The ugliness of deception.

Liars will have their part in the lake of fire Revelation 21:8.

The word tells us that pride goes before a fall.  No one who has been deceived likes to admit it.  When what might appear to be the truth is presented that differs from my own conceptual idea I need to investigate to discover if it is the truth.

I am usually astute in smelling a con; some can be very deceptive such as using the LORD’s name in vain to make it happen.

I place all personal pronouns in references to G-d in capitals as a sign of respect and who it is I am speaking about.  I don’t know if it is right or wrong,  one thing is for certain it does not hurt.

Seeking the truth on a matter will take me weeks to months of praying and searching the scriptures before I receive an answer.   Sometimes HE is very quick. Sometimes I need to dig deeper it helps me to learn more.  When leadership in the church speak,  they do it from a position of authority. I am told by G-d to pray for my leaders and respect their positions,  that it is HE who placed them there. How can one know for sure he is there on G-d’s call and not influenced by the liar himself to keep certain things hidden?

Anyone can call themselves a Christian.  A true man of faith seeks to draw others closer and into a deeper walk with Jesus. To say you know G-d and then make a statement HE had no hand in placing the numbers in the scriptures, says to me you don’t know HIM as well as you think.  Then to claim pyramids will confuse others when I know it is all about the slavery and lies being hidden.  The Bible is the book that reveals G-D’s  greatest treasure and HIS overall plan, and HE want’s us all to know HIM, not just a candid few who claim they alone can interpret Scripture and you should not even try. The word was written for you; it is HIS love letter to those who feel hopeless or abandoned.  It was for me a puzzle to be solved called to be rightly divided.

I could not believe what the population numbers were saying and that all would be harmed by G-d’s enemy there had to be a greater plan in action.  See the video in the post. I know which way the falling away will be.   Your pastor may not have as much faith in G-d as I everyone I hear tell it is out of the Church.

When I know, G-D makes slaves of no one.  All that HE gives us to do is a delight and a pleasure.  When HE says to Abraham in Genesis 15 know for surety your descendants will be in bondage 400 years, it is not G-d who placed them in bondage, and the one who did had an agenda.

In it, he tells us we have an enemy who is also HIS, and he tells us how to deal with him.  So why is this enemy here?  Why make him if G-d knew the end from the beginning?  It again has to do with you.   We are all responsible for each other, and the destruction of America we either paid taxes to make it happen or some are taking from the coffers to support their lazy selves.  These people will be the first the government will seize.

It will go something like this, Hey did you hear about Ed? They came and arrested him today said he was being funded by a terrorist cell group.”, I knew it he had been out of work for years told us it was social security and he was like 35 years old.  Always home playing with the kids driving that nice car for someone not working and that apartment like rents for 800 dollars a month.   You just never know some people,  well he didn’t go to church and helping others was not his M.O.

G-d created another race before us we call them angels HE gave to them more than HE gave to us but knowledge was not one of those items. They had heaven and came to worship the SON in whom G-d delighted in and is acceptable for all to worship and follow.   You see I’m not the king I am only one of ten there are still five waiting to be placed.  Three have been revealed to me. Ten kings give power to one, and he becomes the AntiChrist.  I came to confuse the enemy’s camp as he has been confusing all of us,  he thinks as you think he picks but that is the furthest from the truth he’ll get to play G-d but it will be in a body G-d chooses not him. We are here to win this war and not lose, and one of those kings is my brother whom I love and forgive who set me on the right path.   He wanted G-d’s respect now he can finally have it.  The SON was to the angels the invisible G-d, and if HE was to be made visible, it was going to require all of us.

When it comes to the love of money wicked con men will arise and try to push their inferior wares upon you that are cheap and have no benefit to your eternal soul.  Jesus would never lie or steer you wrong that’s what makes HIM so wonderful,  HIM you can trust.

Those who had an abundance of wealth that was taken from them by the con man Bernie Madoff ended their lives or they found themselves without the lifestyle they had hoped to retire with.  Pride kept them from seeing the truth they did not want to believe this man was fooling them.

This is a far cry from the magician who we know profits from the art of deception and all conmen work the same way it is paying attention to this while he is doing something out of our sight or staged it before we arrived.

With demons, they do the same thing but their brothers are the ones they are deceiving, so if you do not have the HOLY SPIRIT it is to the benefit of the other to hide the HOLY SPIRIT from you and the trick.

