The great falling away now you will know which way without any doubt.

Christians need not fear the Anti-Christ pre-rapture, it is a wise man who wins souls, and if you know what to do, you will take in a large harvest.  Ignoring what G-d is doing will not help the lost at all.  Watch what Father is doing and help HIM do it, and you will not be sorry you did. Take the time to look at the video below the angel who is going to lift you out of the earth would want you too.  Jesus said HE was sending them to do just that.

There are two divisions as far as I can see among Christians the ones who claim there are gifts and the group who does not.  Those who do I notice they lack understanding in several areas of the word. Those who do not believe in the sign gifts,  need to love the ones who do and vice versa. Clearly, with the perfect coming “Jesus,” the imperfect will be put away. In the 1000 year reign of Christ, one of you is going to have to give them up anyway or are we all going to be gifted equally? Somehow that lacks balance. The scripture calls for imperfect to be put away when the perfect comes.  I notice those with amazing gifts try to seem superior.

When I got saved I asked G-d for all the gifts like a kid in a candy store, I did not understand what I was asking for, was I being greedy? If I was, it was for the right reason to win others to Christ.  When HE asked me,  “Is that all?” I asked,  “Is there more?” HE repeated and laughed, “Is there more?”  I asked,  “Give me whatever I need to bring in your Harvest.” HE said, “DONE.”  I’m so sorry people I had no idea what I was asking for.

G-d asks that every knee to bow and every tongue confess Jesus Christ is Lord. We are told not everyone has the same gifts and those who have none, does not mean they do not bend their knee and cry out to G-d in Jesus name.  We are not to see ourselves better than another; we should always give way to what the Spirit is doing.

Lifting the Son will get it done, lifting gifts causes sifts and which is the better of the two? But never stop worshiping HIS majesty. If the harlot has offspring that protects her and they are claiming they walk in the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT.  So if the HOLY SPIRIT in them is so powerful among them then why do they not see her and why do they defend her even when G-d clearly reveals her to them at the end of the age?

The other great division is the question did G-d himself require a priesthood to return in order intercede on behalf of others and rule over HIS church 270 years after HE cried out it is finished? What was the priesthood of G-d for and what was it created to accomplish? What was the priesthood of Satan and what did it accomplish?   If you said made slaves of people you are right.  Peter calls us all part of the highest order of Priests the Royal Priesthood 1 Peter 2:9.  That’s an odd thing for the first Pope to the Jews to say, and Peter never claimed to be first Pope they did,  the resurrected priesthood in 270 AD.

What is coming is what we can use to help win souls before the rapture/resurrection, and blessed are they who make it.  Those who make it are lifted out by the angels not the Holy Spirit see what Jesus says about the end of the world and harvest.   Clearly, as a man living in a two bedroom flat, I’m not behind any of this. You may think you understand my role, but clearly, many of you do not.

Sherlock Holmes lived in 221B Bakers Street I live in number 2 building 21 oddly it adds to five and five comes before six and a lot of people need to return to school.  Pretty soon the false teachers will be trying to convince us the moon is made of cheese. I don’t like being number two because something about it sounds wrong but there can only be one Jesus, and I would never want that role.

Note how the flat earth people rose up stronger after I explained how the first pyramid and sphinx were made.   This is just to keep the truth lying in the dirt, the question that the whole world still needs to answer is the original one.  Is the  SON necessary to have a functioning society? The second question should be,  what is the SON of G-d’s honor worth?

The video below is only 22 minutes in length and is taken from several different sources. If you know G-d please do the due diligence seek the information for yourselves.  Pray over it,  pretty much I have been trying to warn you for years this was coming, and no one wanted to listen or reach out to their neighbor with G-d’s work in England. In the back yard of the ones, G-d holds at fault for it all.

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