The image of the beast what is it?

First off, an image is a reflection and the beast to the God of heaven, and to man is the one who stands between God and man,  the beast is not Jesus, but he must appear to look like Jesus without being Jesus. The purpose is to keep man from finding the true God of scripture by allowing sin to remain in the character of men and unwashed in the blood so that no inner transformation occurs.

One cannot be taken from the earth into heaven; without this inner transformation, no one can see heaven without being born again. John 3:3.

Of course, we will never stop being sinners on a minor scale, such as hurting another’s feelings or not being empathetic enough to truly reveal the love of Christ, as Christians remember to let others know you forgive them and don’t fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.

I thought in 2009 that Obama was the antichrist, and I wanted to shake his hand and embrace him thanking him for coming as it means Jesus is next. In Christian circles, we call that forgiveness to the umpteenth degree, and it helped me see so much more clearly what God was looking for in our completion.  So I began to tell you about it, and now you stand six feet apart wearing masks. So clearly, I am on to the truth of something big.

One thing I desire of God is that I may dwell in HIS house forever and enquire in HIS temple.

The enemy brought to the creation hate, jealousy, envy, and strife, and the last thing he wants from any of us is our forgiveness and to be like JESUS, which is a great way to end a terrible ordeal.  We can see God more clearly in the forgiveness of those who have done us wrong.

But those who defend those who have done us wrong do us even more wrong by being the enabler, the co-dependant to allow the abuse to continue,  someone has to say enough, and it is God who said it to me in 2008.

We are not to stop seeking perfection as practice does make perfect, and I am far from that as any of us are.

God is only perfect, and HE sent HIS perfect SON to give us a perfect mentor, a standard to reach and achieve.

As for the image of the beast, I always have to give credit where credit is due; it is a form of respect a step of perfection, it has been said it does not matter who receives the credit as long as it benefits all and God says HE will not share HIS glory with another. To rob a man of his labors and take credit for his work falls on the side of wrong. Give credit where credit is due.

So I want to send you to a website where a College student did his dissertation on the matter of the image of the beast. Keep in mind who it was that led the battle in heaven and how he was cast down, having had all his precious stones removed from him that made him become so vain, and how because of this beauty, he corrupted his wisdom.

I say this to act as a prologue to the dissertation and one I heartily agree with, a well-done job.  The beast in heaven led 1/3 of the population to follow after strange doctrines and because of the beast, we have, “The Submerging Church,” who carelessly ignores the meaning of the word of God and that brings frustration and war. When you are warring and fighting and marching in protest you cannot hear that still small voice saying,  I LOVE YOU please come to my SON and HE can make it better.

The old testament is not only history but the key to success with unfulfilled prophecy still going strong. For instance, in Zecharia chapters 4 and 5, the two oil lamps will be emerging to fill empty containers as long as the woman we expose keeps bringing them into the house all those empty jars she can find, the oil will keep flowing.

Eternal Blessings

Brother Abel (Benjamin)

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