A Match Made in Hell

God saw the match before the foundation of the world. Do you have any idea how much God loves you? He loves you more than his enemy hates you, and he does hate you being in the likeness of God and all? The road to hell should be a treacherous one filled with grief and briars of suffering until we are forced to look at the Cross for all it is worth.

Where do we go when we lose America who will come to our aid?

So many people claim to know him, but their ways lead to destruction. America was a slice of heaven on earth, and someone just had to deliberately ruin it with their lies and of knowledge of God. Everywhere they placed up a coven crime filled the neighborhoods. No one and I means no one was hearing the truth out of the mouth of these people. They consider themselves to be the illuminated ones (Illuminati) which is using black lights no doubt because they cannot see the eternity awaiting them.

The group photo above with Copeland and some other famous evangelicals I only see one in the group that has the HOLY SPIRIT can you spot him? He just doesn’t feel like he fits in and he doesn’t.  The others made good and have great mansions here but nothing on the other side.  They used the harlot as a means to sell the gospel to their flocks. Theologically,  they like the dragon they learned his ways and compromised to accommodate him and in doing so we lost a great nation all because no one stood up for the truth. If this were heaven it would be as it was when the first group was cast out. This time they stay behind and those who like my one friend in the group who has the HOLY SPIRIT will be caught up to meet the LORD in the air. Then we leave the harlot and her quislings to their devices.

Take careful note the Dragon exists because he said he wanted to be God, Adam and Eve fell because he got them thinking they could be like God.  I noticed that the church full of the “spirit” began talking about themselves as being little gods as the children of God?   Then I noticed that those who said this God began to transform them from what was in them out to the outside.  In the end, HE does tell us he is going to seal the demons in their vessels and their rides who served them shall never see heaven again. Why is it Copeland looks like someone from a Tolkien novel J.R.R Tolkien oddly was Catholic too and knew about the realms of inner Earth all too well the place of eternal torment?

Was the little god’s doctrine worth it?  The enemy lost his place in heaven wanting to be God and Adam and Eve lost paradise over wanting to be like God.


Why is it that not many Evangelicals or Pentecostals in the Ecumenical movement can tell you who the harlot is? Who is this great whore of Revelation who has deceived the world with her sorceries (greek word pharmakut, meaning drugs and medicines) and all the merchants of the earth prospered by the wars she created? With hospitals all over the globe and guess who is causing the hype and selling you the lie about COVID, yes it is flu but we have had flu’s before they come often. If this is them and not God who will not turn back from what is out there lying in Egypt HIS SONS HONOR then we can expect something that may be worse than COVID 19 which is again the reverse of Psalm 91.

Now if you are a believer and are at peace with God then you should be at peace with whom HE made you to look like, one of a kind, like a snowflake.  Vanity is a sin and to allow oneself to go under the knife for plastic surgery is not smart especially when the person performing the procedure is not on the right team.


Sadly the darkness picked up the similarities between her after photo and the Batman villain the Joker.


Why is it that Christians are afraid to come together when this is the time they should be together what does that say to the world? How will you be able to cope with the real tribulation? America helped make this happen as we were manipulated by Rome to fight their enemy because they hide the word of God from them.


No more this Protestant Jesus you peel shrimp you Catholic now!

Walmart re-education centers be good American and they may promote you to garlic,  no more this Protestant Jesus you Catholic now.

Bu the way it was not the Muslims who triggered the downing of the twin towers they were led on by the CIA in order that we may fight against them because ROME doesn’t know Christ and our politicians they educated were stupid enough to help them.

The axis of these towers falls right on Rome they oppose us around the world with a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy. Kennedy died at their hands in order for them to escalate the war in Vietnam because war makes money. That is why John McCain did not fight for the Whitehouse he wanted them exposed to set their captives free.

Will the person in prison with you feel confidant of his eternity by watching you wearing your mask?  Do we fear death? COVID say’s yes we do.   If we have faith then should not be concerned with it, but help as we can and not prevent or forsake the assembling of ourselves together as we see the day approaching,  anyone sees it coming yet?  I’m trying to help you see it. Planning ahead I made the last day Witness “T’s” QR codes good for up to six feet away,  but the liars themselves and the shepherds of God’s flock cannot see it. Why? 80 percent of the hospitals around the globe are manned and staffed by Catholics and unbelievers, who feel being good is good enough to get you into heaven.

Jesus is not important to them or precious to them and never has been. Think about this if Mary is a perpetual Virgin than it stands to reason then Jesus never came through her womb,  for them HE has not come yet???  Which is an Antichrist revelation? Denying Christ came in the flesh.   Not one jot or tittle shall pass from the law and Peter was admonished three times to feed the Israelites.  Those who fall for spiritual Israel do not know anything it was not spiritual Israel that came back to their homeland as God promised. He said it was impossible for HIM to turn his back on them or forsake them completely. Given the chance, I can get them to the cross showing them how much Rome loves Jesus that they built HIM another Nazi-like structure here in America.

The serpent was cast down to earth before man was placed in the garden, he was cast out because he wanted to be God.
Adam and Eve were given the title deed to the Earth and they lost it, when they too thought they could be gods.

God’s SON’s honor has a value attached to it it had in heaven as well only he the covering saw not his own value.  The curse on the Earth was placed before the fall of man, lifting the SON, and seeing the truth gave the deed back to the man. I will not compromise with Rome or her quislings. Want to put an end to this CORONA and let the SON shine through, then you will have to see who now owns planet Earth and why.

God’s SON’s honor is worth it all, I won, get over it and let’s bring everyone we can home.

Brother Abel.