We Showed Him Who’s Boss.

He thought he could just come in and slay a dragon and set captives free by opening the word of God to the world and telling us Jesus has a value that’s worth the world.

Letting us know Christ is at the door.

LOL, what a maroon.

We showed him with our awesome powers of discernment. Until he does what we want, we’ll keep him stomping his feet and slamming doors.

The devil made it quite clear to Jesus that Jesus would have to bow to him to get the world’s kingdoms.

I want to make this perfectly clear I’m not Jesus; I’m even unworthy to be doing what I am doing, but it has to be done.

Jesus wouldn’t bow, and I love others enough not to bow either, and HE is the heir of all that we see.

Daniel 4:17 KJV
(17)  This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

Yet they keep testing me with their praise of the Roman Church, whom we know is responsible for keeping the word of God away from all those pregnant out-of-wedlock mothers who seek abortions and the boys who slept with them,  who have no moral compass or fear of God because the Church of Rome has none either.

They control the word,  I control the peace plan and help it along by opening the word.

Left behind for the gallows they built is the price for hiding the word of God and pretending to have the HOLY SPIRIT. Their atrocities towards children are insurmountable. They are not someone you want to stand with in defense of the gospel; they do not know the full gospel. Their rock is not as our ROCK; even our enemies will agree.

On the testimony of two or more.




Matthew 23:23 KJV
(23)  Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.

Faith is not being able to shout the loudest, praise the loudest or jump the highest.

Can we or I overlook the trauma caused to these children because they are, after all, Pro-life?

If they were pro-life, they would be opening the word of God up and teaching it with enthusiasm; they don’t understand the word, so that is why they placed Obama in the Whitehouse. They need to teach what I teach, explaining how we are to all become priests inspecting the sacrifice ourselves. They need to repent for having stolen the keys, hiding the word so demons could have free reign.

Clang Clang with the bell, I hear that resounding Gong!!!!

How can people who were taught by Jesuits destroy good solid ministries? Well, it’s the demonic doctrine that moves in the Protestant churches that causes strife by accusing others of not being loving to their church and claiming that you don’t understand. Making you feel like you are the one lacking true spiritual knowledge or love.

It’s a lie they are just trying to control the burn from it reaching all the lost.

Mother Church, is she the woman who rides the beast? Mother Church, a mother, is a woman. The woman who rides the beast is also the beast’s very image making his new world order. Got all his stones back took all the nations; now, he needs the light he once had to complete it.

He wants his precious…Well if Tolkien hadn’t gone to the dark side to get his inspiration from the Norse god Oden,  I could help you with that.

As long as you think darkness and light can coexist, there will be no peace. In this life or the life to come if America had been heaven?

Preterism is one of theirs at the time of the Counter-Reformation, the Jesuit Luis de Alcasar wrote a prominent preterist exposition of prophecy. Moses Stuart noted in 1845 that Alcasar’s preterist interpretation advantaged the Roman Catholic Church during its arguments with Protestants, and Kenneth Newport in an eschatological commentary in 2000 described preterism as a Catholic defense against the Protestant historicist view which identified the Roman Catholic Church as a persecuting apostasy.

But it is a persecuting apostasy! Guess who will see it in the tribulation?

It’s one of the reasons we show you a planchette that is moved by demonic forces, and on it is a Mitre hat worn by Catholic ministers who have not been “Born Again” John 3:3, so it’s easy for demons to move them and because they have self-appointed power (continuing a defacto priesthood) they tickle each other’s ears you follow them because of their positions of power not given to them by God at least not my ROCK. Still, you do not know that, so you blindly follow.

Demonic forces give the planchette motion.

The college of Cardinals (unbiblical) vote to elect a new Pope. The people and God has no say in the process as they blow smoke in our faces.

In some cultures, that’s an insult.

I remember God choosing his leaders another way.

Handwriting on the wall, an interpreter of dreams,  a Prophet like Samuel, the list is endless.  Cats love to eat fish,  smoked Salmon, mmm, Good.

