Setting Prisoners Free

It is amazing how many put up a fight to go to hell, the image is taken from my Wordfence Fire Wall, I can’t say enough of how appreciative I am of this. It is expensive but well worth the investment for the protection it offers.  It’s not quite as good of a protector as the blood of Christ but it will get you to the blood. I have WordFence on all the sites. It reveals what countries cannot see my website because malicious demons keep slamming it with their ignorance. That is no way to get your peace plan or temple built for your master.  Those who hate truth hate God. What you are seeing is normal for the sites this is in just one day.

What Happened to Free Speech??

My firewall places up a block to keep the bad people from getting at my site they do it knowing the firewall will go up.  So they create robots that keep slamming my website knowing it will keep his captives in his church.

Who let the dogs out ?!?

Good people are kept from finding my website,  so anyone traveling on the IP will not ever get to the site to subscribe or to join. The crop circles are meant for the world so that the word of God whom the Catholics kept away from everyone would find their way into the hearts of those seeking God.  Poland does not want to hear about the Jesus of scripture they like being treated like dogs by their priests. Those who are blocked by my firewall who want to help others be set free good news this protection has a back door, we can place a cookie that has real value in their web browser so no matter what country they go to that is blocked they will always get in through the freedom cookie a real cookie that saves by getting the truth to you!

To get a freedom cookie set on your PC you will need to be a member of any one of the seven websites fill out all the information on the form provided you.  With a number to your Pastoral reference who will vouch you are a Christian soldier in good standing and not an ecumenical quisling who is not making the journey out.

Why is what I am showing you important or relative to today? Because in my last post what I said was true,  the Jesuits have made it their goal to put all things under the headship of Rome they have locked all the doors so that many will be left in the tribulation with their dragon and what the offspring birthed from China will be Communism with a Catholic twist.

No more freedom to worship the true son of God so why let it continue?  Pentecostal did not care about the world or the Church or they would not have danced with the devil and they do have to pay the fiddler.

Rome and her political puppets throughout the ages are responsible for the uprising of the Communist Party in Russia, the Nazis in Germany, and now the violence in America they ruin all Governments so is it any wonder they are not coming in the resurrection? As you can see they are doing the same to America while their hospitals have us sit quitely away from assembling together then next will be free speech while we wear our masks and listen to their lies of how wonderful their people are in this time of crisis. ( All the Catholic Hospitals)

Jesuit World Conquest Map
Catholic Jesuit world conquest map.

It was while doing the appointed times list The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 that led me to Psalm 37:35

Yeah, I know but hey they laughed at Noah. Our technology has revealed that Earth is surrounded by an Armada of Angels waiting to bring us home and leave Rome to their devices.  They should read the book of Esther because they are Haman in this one as is their followers there is no safety in numbers. You can profess the name of Jesus all you want and still hear away from me I never knew you.

Noah’s people lived over 900 years guess how many there were when the flood hit? 900 years times child every nine months you get to see your 8th generational Grandmother only eight were saved I would like to see more people saved now that we can see the truth in 2020 only through Christ is it possible.

Jesuits have been destroying things since they were founded to attack and kill all things Protestant that would not submit to Rome, so the word of God did not go forth as it should have they stooped it in its tracks and the result was Islam. Now they are being left behind to the world they created. Note the Chinese internment camps and education centers are filled with Muslims, soon it will be Muslims,  Protestants, and those who want to stand up and for and defend America. Agent Smith and his cohorts have been busy calling America the great Satan. These people cannot tell what is good and what is evil. That is because the Holy Spirit is not in them to help them distinguish the difference.

I doubt that all Pentacoistal’s have HIM as well. In this picture below can you spot the man with the HOLY SPIRIT? He’s the one not smiling!

The blind leading the blind. Did Hillary write any gag laws to silence victims of the church while paying them off?




Brother Abel