The Relentless Mercy of God.

Audio message to follow, stay tuned, more exciting stuff to come.

Lucifer was thrown out of heaven for wanting to exalt himself above God.  Adam and Eve were told they could be God and lost their deed to the earth giving it back to the one who it was given to in the first place Lucifer. When they were cast out of heaven Lucifer and his angels, they ended up here building all those massive monuments. Everyone asks how did they do it? Gravity was a big factor in it, they had as much time as God has given us,  man has had six thousand years Proverbs 11:1. The other clue is Genesis 6:3 I, for one, did not need to know men were flesh also. He is telling us they took on flesh in the fall and Jesus backs that up by calling Lucifer a murderer from the beginning you cannot murder spirit or end a spirits life this is not the Ghostbusters!

He wanted us to know in Genesis 6:3 someone else had taken on flesh “the second wave of rebellious angels”  so the first ones had to have taken it on as well to build what they built here.  As a man, I know I am flesh, and he did not have to point that out HE did so, so that when Jesus calls Lucifer a murderer from the beginning we can see that is where he learned his superpower which was causing death. People serve Satan out of fear of death, and Christians should not fear death at all.

It seems wanting to be a god is quite the destroyer of everyone’s life when God wants to continue to hold that position for eternity.  I assure you I  am OK with that. I like the old American standard as opposed to the New American Standard, which is a traitors Bible but those who call darkness light would not know that.   When the little gods’ doctrine began showing itself among the Pentecostals, God gave them up to their own devices. The people who advocated such a wicked thing began to reveal the true darkness in their hearts.

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The kissing of one’s hand in the Romish tradition is an admittance of supremacy over you, the kissing of the Pope’s ring is acknowledging him as God’s authority on earth. The Pope and all his in-between intermediators who have not met Christ, nor do they know Jesus ended “THE PURPOSE” of the priesthood that he began. Those who are getting their picture taken with the destroyers of the world and America reveal why they should not enter into heaven. They would do the same in heaven, ignore God’s word.

Dressing in White does not make you Holy. There is one man in this picture who has the HOLY SPIRIT and knows something is wrong with this gathering.

There are TWO holy Fathers in the earth right now. One is Benzyntine Greek Orthodox, who was once big in Russia with the Czars but you can only have one HOLY Father, so the Jesuits went in did their whisper campaigns and incited rebellion against the Orthodox Church creating a Bolshevik Communist uprising.

The same plays out when Osama Bin Laden is being taught by the CIA to fight against Russia. They are planting the seed of terrorism by calling America the great Satan because we were Protestant.

Jesuit World Conquest Map
Catholic Jesuit world conquest map. Psalms 37:35 KJV (35)  I have seen the wicked in great power and spreading himself like a green bay tree.

Odd how the Catholic plot against King James in 1605 still goes on today,  but the gunpowder plot and the downing of the towers have them in common.

This is the same map God is trying to be merciful to you all, but no one wants to listen so many just want POWER!

God reveals the same map a little differently. Every nation darkened one more to go. It is America; the harlot has placed her puppets everyplace else.

Let’s make a good deal; we let the truth and God’s word go forth, then we watch the power of God fall on the church and bring Pentecostals and Rome to their knees.  In Daniel 8:23-24, this is the dark sentence there is nothing wonderful about destroying mighty or holy people unless they are wicked mighty and holy people, then wonderful is a fitting word.

Chinese is a difficult language to master. You may want to be repentant and make it out in the first calling!

That day shall not come to the gathering of ourselves together with Christ until the man of perdition arises, and right now, everybody hates me. I am the lawless one who wants people to love and hug each other, disregard the six-foot rule and take your Bibles to a school in America I can guarantee you your teacher does not want to learn Chinese or find out she is not essential.

Next time you have your mask on close your eyes and listen, it is a place where you see no smiles. You here the pleading of grief and sorrow the begging of forgiveness, and you feel something horrid and scummy brush by you.  Like a honeycomb, it is a chamber that can never be left because you did not want to fly with us. Jesus said it is a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Two thrones one is Holy, one is not. Four angels en-route to send one in the abyss, which has four lines. 2 x 8 = 16 For Luke 16 once one spirit is gone then we have 2 x 7 = Psalm 14:1-7

I have had ordained ministers tell congregations that they will sit on the right-hand side of God?!?  Is God all of a sudden, a Hindu deity with several right arms? Jesus himself said that it was not for HIM to decide but for HIS FATHER IN HEAVEN, who shall sit at his right hand and who will sit on his left. We are seated in heavenly places because we have access to the throne through the atoning work of Christ. Some of us will stand on his right in the day of judgment and the wicked “Catholics” to his left, for they never knew HIM and never came into HIS throne to know that HE ended the priesthood HE began.  But if you want to know which way the father and son sit, it is found in Psalm 110:1-2. However, the Pentacostal Reverand who was educated by traitors to be a traitor says we will all sit on his right hand???? So he must be God? I came with the truth, and he called me a dirtbag. In the image below remember the enemy wanted to take the sides of the NORTH look who we find in the North Ho, Ho, Ho. I found the rest of the fish body it’s head and attached to the head is the goat’s buttocks! Goats on HIS left!

