Stop tithing G-d does not need money!

The Jesuits appear to be running the AG churches that’s becoming clear to me. However, inside there are some really sturdy saints who are not easily fooled. First off, the headline I open with is to grab your attention, let us not rob G-d but the reality of the fact is the devil, my pastor, and our treasurer at my church think the prince of darkness is G-d. Here is how I can tell.

When I tell them, I need the finances of the dragon’s treasury to bring in the harvest these men jump up and ask me does G-d really need the money to bring about the harvest? They don’t deny it’s the dragons or that the souls in it belong to him; they just guarantee it stays that way. No pastor oozing in love we can have wedding rehearsal for the bride of Christ and build Mr. the enemy’s temple without a peace plan; we will do it all on credit, but your credit pastor love has been maxed out.

In fact, let us simply all forget about money. Let’s only go to the debit credit system like the devil is trying to do to the world, because he and his church have sucked the life right out of it. If you haven’t seen Rerum Novarum,  you should see who pastor love and his banker think is G-d.

Jesus told me to get the money and place it in the hands of His church, so I know who isn’t his church.

Jesus said we are to start celebrating His return. I have the leaders of my church focused in on the work of the devil more so than the works of G-d.

I was forced to watch one of their professional fear inducing agents tell us about how for only 49 dollars you can have these survival techniques needed when the disaster strikes. I can’t believe I had to listen to the faithless who have no idea what G-d is doing. I place those kinds of things in links on my site to get the unbelieving to think about their eternity, not to terrorize the saints who have left the world to enjoy the presence of G-d. However, it clearly shows you the mentality of the faithless even in the church. Demons use fear to keep you submitted to their direction and not G-ds. They use those things to their advantage; I turn them to my advantage to win souls.

The peace plan and the wealth are to show you where he placed his lamps that made the circles. By placing the dark one’s wealth in my hands it says G-d has made his choice, which will carry his judgement. I beat the devil fair and square I wanted to place my arms around Obama thinking he was the Antichrist the one in whom every body seems to hate and say, thank you for coming my Jesus is next. That Saint is called unconditional love just like Jesus,  it was what G-d was looking for someone like his Son to replace the friend he lost. Soon after he led me into Egypt like when Benjamin arrived there the story becomes clear.

I caught the genie stealing America and in a lie about 911 it was Vatican money that was the cause of our 2008 financial crisis and once more some nice Jewish boys were hurt by it. However, my pastor and his treasurer don’t feel we need the money to bring in the harvest the enemy strikes once again, no but someone still needs a peace plan, and that is going to cost money. I need to get his temple built Jesus is coming quickly.

Soon skull and bones’ individual John Kerry may encourage Obama like Henry Stimson did to Truman to drop a bomb in the middle east, let’s say maybe Damascus. Only because prophecy leads us to this conclusion.

When that happens my pastor, and his treasurer will be accountable to G-d for those souls lost. Having sat on G-d’s messenger and keeping him from doing the work of sharing the hour. I was sent to prevent this kind of thing from happening. I say the effigy of the Son of G-d needs to be lifted oozing with love says pyramids will confuse you, while the other henchman unable to see the crop images and bible verses insist that men built every pyramid. Rome has produced more false teachers ignorant of G-d’s word one thing is for certain their fruit and 700 billion dollars give them away. Am I just throwing pearls before “Christian” swine? They are Jesuit taught who feel Rome should own it all, that G-d does not need money for harvest. No you are wrong pastor ooze with love and bankers. It is your god who does not need the money, and it is why I will use it to get his peace plan in place.

Repent you wicked men who praise Jesus with your lips and your heart is far from Him. The beheaded saints in the tribulation are the ones who had eyes to see and saw nothing,  even in the crop images. They had ears to hear and heard nothing even in the crop images. Mouths to speak and spoke for the dragon more than they spoke for G-d and the innocents.

The enemy loves the attention, and they take pleasure in giving it to him. Obviously, they have not yet noticed that we war over needs and want because the people on the top of the hill in the biggest Ponzi scheme ever devised by man separate us into the haves and have not. They force us to war while they profit from the taxes we pay to provide the weapons we need. Stop the violence put the right people in power. Those same people pastor love defends kept the love story out of people’s hands to build their wicked society, and they blame  the proper church rather than the false church which got us here to begin with, that is called being a traitor to truth and G-d’s kingdom.

Psalms 12:8 The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

theconnectionWe need to exalt the ones who fear G-d; I am supporting Ted Cruz in this election, but I also know at some point he will be supporting me. Because this is the final countdown in order for him to be protected to do his job, he will need the weapons in the White House disarmed and the light shining on those who use terror tactics on our politicians.

