The Lawgiver has power over the holder of the keys… Part One.

The church seems concerned about fitting into today’s culture. G-d was way ahead of everyone. HE knew our love for games, and role-playing would be the winning moves in the last days. In every video game quest,  one object always has more power over the other. Get ready to play the final game and remember we already won, we only need to take our roles.

Now we need the hearts of the children to turn to rescue their fathers and open their eyes to the grand event coming. Staying behind is a poor option for anyone. Sadly even people close to me are getting left including my only son, so please pray for him.  The tribulation will be worse for him than any other if I win millions to Christ.

G-d hated Esau because he sold his birthright for a bowl of porridge, what my son walked away from is the ultimate denial of G-d and his gift towards him because of me. He saw the crop circles I told him my call and G-d’s plans, and still he ran to the world for friendship. He lacked insight. Because of me, the devil laid a snare for his soul? Satan has a world of beautiful women he gave up his birthright for just one, rejecting G-d’s choice for him. My real family is all those who love Jesus, who come as they are called and honor HIS word. Now my son sides with a liar telling others he graduated from a school he never attended because he is ashamed of my call in Christ.

Malachi 4:5-6  Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: (6) And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

We are in end game. We must choose a side; as for me, I will serve the Lord maker of heaven and earth.

In order to be a leader in the house of G-d one must be able to see truth and discern good from evil. That takes the in filling of the Holy Spirit. So I have no doubt a holy spirit impostor is among us. Call him religiosity, which cannot discern very well good from evil, and it shows to those who are elect.

Evil looks good while good looks evil and woe to those who cannot tell, which is which.

They give themselves away by siding with the forces of darkness. Clinging on to pagan idols with new names while mocking G-d’s work with a continued priesthood that GOD himself ended at the cross.

The veil in the temple blocking the holiest of places was torn top to bottom to let EVERYONE into HIS presence through the blood of his Son. A priesthood today in our lives would only be a barrier to our relationship with HIM.

Made this into a T-shirt. Why is the obvious missed by the most learned men among us?
I made this into a T-shirt. Why is the obvious missed by the most learned men among us? Because the priesthood always produced a good living and controlled others well. A goal of the devil is to make us slaves to a dead system.

The world cannot hear without a preacher. These individuals in the priesthood don’t have the spirit to preach because they cannot see the truth. What if they were all born again with the true spirit of G-d? There wouldn’t have ever been a need for a pro-life movement if others were more pro Christ than religion with the need to control. See yourself as a high priest and inspect the sacrifice, and you will notice no other priest is needed. See HIS love for you and all that is required is that it be reciprocated with your love for HIM.

They hide Christ and try to hide the light from shining brightly on HIM while confessing HIM as their Lord as well. Jesus warned about breaking the least of commandments. Those who do will be called least in the kingdom of G-d those who obey and teach others too will be called great.

Finding the truth among the fables.
Try finding the truth among the fables. It’s like looking for Waldo it should have never been this hard. A priesthood is void of the Spirit of truth, especially if they are mock sacrificing Christ anew rather than giving HIM HIS once and for all victory.

The first lawgiver in the Bible was Moses, who obtained the law directly from G-d. Moses was chosen to bring the Exodus out of Egypt bringing glory to G-d. He was instructed to show how G-d is to be worshiped and rightly ordered the priesthood in order to end it when the final sacrifice was made. We are leaving planet earth that means having another exodus, only this time to the real promised land. Impostors are staying behind to deal with the world, they and their money made.

G-d has sent an image I shared below of what is going on around us. It reveals the actual size of heaven it shows demons looking just like germs that cause death, How poetic. G-d also uses kings as lawgivers. If it were a game, he would be the rule maker, someone who could tell what is acceptable for new Christians to do and not to do in the tribulation. G-d uses several elders in heaven to help with the day to day operations they adhere to the laws and keep the peace.

There are twenty and four elders to be exact Revelation 4:4. The oldest elder in heaven among men would be Abel of Genesis 4:4 whom I have on good authority oversees the children who proceeded their parents in death. They love to play games. If I were to be on a winning side of this game, I would choose Abel, he points to the sacrifice, and G-d has respect towards Abel.