Jesuits are moved to destroy churches and cause others to embrace their Jezebel-like church; you can say you are not a Jesuit by reason of not being part of the actual brotherhood one does not have to say the oath. However, if you teach their doctrines and embrace their beliefs, then go around causing division. Your burn is controlled and will not start great fires and that’s what the demons are hoping for.

Alberto (The Crusaders Book 12)

Alberto (The Crusaders Book 12)

Genre: Crusaders
Tag: Crusaders

Full color comic book.
As a Jesuit, Alberto helped destroy churches and ministries. But as he read the Scriptures, he saw that Catholicism couldn't save. This is the emotional story of a Jesuit priest who left the Catholic Church and found salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone. He became a hunted man, because he knew the carefully guarded secrets of the Vatican.

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I do so miss my Christian Teaching and Worship Center; there was a minister there who would have brought Boston to its knees; had he been lifted,  it’s clear the devil follows me to destroy that kind of work. The state took the man to court because he honored the word of God when it came to raising his son.

They are so quick to keep me from

telling the truth.

They want me to compromise and do the Vatican two power gifts that have made the word of God less important than the gifts.

Then there was the killing of John F. Kennedy thanks to C.S. Lewis, who Father had taken home on the same day so we can know who was behind it.  No mystery for God C.S. Lewis was 64 on the day Kennedy died Psalm 64:1-10.

Kennedy was killed on a road that looked like a Pyramid it was to send a signal to his minions and a reminder of the first killing he did at a Pyramid that if they do not bow to him he will have them removed and they will have to start at the beginning again. Do not pass go do not collect position of power.

Those who did get to be POTUS got to watch the Zapruder film in private with confessions that it can happen to you we replace your security detail with one of our own just as we did that day. Don’t forget we have guns now pointed at your family!


Lyndon B. Johnson became the 36 (666) President of the United States sworn in not on a Protestant Bible or Bible at all,  but a delusional Missal that replaces God’s word in the education of people.  How is it not demonic? They used Johnson to escalate the war and profit with their holdings in the war machine as they sent our children to get drunk on their blood.

My beloved brother in the LORD David Recupero was taken home 37 days after September 9/11 confirmed like Kennedy with C.S. Lewis Psalm 64:1-10. We know who is behind it. Jezebel and her priesthood, it’s like having two or more witnesses.  Psalm 37:1-40

Then there is Daniel 4:17, which tells us the devil is a liar.  The kingdoms of the earth clearly never belonged to him, to begin with. He stole America from the “Christians” who compromised their faith for peace, and as they did, they surrendered their true power to the god of this world. Thus losing the peace and freedom in Christ that America once had.

The Jewish people are where the focus of Christ’s love in us should have been directed. Anything that would keep them from coming to know Christ comes out of the pit of hell.

Catholicism is Antisemitic! The idols and the queen of heaven should have clued you in.


Is the HOLY SPIRIT on their side, or is HE on mine?

If the thieves and mockers of God’s Jewish priesthood had not taken and hidden the word from the world and killed Protestants and others who carried the word and knew Christ in their hearts, then the Pope would not be kissing a Koran. There would be no Koran; there would be no Pope. They had possession of the scriptures 300 years before Muhammed came.

Testimony Blown
The inquisition killed many Bible-believing Protestants. Now they don’t know how to get peace to Islam. The woman rides the beast.

“Every time we give up a part of our faith…To try and fit into the ways of the world. We lose it forever. WE lose a precious part of God’s promise. Sacrificed to the world and the world will never give it back and someday when the world tells us we can no longer have our religion accept where they say and God is driven from our schools, and our government, and our homes. Then God’s people can look back and know that our religion was not taken from us. It was given up handed over bit by bit until there was nothing left” Robert Sayers Sheffey (July 4, 1820 – August 30, 1902)

This is what a priesthood of Satan has built for the world. Jesuits and Catholic Priests need to understand Jesus ended the need for the priesthood’s purpose at the cross.


