Get out of Jail Free

We are in prison placed here by rebellion and doubt.  The whole purpose of man is to glorify G-d and to enjoy HIS presence.  G-d created man and that He created him for His glory  Isaiah 43:7,   Psalm 100:2–3 we are about to receive our pardon and be taken to our eternal home. Where there will be no more pain or suffering that we choose to be a family that honors Kingdom principles.

In our fallen state, sin separates us from G-d and makes it impossible to glorify Him on our own. But through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, our relationship with G-d is reconciled—our sin is forgiven and no longer creates a barrier between G-d and us… Romans 3:23–24.

A new light bearer who was raised to know he could never be a god has been chosen to divide the kingdoms. Unlike the last one,  he won’t compromise and the lost will see themselves as lost.  Darkness was behind the deed and will not confess that G-d’s Honor is worth the World or admit that the effigy of the Lion is the Son sitting in Egypt.  Even if it wasn’t the Son, the statement rings true.   The evidence for supporting it as his effigy is overwhelming.  Jesus said he would lift me up by giving me what the NWO elites need peace in the middle east.  Because it is HIM and he honors those who honor HIM.

I can’t help it if the only peace plan I know is bringing others to Jesus.  The good news is we will complete the NWO he began before man arrived.  Let’s make it as much like heaven as we can and give him that overwhelming satisfaction that he conquered the throne of G-d.

The first puzzle had to be solved before solving the others. Need peace,  we have a plan one that will work.



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