The great end of the age debate is the dress black and blue or white and gold?

Which wisdom bandwagon would you like to be part of? This is the debate that should be really going viral,  does G-d have a Son or does G-d not have a Son? The answering to this question would serve us better at this stage of the 21st (777) century.

enhanced-4085-1424999419-1If we all stood before G-d tomorrow do you think He would care about the colors of the dress? Those who are not deceived say it is black and blue.  Simply because at the time the photo was taken the designer did not have one in white and gold.  So can half of the world be wrong? I say yes they are because perception is everything.

Are you one who believes that the illusionist David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear and reappear again? Why does he give it all away by placing the word illusionist in his title? Honesty is always the best policy so please be honest with yourself,  stand on the truth based upon the facts.

Half the world’s Christians think they will be taken in the rapture while they mock G-d and his commands that is a strong delusion on them, because G-d will not be mocked! While the other half knows better and says nothing.  That makes for more foolish virgins than I care to count.

Does G-d have a Son or doesn’t He? Well, the evidence is clear that G-d does have a Son despite Pope Francis and his henchman taking the term Son out of the newest translations or their followers running our Government.  What was that thing about the blind leading the blind??? Now they have their hand on all that goes boom! The Son has served his purpose for them, and they do not need him anymore is how I see it. They at the moment have it all. Except for what they really need, which is peace. Turning on Christ is not going to bring peace but judgement, go on look it up,  great keepers of the realm that is Rome or continue reading to see my point.

Turning on the Son from the position appointed is something I believe the devil did in heaven, he sided with the opposing group of rebellious angels because he had corrupted his wisdom by the reason of his beauty.  Instead of doing what he was created to do and bringing the angels back to honor the Son he sided with them and led the rebellion.  Just as he is doing again with the Christians,  the more things change the more they stay the same.

In Romes case, they just have too much money and need to protect it from the forces of evil from getting hold of it and starting some cockamamie idea like Jesus is on His way and splurge it on revivals and parties and the building of Protestant churches bigger in hopes of this return.  That would only lead to the winning of more souls into G-d’s kingdom and the Catholic Church is not about that,  they are all about power and control never seeing black and blue but white and gold.

That still leaves proving to the world does G-d have a Son? I for one believe He does, and I have it on good authority that He is on His way back. I also have proof that He, and I are on excellent speaking terms, and he has given me the plans to take in the harvest.

We are becoming responsible for the death of many of our own because we do not stand up against the deceived and tell them that the dress is black and blue and the reason why it is so. Those who see it in black and blue have a heart that doesn’t deceive them,  congratulations you are true to yourself. The spin doctors can spin all they want but your heart will not lie to you unless you live in the lie, allowing the truth to escape you.

There was no white and gold dress to begin with. Those who are colored blind  should just trust those who called it right by trusting its creator and asking her what colors did she use? She admits there was no white and gold, but the dress is indeed blue and black.

Why are we still fighting the battles Satan draws us into? The very ones that develop doubt and division?  Why are we not screaming to understand the evolution of such things as vegetables,  fruits,  berries and the many delicious edible nuts placed here by the reptilians from planet Munchausen? What came first the garden or the dinosaur?

Seriously though….Why does he pick the topic when we should be calling the shots? After all, we are the inheritors of the planet.  Be sure and tell your friends who chose the lie to put in a swimming pool the saints will love to have a pool when they come back here with Jesus to reign a thousand years. Unless of course you are a Preterist than your thousand years is ending and judgment is next for you.

The cross has four points and though I have been over this it will prove my case that G-d does have a Son and He and I are the very best of friends.


The western side of the cross reveals G-d’s mind where his Son’s head laid.  America is in the west the world wants to be like the west,  not the Hollywood west but the freedom to worship G-d west.  Because thats why we are so great to begin with the last nation before the return of Christ is the most advanced technologically, any ideas as to why? I will give you a hint it has something to do with letting the world know the hour we are in.

If only the Kardashian’s were Christians, praise G-d for Duck Dynasty but G-d has a bigger surprise in store for network television.

In the east, we find where his feet were nailed, the oldest and longer part of the cross where faith in G-d (Abraham) began from the east. However, because they rejected the son, they only got one camel in every garage, while the western world got everything else.  Flushing toilets, running water, planes, trains and automobiles let us not forget Ron Popeil and Ronco. Why was America so much more blessed? Does it have anything to do with the Son and the greatest in the kingdom?

England was also once blessed prior to America setting up shop,  the sun never set on Britannia’s holdings. They along with ourselves  honored the Son of G-d and spread the word as instructed by Jesus himself; England and America honored Him at one point in time. The blessing was so great that even the ungrateful are to this day enjoying its bountiful overflow, and they have Christians to thank for it,  as do we.

Then Satan and his body of blind followers stole our country, pulling it into the abyss while trying to take down their lie. The false prophet has risen and has said that a hidden Imam will appear who has been hidden for thousands of years. Well, Obama obviously wasn’t it.  It was skillfully played though.  You have to wake up pretty early to pull that one over on me. The enemy made me black and blue over time now I want to go home to be with the white and the gold.   It was the seven hundred billion dollars that gave them away,  showing me what they were up to what greater transgression can come? A false messiah placed by the Catholic Church to tame their beast what happened to Jesus and spreading His word? You have to believe in it in order to preach it and they never did either.

Inverted_Pyramid_medIf the Son of G-d’s effigy is what I say it is, then the debate is settled,  G-d has a Son, and He blesses those who bless Him.  I can’t help it that my last name divinely given me means a beautiful place, or that I am in the transportation industry driving coincidentally for Land Air Express or live in the same town as Alan Shepard (shepherd) is from or that all those beautiful crop circles happen in a town which bears my last name and is famous because of its transportation museum.
My story sounds just like his, I didn’t know my parents and my stepfather was a carpenter my covering was Lucille. If you ask me I think this has all been planned before hand by a wonderful G-d who loves His creation and does not want anyone to go to hell,  just like me.

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do at the moment and the enemy will keep attacking Christians until he gets what he wants,  I think many pastors I have been too know what that is,  a peace plan JESUS is coming the temple must be built!!!! So that would be me with the peace plan. I would have to say he is pretty pissed at who G-d has sent because Christians can do better than the hidden Imam,  G-d sent you Abel and my real initials stand out as the first kingdom after Noah’s flood Babel.

So you must decide,  do I stay down or stand up? However, I will not be treated as delusional my family took me down that road. If I stay down no one goes to the cross and if I stand up many will hear the message and make an informed decision. Which sounds more delusional to you?  However, I will not compromise the message G-d has given me in order to appease the white and gold group.

The dress was made as black and blue just as I know the enemy built the symbols of the battle and tried to hide them in Egypt, meditate on Genesis 15:13-14 seek G-d on the answer.

He used the dinosaurs to help him, and G-d made sure he could never undo it by destroying them.  I have an awesome G-d who loves all the souls of the world, sadly I know many pastors that do not love all the souls. Pastors need to pray about G-d’s end time plans because if you can’t see who the real pet is,  or who tried to make the Son of G-d their pet you can’t see at all.  Until you decide it will be more of the same,   he will keep killing until he gets what he wants.

When it comes to discerning truth many pastors go with the flow and claim it can be seen both ways when in reality the white and gold never existed, G-d will not allow His Jewish people to accept a queen of heaven,  so why does the church?

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