The Italian mob used fronts so does the devil.

Saying your sorry is just another smoke screen many times it is only words without repentance.  True repentance comes when one reveals a change of heart and obedience to the commandments of G-d.  A front is a facade for evil to hide behind.  For example, the dry-cleaners may have a back room that cuts heroin and deals drugs out of the back door.

"In this sign we will conquer"~Emperor Constantine
“In this sign we will conquer”~Emperor Constantine

Apologies by Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II made many apologies. During his long reign as Pope, he apologized to Jews, Galileo, women, people convicted by the Inquisition, Muslims killed by the Crusaders and almost everyone who had allegedly suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church over the years. Even before he became the Pope, he was a prominent editor and supporter of initiatives like the Letter of Reconciliation of the Polish Bishops to the German Bishops from 1965. As Pope, he officially made public apologies for over 100 of these supposed wrongdoings, including:
– The conquest of Mesoamerica by Spain in the name of the Church
– The legal process on the Italian scientist and philosopher Galileo Galilei, himself a devout Catholic, around 1633 (31 October 1992).
– Catholics’ involvement with the African slave trade (9 August 1993).
– The Church’s role in burnings at the stake and the religious wars that followed the Protestant Reformation (May 1995, in the Czech Republic).
– The injustices committed against women, the violation of women’s rights and for the historical denigration of women (10 July 1995, in a letter to “every woman”).
– The inactivity and silence of many Catholics during the Holocaust (16 March 1998)
– For the execution of Jan Hus in 1415 (18 December 1999 in Prague). When John Paul II visited Prague in 1990s, he requested experts in this matter “to define with greater clarity the position held by Jan Hus among the Church’s reformers, and acknowledged that “independently of the theological convictions he defended, Hus cannot be denied integrity in his personal life and commitment to the nation’s moral education.” It was another step in building a bridge between Catholics and Protestants.
– For the sins of Catholics throughout the ages for violating “the rights of ethnic groups and peoples, and contempt for their cultures and religious traditions”. (12 March 2000, during a public Mass of Pardons).
– For the actions of the Crusader attack on Constantinople in 1204, though not for the Crusades themselves, as is often claimed. (4 May 2001, to the Patriarch of Constantinople).
On 20 November 2001, from a laptop in the Vatican, Pope John Paul II sent his first e-mail apologising for the Catholic sex abuse cases, the Church-backed “Stolen Generations” of Aboriginal children in Australia, and to China for the behaviour of Catholic missionaries in colonial times.This is an excerpt from the article Apologies by Pope John Paul II from the Wikipedia free encyclopedia. A list of authors is available at Wikipedia.
Apologies came way to late the damage has been done. Our government by way of  their wealth has filled America with nearly 40% unregenerated Catholics who do not even grasp the concept of being “Born Again” John 3:3.

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