Angels as seen on NASA videos the people are standing in the sun as it seems to be enlarged like a lake of fire and the members only area only those who come under and are washed in the blood of Christ. The rest are demons not allowed in.
The promised land is heaven it is as big as our own solar system.  So there is plenty of room for everyone who want’s to come.

First, we need to take the dragons wealth just as Moses did in Egypt, we need it for our Exodus. That’s why the dragon’s children don’t have children or families in order to protect his wealth. The devil’s minions have told me G-d does not need money to do the harvest. These people as of this moment are staying in the tribulation who are ignorant of G-d’s plans and protecting the wicked and their wealth, what a stupid thing to say or do!

They are so deeply loyal to the harlot and if my G-d doesn’t need it, neither does theirs. So instead of using it to bring in the harvest, they are letting him hand America’s money over to ISIS and pro Muslim groups. The tares among us will be pointed out who have conspired with Satan in our churches to destroy America. They will be identified just as their god identified and marked Jewish people or Christian houses in the middle east. People will look upon them with disgust knowing they kept souls from Jesus by serving the harlot. They are horrible evil people. Sexual deviance on their part would bring less shame.

Many of them pretend to be ministers or deacons they cannot hide from the light it will expose them and that is why I am unpopular. Men love darkness rather than light, and if I have the lamps, I am just as Lucifer was in heaven before the kicking out, I am not the light just a carrier. I was not thrown out of heaven. I volunteered, if Jesus says HE is coming to get me when the time is right I am one to believe HIM. HE has never done me wrong, though it may feel like HE has at times, the end justifies the means.

G-d protected my life, like he did with Job. Telling his creature that I would be the first to figure out who the Antichrist was, this made for frequent visits and attention paid to me by him while growing up. He is extremely nasty. He never has anything good to say about anyone or anything. How his minions can stand him is beyond me???

The angels sure had me convinced it was Obama the clues were endless. Well, I told others at Church, I thought he was it. I was that certain. I said I wanted to go and shake his hand put my arms around him and say , thank you for coming my Jesus is next. Not long after me saying that all hell rose up to greet Obama and offered him the Nobel Peace prize. Did anyone besides me take notice?

That is when I discovered G-d’s formidable sense of humor, not long after HE drew me into Egypt to find what I found. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see G-d.” Tell me that at that precise moment, I wanted to hug the Antichrist because Jesus is next, wasn’t love from a pure heart? What the devil does not want from anyone is the Love of Christ and forgiveness this boggles his mind. It does those in our lives so why wouldn’t it, him? He hates me and now you know why. It was G-d’s winning move; I beat him. I loved the lowliest most miserable of all, and I did not have to compromise my walk with G-d in order to do it.

Just in case no one noticed Satan loves seats of power. As a spirit, he inhabits people with power, jumping in one but never remains stationary it is his forte possessing sometimes momentarily or as long as needed those who are not filled with G-d’s Holy Spirit. His minions and people who protect his power base at the top of the hill, they cut their own throats. They did it in heaven. They are doing it here.

We learned in the book of Jude that he wrestled for Moses’s body he does not know the hour and is impatient. He needs a body. One thing is for sure he knows it is a leader of G-d’s people he is going to get. That is why he has had the Roman Catholic church condemn every Protestant that proclaimed the message of salvation who wanted others to read the bible.

Someone can be possessed by a devil not THE Devil. Don’t let Hollywood deceive you people’s heads don’t have to spin or spit green pea soup out of their mouths, to have him pay an unsaved person a visit and use. However, in the Antichrist after G-d is done with his turn of 3.5 years that HE reserved for himself, it is then the Devil will be stationary. So that’s a good thing, that will free a lot of people. Imagine him running around after obtaining a mortal head wound claiming he is G-d. The laugh factor on this will be priceless. He said he would make the Son of G-d his pet if he ever showed up well now who is the pet? When Con man Constantine stood up to politicize the faith, they were doing as Satan wanted not G-d. However, G-d knew he would it was just a matter of patients on G-d’s part and that of the angels. We forced him to take America and he, and his body of priests and bishops did so with their idols trailing close behind.

Continued in Part Two.

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