The Birth of Christ- I Do Celebrate It.

Let me set the record straight  I am not opposed to Christmas. It is a time of year we get to relay the story and the message.  A time when music that is not heard otherwise is heard in stores all over America. Let us pray the lost can hear it, and they understand it as we do.

The only ones who hate Christmas and the story of Jesus is the ones who are perishing.

I’m not the  Grinch that miss informed people make me out to be. I shout Jesus is coming, how do I know?  I’m the man in Isaiah  13:12, just not feeling it since I was told to get rid of the lamps ten years ago. Now I ‘m supposed to not understand what lamps are. I sure do hope they tell me soon or show me what the darkness is up to from what I can tell it’s to bow to Rome like so many others also have.

Then I’ll resonate!

I can be found in Daniel 8:12 as well; this cannot be Jesus HE is the way the truth and the life. Daniel 8:23-24. There is nothing wonderful about destroying HOLY people, so the missing adverb must be wicked than its absolutely wonderful as they fall to their knees in repentance and getting lit on fire here rather than wait for the fire after they die.   Yes, if I do say so myself it is wonderful God the Father thinks so too.

I celebrate Christ every Sunday and I’m not opposed to Saturday or  Monday then again there is Tuesday, even Wednesday would be fine with me , Thursday is payday and I am even more grateful that Jesus allows me to work, Friday is a great day and we all know it because I hear many say thank God it’s Friday and I do.

I am so grateful that the god of this world gave us that one day we call Christmas,   but I can’t help but wonder had we let  Odin and his yule log in the fire continue on that ours would be more appealing to them and have them drift over to us, then Odin would have been  O’ done well we will never know. Instead, he placed on a new suit changed his name and came into our sanctuaries and stole the hearts of many. More people defend him more than they do Jesus or HIS Jewish love.

So who are the wicked holy people? Many are not even aware because the darkness is still on them and in them, or they wouldn’t be offending God’s Jewish people. By not only mocking the rabbinical priesthood that made sacrifices and was no longer needed after 70 AD, But It is also the un-disguised overtone of idolatry everyone seems to be neglecting. How is that a relationship to Jesus if it places a block of stumbling to Israel and Islam?

I was invited to a Christmas gathering at a friend’s house the young lady who is putting it together informed me that two people she invited were Catholic, and she did not want me to make waves.  So I asked her the question, I have been told some Catholics love Christ, don’t you want them all to love Christ?  I know these two are not “Born Again,”  as are so many others. All who trust in their religious faith rather than maintain a relationship with Christ, for many of them the priestcraft has convinced them they are and have received  HIM  using the magic mystery cookie.

The priestcraft was always the problem even before Jesus came. He took them out into the wilderness after leaving Egypt to set HIS up to end its use when HE finished the work HE began.

For many, it’s about works not trust it’s nice you think some of them love Christ but isn’t the goal to have them all love Christ?  It is something we as Christians should pray about.

Winning the Jews to Jesus lets do what they wanted in the first place overthrow Rome and begin establishing the Kingdom in preparation for the return of Christ that we know is coming, once the church is gone, the enemy can feel as if he won.

God did promise him seven years, and he told all the angels that God, the most high if HE existed, could not give him the desires of his heart.   Ye of little faith!

I had a pastor playing devil’s advocate, and he majored in Theology, with a minor in Psychology, which somewhat cancels the major.

The father of Psychology came right out of Germany, America and Germany have a lot in common  Martin Luther and Protestantism, and somebody is angry at them both.

The originator of human psychology robbed many of people of their souls and even made God’s appointed times list.

I  apologized to him that I  was angry with him; my anger was blinding me to my call. He resigned and never asked why I was angry? Had he I would have told him and the congregation the truth. Don’t tell your congregation you love them and hide the word away from their lost loved ones expecting me to fall into your delusional ecumenical snare that offends God and HIS Jews.

Revival cannot start with the devil doing the attempts to spur me on,  you either love Jesus or you don’t. You either want to see souls saved or you don’t. You either want the world to know the word, or you don’t. This is not about me, or the Pope former Caeser retooled. This is about a society that fails because it rejects and neglects the word! Jesus is precious to HIS  FATHER, and ignoring HIS word and teachings is grounds for being left behind in the gallows they built for Protestants to be used on them.

As for peace in Jerusalem, we must do what Jesus would do and not embrace idolatry in front of the nation of Israel and give it a  Christian whitewashing. They wanted a Messiah that would overthrow Rome, and  I want to provide them with one, and so should you, we are “The Body of Christ”!

Satan wanted to sit on the sides of the north. I’m here to just assist kind of like an MVP Isaiah 13:12.

First, the North Pole is taken already by the big guy with the red suit and the mocking laugh on this most holiest of seasons. To be like the highest, the devil will need to get that guy off the throne who is in the North where he wants to sit.   Who can blame him it is a much cooler climate than what he is used to, so he and Santa are not real, or is it just one of them, and which one? The one who isn’t real gets more love than the one who is.  That has to hurt.

Then there is the issue with idols the Jewish people got the message Idols bring people into bondage and make them slaves of the priesthood serving them.  It is what happened in Babylon and in Egypt, the Christians did not learn this. Idolatry makes you slaves, so how did he get to build his new world order?

Put on your ecumenical thinking caps. You are not going to get peace in Jerusalem, sleeping with the enemy. Let me bring that false peace plan in the one where only Jesus is highlighted and lifted up.

I want to help complete it for him, which means if he is to be like the most high those idols are just going to have to go; after all, it was his idea to want to be like HIM. The most high would never let idols interfere with the worship of HIM.

Just Saying  You know I would love to help in any way I can.

Brother Abel

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