There is a Real Matrix and Agent Smith’s

The crop circle below was done by our Heavenly Father to reveal the truth that there is only one door that leads to heaven.

Jesus said HE was the only way to get back into heaven. The numbers of the doors point to a verse that asks the question, the ceiling answers, and in the design, we find an Oracle, Zion, and who will leave Earth for Heaven.

They stole the keys and locked the doors, and no one enters into heaven because they do not know the way, or Christ. Jesus finished HIS work and ended the purpose of the priesthood in 33 AD, and in 70 AD, Satan took his Romans and destroyed the temple in a fit of anger at the loss of souls. He had to get a handle on it and who better to serve him than those who always had. Ceaser worship is not Jesus worship, and the Emporer wears new clothes.

The hall of doors they are holding all the keys and no one is getting into heaven who follows them.

The Dragon found people who love him.

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Guess who was calling America the great Satan before Muslims???

But they’re for pro-life, HO, HO, HO!

You Peel More Shrimp, then we promote you to Garlic, forget about that Protestant Jesus, you Catholic Now.

Still don’t want to repent? They did that here in America destroyed our way of life because they were jealous of our relationship to God, and that is why we cannot allow them into heaven.

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Brother Abel