Hey, the Mormons brought back the Aaronic Priesthood nothing like denying the finished work of Christ and the purpose the temple was destroyed. Destroyed by the one who said he would make the SON of God his pet!

Christians should know that as well, and why don’t they?



I should have added to the below image the words “I did my communion,” Psalm 56:1-2.   “I did my confirmation; I confessed my sins to a priest.”  Yeah, but you left the church the same way you went in,  still lost.  Was the priest a diddler? If you knew God wanted you to be a priest 1 Peter 2:9, you wouldn’t need to go to another other than the final high priest.  Most of us who found Christ know that we would have died separated from HIM had we stayed. The key phrase is, do you know HIM?

Would HE like us to have idols and anything prayed to other than HIS FATHER in HIS NAME?

It’s time for MRS. B. Eagle to get her shots or open her eyes.

Do you really want me to bow to the image of the beast? What kind of friend are you?

We know in heaven he the beast was covered with all those precious stones and lost his light and stones when he was thrown out of heaven. he thought he could place his rebellious angels into positions of power in heaven without honoring the SON of God alone. He now has all his stones back has his people are in positions of power, but he needs the Precious light back, Well I agree with his minions from the AG church God does not need money for revival. What they need is truth.

If we can give them that along with food and clothes, we may win a soul or two or three or a million.

YUP, you sure showed me.

Tough question for Catholics and Greek Orthodox people, how many HOLY FATHERS are there in heaven? God says he will not share his glory with another, Jesus said to call no man father and he called his FATHER,  HOLY FATHER but once.  Said so often that the world does not see there is only ONE!

I see a lot of burning men coming not just me. Thanks for the vote of confidence in God and HIS plan. You were looking for God’s justice coming from the top of the hill? How is that being like the most high God who started in a manger?

So the bad man at bottom of the hill must become the bad man at top of the hill, which means someone has to be lifted up for another to get there.

Right now, I am not a bad man, so what can happen on the journey? The apostates will see they are the ones being left behind because of the evil they brought into America by forcing us to compromise our values and embrace the things that keep Israel from knowing Jesus?

A covering is to protect the kingdom of God from the wicked getting in without Jesus’s blood atonement.

As soon as I started showing the crop circles to ministers they began attacking me, then they started bringing in the sick like I was to be a god or something?  They have never once seen the value of Jesus or understood what is needed to be done. It’s not having me bow to the image of the beast, that’s for sure.

I fit into my own shoes nicely, thank you very much.  I do not need to be wearing somebody else’s. Some don’t like the word opened without their control, nor do they want the truth revealed.

They want signs, but God has sent hundreds of signs in that evil land of the Protestant England.

I can’t take away the Pope’s kids or his leadership’s children to change hearts as Moses did before the Exodus, so you leave me with few choices.  I can use the tools God sent me to build his house using the word as it was meant to be built.

I know a few Jesuit taught teachers that embrace them,  who have children.  I can go there if it brings repentance. A curse without a cause shall not come, and the cause is repentance from the mockers and liars who steal a Whitehouse for 700 billion dollars to place a false Messiah to the middle east because they do not know the real one.

They have been destroying America to bring peace to the Middle East???

Look how many ran to falsely accuse Islam of the twin towers.

I will not be doing anything falsely supernatural that came into the church after Vatican two to make Ecumenicism what it is today, truly an apostasy, with its false signs and wonders.  Just so you are aware I have never seen an apparition of Mary because I guard my heart against demonic dogmas.  If I did do his fake gifts I would be bowing to the wrong one, wouldn’t I?

Why doesn’t the Pope heal the way so many expect it of me?

Why isn’t he slaying in the spirit like Benny Hinn?

God does turn his back on those who turned their back on him, so tell me again how idols and restored priesthoods with counter-reformation with Jesuit doctrines (preterism being one) are Christian? Let’s not forget Mary and the idols in the path of Abraham’s descendants, both Jewish and Muslims?

I’m not a leader; I am a follower of Jesus. To the angels, Abel was hope.

The word is first followed by signs and wonders confirming the word, not the other way around.


Brother Abel.

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