The following video shows a man who is clearly using demons to do his magic with.  This is going to cause him an eternal separation from G-d he has friended a demon he has aligned himself with G-d’s enemy. He is slighted for eternal damnation.

The below trick is the former President of the U.S. George Bush once head of the CIA. He was tapped at YALE  long before Kennedy was assassinated. He was in Dallas at the request of the CIA.  He was being set up to be blackmailed and deceived into thinking he had a hand in it and could go to jail as well if it came out about his part in it. How’s that for leverage in the White House?  Keep in mind the POTUS never has guns around his family until he is sworn in.

Behind him is a bluescreen filming of a mission on the international space station when the actual footage plays to the public the green tennis ball becomes a blob of CGI water.

The illusion is in just the last three years the budget total was a little over 54 billion dollars of our tax dollars given to NASA who coincidentally rose up after WWII and assisted by the CIA who came just a little earlier.  Instead of bringing demons and criminals to justice we just let them run freely in America and guess who held the keys that kept the gate open?

In our cold war arms build up the money not used is funneled to the military industrial complex.  Now over 60 years of fooling the country how big do you think it is?  They want you to think it is the Bush family and big oil behind the Nazism of America, but it is not. They were behind it in Germany, and they are behind it here it is the priesthood, and the Jesuits who want to remain on top of their free loading do nothing jobs and appear as men of G-d. The priesthood ended at the cross swallow your pride and be delivered; resurrection happens only once.  Or stay behind for what Jesus called the worst time the world will ever see and who will come to your aid?  The UN is behind it as well.

You must for your own sanity watch the video “The Forbidden Book” and the YouTube video below that reveals the true nature of the Jesuits and it is not serving Christ.

Now as for the flat earthers I can only say I have several questions that need to be answered I say it is poetic language or language written by a man who had no knowledge of such matters.   You will say the words are from G-d I see several translations that changed words that say they are from G-d.   I am under the impression flat earth is to distract us from lifting the SON’s effigy up in Egypt.  My whole theory on the weak gravity that helped the enemy build his structure falls apart under your theory.

If then your theory is correct then I am the one being deceived.  How is it both poles reveal an Aurora as the Sun within the dome sends charged ions to the earth equally?  How is it after the scattering of Babylon the same pigmented people scattered over the earth and developed different traits to protect them from the Sun’s angle and harmful rays? We know that the Chinese in their writing form reveal the creation account and the story of Babylon. In your models you have the SUN go back and forth as if it was on a track on an old LP resetting itself.  Shouldn’t we all have the beauty of the Chinese or the glorious tones of the Black man?  Which brings me to why is it you never see a black man lying on the beach trying to get a tan?

The following crop circles must be investigated to determine if they are man-made by CIA or MI5. If not I will have my answer.

The Copernican model with the SUN becoming as the lake of fire and the demons appearing as bacteria and deadly germs.  Just to give us an idea of the eternal playmates waiting for those who reject Christ.

Angels as seen on NASA videos the people are standing in the sun as it seems to be enlarged like a lake of fire and the members only area only those who come under and are washed in the blood of Christ. The rest are demons not allowed in shaped as parasites.

Again the Copernican model. I called finding G-d in the universe.

The Bible is made up of 66 books, but four of them are special because they reveal G-d’s heart and will the time he came to earth. Found in Matthew, Mark which shows equal sizes and they were both eyewitnesses of the center the largest the gospel of John the one that shines the brightest especially chapter 3 and the tiniest the book of Luke the Dan Rather of the Middle East around 58-63 AD.

Why make me believe the earth is a globe by the curve of the two lines that make up the eye that wants us to see the center numbers stand out?

Same with the one above what’s with the curved lines around a globe is G-d behind this or not? Eight sections point to Psalm 8 if this does not point to creation what does?

To the chief Musician upon Gittith, A Psalm of David. O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens. Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger. When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet: All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field; The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas. O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!
(Psalms 8:1-9)

Let me know which way to go round or flat?

How about we lift up the SON lying in the dirt and point to the second coming HIS way instead of your way? Get rid of the demons in your church ask what is the value of the SON of G-d’s Honor and do you think the world is worth it?  Then let me do the rest and prepare the way for the LORD.

Brother Abel

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