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I asked Father just how Catholic had the Assembly of God’s become, and people who did the finance seminars at the Church left and were replaced by this Reverand and his wife, who came in with the idea of a cookie and baked goods ministry.  So the money that was intended to go into the Church for the Brides dowry is being destroyed by the COVID-19 and people getting money for not doing anything. When you dance with the devil you need to pay the fiddler.

These same Pentecostals who sold out America would destroy heaven along with their Catholic conspirators because they learned nothing about the true nature and power of Christ. Bearing false witness to the Muslims and blaming them for the disaster completely on 911 was unjust without deeper investigation.  The sheep bought the lie, and we lost America to Rome.

Nehemiah simply read the WORD, and revival began among the Hebrews at the reading of the LAW as they remembered the relationship God forged with them. It was not spiritual Israel that was scattered around the globe, and it was not spiritual Israel that came back as God promised to their land in 1947.  He can no longer forget them as he can forget those who gave their lives to the SON they gave us along with the word.   The whole of the salvation of the world depends on us as the body bringing peace to the middle east, and it was going to cost a lot, but I could not turn stones into bread, and all my teeth are rotting with no Gold fillings. The pastors who blocked the light and gave us this Corona have seen what ignorance of the word can bring.

The largest of the crop circles is composed of 409 circles it is a winnowing fan,  as I sit back I can see the chaff that is blowing away those who flock to Rome and offend those angels who watch it happen. That Christ’s honor is not worth the world to the ones who claim to love HIM with all their heart.

409 is a great cleaner, and no one wants germs on their body and washes them away with antibacterial soap; well, God doe s not want sin in heaven and the only thing that can wash away sins is the precious blood of Jesus.

This was made exactly 30 days before 9/11. The 409 circles represent chapters in the Bible. Starting at Genesis 1 counting to 409, we come to Ezra Chapter 6. The rebuilding of the temple. In order to pray for the King and His Sons Ezra 6:10

Adam and Eve lost the world to Satan at the fall of man, but the true curse God wants to be lifted is the one that was on the earth before we were here.  The one, HIS enemy, placed up in mocking God about the SON. His honor has value I try to tell you I’m Abel, but how do I prove it without bowing down to the delusional gifts that came from Vatican two? Yet everyone who goes after Rome in the AG community thinks a Truck Driver carries the power of God what part of not wanting to be god do you not understand?

Adam and Eve lost the world at their disobedience. The enemy hopes I will lose it too and bow to Rome like so many of his disciples have.  You see, God placed a value on his SON’s honor, finding what brought the first curse upon the earth gave me back that deed to the world.  Amazing how the gifts started coming into the church in greater measure after Vatican two?? The word of God has value, and Jesus is that living word.  Many will say when they are left behind and shaking their fist at God, saying, why did you leave me?  I did this for you, and I did that for you, and you left me?

Isn’t this the mercy of God it is better and more merciful to hear you do not know him while you have lived on this side so you may repent. Better than hearing it on the day of the great judgment away from me, I never knew you!  Which is far worse than COVID 19,  It would not hurt for you to brush up on your Chinese or begin educating those you know who will be left behind because the truth has no weight in a Pentacostal heart that sides with Rome.

Many falsely accused Islam of the terrorist attacks on America because those in power who hold the guns over the POTUS say it was so. All for the oil, but now we are running out of goods, CHINESE goods and stores are being depleted.  They needed to shorten the hours, and they have hospitals all over the globe. A Pandemic was needed to slow the consumption and to disperse what is left in America to the lazy who do not go to work, while our troops get nothing.

America’s defenses weakened, but ROME will have a Chinese army because of traitors among us who like the dragon. Many Protestants will suffer in the new world order. Why Father was I left behind will be on the minds of many who oddly knew many Mr. and Mrs. B. Eagle’s and said nothing to them about the finished work of Christ and HIM being the only mediator between man and God.

You would do this to heaven what you have done to America and look closely at the man you call a faith preacher who taught the little gods doctrine God has given him over he has gotten his rewards in making merchandise of the gospel. A plane (tube) full of lost souls who need Jesus is to the great man of faith a tube full of demons??? Look who is calling the kettle black!

Guess what value the SON of God holds??  Is it the world? I believe it is.

Coming to America U no more Protestant,  U Catholic,   U peel more shrimp!

Communist China Catholics continue to sacrifice Christ acceptable to all Catholics while Protestants hide in underground churches.

Sam Walton oversaw the prison camps where we kept American Japanese people in WWII as an intelligence officer. His low prices closed Toy’s R Us, K-mart, Sears, just to name a few. It all started with the PSA “Save the food,” store closings early for COVID Cleanup slows consumerism, so we appear to have a lot of stuff from China still.

We owe them a lot of money because our government, who backed Mao, also told Chiang Kai-shek before backing Mao we would keep an eye on his gold until their civil war was over in our Fort Knox and give him gold certificates in exchange.   The boat bringing those certificates from what I have heard sunk and was found later on now they want their gold, but the wicked spent it all and claim those aren’t our certificates they are forgeries.

GR44 is here. It is now time for the rising of GR U!

or get one of these

The gifts don’t seem so important now, do they?  How about sharing the word of God?

Brother Abel.

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