What connects the men to the left is that the devil not only kills his own but does it to show how ruthless his followers are. The father seen what happens when you cross big money and real power, and the Son warned to do as he was told that no one is untouchable. The Kennedy curse is they are Catholic and the dragon can’t harm hallowed ground, so he takes his own.

The guns are not around their families until they assume office. I have a gift; I can spot the wicked and the liars and the deceived. It is called the Holy Spirit in a greater measure. I know no weapon formed against me shall prosper because someone needs a temple built, and it is I who only has his peace plan. If it involves the Bible, then it is safe to say today I am the lawless one because children need to read the word of G-d as G-d meant it to be read, with eyes and hearts open.

The Czars of Russia and the Greek Orthodox church were birth out of the Byzantine empire, with a priesthood as well. The Czars and the church had too much wealth and were Rome’s rivals. Exactly like the movie “Highlander” there can just be only one false priesthood. Just like there can only be one true G-d, and it is clear they do not know him. So guess who got busy with their smear campaign to get the people to revolt against the Czars? The same spirits that tell me G-d doesn’t need money while they steal it away from others. It was they who created communism. Catholic religious nuts created the void, and it got filled.

Sure we take care of missionaries with our tithes, I’m saying the true missionaries of G-d who teach the true Christ we could really take care of.

You would have to be an angel to understand this tally sheet. The North above G-d's the South below agent zero's. The large the circle the more souls won for that period.
You would have to be an angel to understand this tally sheet. The North above G-d’s the South below agent zero’s the larger the circle the more souls won for that period.

The devil wants our hands tied so that don’t happen. We are only allowed a few souls not all the souls, but me; I am greedy; I want souls to be added to G-d’s tally not the dragons. I wish others felt the same way my church would be busting at the seams. That is why he guards the money of Rome so closely with his Knights of Columbus and the Jesuit pastors and tares that are around us.

When you see how the tally sheets balances out you can see mercy in play.

Because I didn't take the photo I don't know which this one is but if we are reading left to right we have been doing better closer to the end.
Because I didn’t take the photo I don’t know which this one is but if we are reading left to right we have been doing better closer to the end.

My pastor loves and protects the Roman priesthood, does yours?  Then the chances are he does not know what a final sacrifice looks like.  Jesus knew the creature would cause the actual only ordained priesthood to end for him in 70 AD because he understood the character of the enemy he was dealing with. The teachers of the word haven’t figured that part of it out yet.

Twenty years later, the enemy finds he needs to rebuild the temple when John says Jesus is coming back, but before he does someone gets to sit in the temple and say that he is G-d. Problem is now what temple?

You think they're singing All Hail King Jesus All Hail Emmanuel?
You think they’re singing All Hail King Jesus All Hail Emmanuel?

Nearly three hundred years later, the ignorant brought back the priesthood thus making the declaration “The Son of G-d did not come in the flesh.” Denying the finished work of Christ and adding works on top of His completed work. They do the bidding of Satan to make the Son of G-d as their pet to build his empire but still having a hard time at getting that peace thing figured out? In fact, in the concentration camps, they had signs that read “Work will set you free!” On the left birds of a feather hang together.

That is why he is the enemy now he must bring peace into the world without promoting the Son of G-d to his highest position and create a peace that allows him to build his temple.

Now we are at the end all the players who started the rebellion to begin with are finding their chariots to drive. They would have no natural affection towards woman or a desire for them at all. The angels who wanted to be with the women are also here, but now they are ashamed. They hide them away and cover them over, practically making them invisible. Which seems to be a marriage made in heaven with group one,  whose flesh does not want to be with a woman in a natural sort of way they only want to rule over everyone and tell you how to live your life Rerum Novarum.

The elect are the ones who came into the world the same way Jesus did. Not just only to be with a woman but to also to bring in his harvest.

Hebrews 13:2 (15) Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

What is the lesson to be learned by all of it? In order for society to function it must have rules to live by. That worship of our creator keeps balance and harmony.  That the Son indeed is necessary for a Utopian society to function. Had the angels simply obeyed and did what they were asked to do, worship the Son in faith, we wouldn’t have to be here.

Through it all is that really a dreadful thing, was life a bad thing? A lesson learned is one in doing, I for one do not want to pass this way again. I get the message; I understand the lesson; I want you to understand it as well. The worship of the Son of G-d should never require enforcement it should be done because he is worthy of all power and praise. The creator proved his love for each of us when he left the glories of heaven to walk among us and hang on the cross because I was sightless. Thanks to him, I am blind no more and what I see is majesty for all of us who endure to the end.

May G-d bless you and keep you and feel free to send me money any time.

Just click the huge vault and add to it and G-d will bless you from it when the time comes angels are watching!

Brother Abel.

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