jesus up and place his man in position, not the Devils first; he wants power we will show him power.

Every Christian will pay off their existing debt while having enough to help their communities.  You are coming out of the world and working for Jesus,  freeing up the private sector. Satan and his minions who built the insult and started their new world order over 6000 plus years ago saying the SON of G-d was unnecessary for a society to exist.  We can now afford to help them finish it.  It was fallen angels,  not ancient aliens that started this.

First we had to get him to free up some of his wealth so that we could.  I tell you in the last post how Father and the angels managed it.  It came out of the Vatican’s Rothschild’s bank, it says a lot doesn’t it.  Maybe enough to set their captives free in time for resurrection. All this undertaking will be bringing Glory to the true G-d of the Bible HIS name is Jesus Christ.

Pick an emblem for your new car or church van…Let the world know the hour.


They powers of darkness and the minions around us will never admit that G-d’s Honor or HIS Son’s honor is worth the World.  Demons are not going to come forward and say it was them who built it. Notice that one of them has always been missing its capstone?

The Son of G-d is no one's pet.
The Son of G-d is no one’s pet. G-d said to  Abraham know for a surety that your descendants will be slaves in a foreign land 400 years. Genesis 15:13-14.   Lord why will you make my children slaves?  They will be doing operation coverup, he will be hiding his sin that will undo him when Bobby finds out.

Because I’m slicks ride, there is no doubting that the sphinx  is the effigy of G-d’s Son laying out there. He told me all my life I would be nobody,  and Father made me the winner.

Look we now have the top to put on it!

Actions speak louder than words.
THE FAMOUS MISSING CAPSTONE! SURPRISE! Our 700 billion dollars and that is only 1/3rd of it.

Confessing that the Son of G-d’s Honor is worth the world is the key to revival.
That’s the beauty of it all brothers and sisters.   It will be easier for us to weed out of our churches the wicked,  so we can have a bride without spot or blemish.  

Below added help is coming they have been watching you,  they are convinced they can do your job better than you and we need to move fast.


Jesus drives me first, and that is why I get covered with the gold to give to you. I’m the horse HE is the rider.  It is HIS plan to do on Earth as it was in heaven.  I’m the new light bearer but I still have my free will just as he had and I trust no one, too many leaning the wrong way and protecting the church this was taken from. To win the world to Jesus in time for rapture,  I am not compromising,  like the enemy did in heaven taking a third with him I want to be Jesus’s friend forever.

We will control all aspects of the media.  The enemy said he was going to overthrow heaven and knock G-d off HIS throne.  G-d told me that HE wants us to make this look as much like heaven as possible. With HIS banners and HIS houses of worship uniform as to eliminate confusion to the lost,  it is all part of getting your share of the wealth, and you will honor HIM JESUS. While giving the enemy a sense that he won.  It will all look just like heaven.

House of EL or the House of G-d

The Banner for the House of G-d
The Banner for the house of G-d. 21 is G-d’s number Psalm 21:11 big revelation. 
777 makes up the stargate like insignia here. Each point is on the 888 of the twenty and four scrolls that surround the 777. First elder around the throne ABEL.
House of Abel G-d has sent him to turn it the way it should be.
House of Abel G-d has sent him to turn it the way it should be. Give the creature the right peace plan. it points to my birthdate, John 3:16 and Genesis 4:4 Revelation 4:4  Psalm 75:2.
To be given to our veterans who are warriors and heros of America. It is the house of Michael.
To be given to our veterans who are warriors and heroes of America. It represents the house of Michael.
House of learning wisdom and instruction.

We are preparing for the return of Jesus; it means preparing the bride, and every bride needs some jewelry and rehearsal time that is how I am bringing peace to the middle east. The old fashioned way was marrying and giving in marriage.  Jesus tells us that is what he expects before the end. Isaiah 54:8-9.

Every Born again Christian as of 2012 will receive personally 1 million in Jubilee money to pay down debts and help your community in the name of Jesus.

There is a brother in Christ who feels you should not have the windows of heaven opened to you. Another who has cheapened G-d’s Son’s honor by thinking that G-d would take away from me and give my anointing to another which would defeat the reason he gave it to me in the first place.  I was raised to know I am a child of G-d and never could be one. I am not Benny Hinn he is a charlatan who says he is a god; that is heretical that is how this all began,  it is a doctrine of demons.  A belief like that makes the do not fly list and places him in the stay and fry list.

Upon finding what was in Egypt G-d physically tagged me “it.”  In the game of tag, it is your turn to tag another.  I am going to tag the man who will carry the spirit of Elijah as I am the avatar for Abel.  This person will remain as one of the two witnesses in the last days.  The church will be gone, and the wicked left behind.

The individual I tag will learn a lesson in discernment they will understand what it has been like for me these last six years being ignored and not listened to.  After handing confirmation after confirmation, to others that I am from the Kingdom of G-d.  I am who I am, and I am loved by G-d just as I am.

If you want Benny Hinn, he will be doing his show in the tribulation be sure and look him up. The person I tag will be by my side when I sign the peace agreement and get another head wound; this is the last time.   A double portion of my anointing will be given to my choice, and they will sing like a canary the praises of G-d, while no one listens and ignores them.  A little taste of what it was like for me.  He will be warning them I am not the same person that another has taken over don’t take the mark join the Christians who left who went home to celebrate and there is cake and ice cream.  He will stress that they have no way to keep ice cream in hell.  He will cry for every soul he touches. The ones he could have won when he had the chance.  It may sound terrible but hey you get to be at the most famous event of all time now that’s pretty cool. I haven’t chosen yet, but I do have someone in mind.

Our hour is coming rejoice again I say rejoice.

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