Roads to no where…No love, no joy, no peace, no happiness.

The image below I am calling the maze of lies. It is man-made and not done by the lamps that point to scripture.  The tells are quite obvious it is not balanced choppy in several spots. However,  what the devil meant for evil,  we can make into good.  He is always trying to copy-cat and confuse the truth.

Confusion came in the first kingdom after the flood of Noah, the kingdom of Babel it just so happens those are my initials, and G-d has given me these images to help remove some of the confusion. This is the last kingdom before the King of kings comes in on His white horse.

This may have been made by a group of teens thinking they would like to see their work getting noticed or by the shadow government led by the men who claim to know G-d and do not,   misery loves company. The world is looking for answers, and G-d is sending them in the form of crop images that point to Bible passages. Why is no one cheering for this hour? Is no one  happy to see Jesus returning?

Evil is busy finding other explanations or denying them completely because the second biggest church throughout the world has no clue as to what they mean, which has been the case throughout history when it comes to the things of G-d.

When someone feels like a failure in life, it is always easier to shift blame than to change.  In order for one to enter heaven one must change, that change can only come by the way of the Holy spirit of G-d.

Not supernatural in its creation.
The image is not supernatural in its creation. The lines are unbalanced differing widths throughout, choppy edges. This is obviously a hoax created to confuse but it will prove my point. What the devil means for evil and to confuse, G-d through me can turn to good.

You would think this close to the end of the world many would be excited to finally have the answers they have been seeking.  People should be happy seeing supernatural images showing up to open up the word of G-d the very word that Rome kept hidden from the world for thousands of years in order to build their evil empire.

They are just not afraid enough to repent.  This is where we, Protestants must rise up and show them their wicked idolatrous ways along with their man-made  doctrines  have done to our wonderful world, including America the greatest nation on earth. Until they started pulling the strings, causing the problems, we now face today.

G-d desires worship but insists it never be their way. His word must be heard, honored and lived.  It is he who provides us his spirit to help us make it through the maze of lies.

They are behind the lies, and G-d calls the whore the mother of harlots responsible for many of the false religions that have flourished. Sending millions to an eternity apart from G-d because they died in their sins.


Chrislam has been done.  It was started by another self-proclaimed  prophet claiming another book again it is Satan keeping others from finding the prize in scripture.  The very Son’s honor was attacked by the group responsible for us being here, making it necessary for the Son to be revealed to the angels whom remained with G-d.

The forerunner of Chrislam began in the 1820’s in response to the great awakening. The enemy panicked thinking it was the final harvest knowing that he couldn’t get Islam to the shores of America in time. So he conjured Mormonism up. The Image is linked to the page that has the audio. This is called the tabernacle of tears.

We are all here because a certain group of angels who had  fallen refused to worship the Son in heaven and insisted he be presented to them.  They insisted that a society in order to exist need not worship the son of G-d as revealed to them by G-d in heaven.

Faith is always a  requirement of  Father. The Son was in the Father as the Father was in the Son,  when the Son was here. The Physical world is a shadow of the Spiritual, and the demons are represented by idols. This is where the DOOR opens for them to have access.

If one is filled with the holy spirit, then physical objects of worship are unnecessary to idolize. The spirit of G-d places you on the right road and path to follow as he smiles and offers you his hand along the way. To him, you are the prize the treasure he seeks.

In the maze of lies, the center is the target, there is where heaven is.   The raised sections we will make our road without falling into the chasm between the center and the other side. Evil intended that the trampled sections be the path so obviously I choose what evil doesn’t want. This way,  my way a cross is needed to cross over to the center.  The whole of creation exists around the work of G-d’s Son.

G-d's maze is simple one must pass through Christ to get to the other side.
G-d’s maze is simple one must pass through Christ to get to the other side.

They call themselves a religion of peace and deny the Son, this way they are never going to find peace. The Son in whom they deny had his effigy built-in Egypt and the very devils that did it needed to hide it from the world denying it was them.  That is why Moses is called to end the work of hiding it and set the captives free.

My discovery made me the winner of the ultimate prize the vessel the Prince of lies needs.  Abel’s life was cut short because this creature lacked respect now he will need to show some.  Like Moses, the captives will begin to be set free to enter the promised land. We should give to him what he really wants the peace to build his Temple in Jerusalem, so he can declare himself the Victor in this temporary world of lies.

Exodus 20:4
(4) Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

St. Ignatius (Lie always) founder of the spy network for Rome and predecessor to all intelligent agency's. See how much Satan loves him click on him for a larger view.
St. Ignatius  Lyolla (Lie always) founder of the spy network for Rome and predecessor to all intelligent agency’s. See how much Satan loves him click on him for a larger view.


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