Riled and rattled…Drawing the darkness to the surface.

The darkness drawn out the angels target and protect their charges. Angels can drive.
The darkness drawn out the angels target and protect their charges. Angels can steer us as well.

When digging for worms for fishing we would shake the ground with a hay fork or stick electrodes in the ground, this would force them to the surface. We have within our midst tares and worms which we need to deal with before a massive revival begins, after all it is these fakes that keep it from happening. Best way to do that is with the word of G-d and shine light on the impostors.

The one thing evil hates the most,  is when the light exposes their works. Those exposed will either repent or burrow deeper into the abyss of darkness. Exposure means to uncover to set others free. When Michael contends with the devil, he acknowledges that Lucifer has a certain amount of authority and leaves the rebuking up to the Lord.

Jude 1:9 KJV
(9) Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.

I remember speaking with my supervisor before my tap on the shoulder by the Lord going “TAG you’re it.” We talked about how he believed in Jesus, but because of the hypocrisy in the church he stopped attending. There is no excuse to stop going to church, if you feel that way, then you are buying the lie.

The enemy wants you comparing your life to the others around you, when you should be trying to reach the bar Jesus placed,  he is the only one to follow not the others. If you feel you are better than those around you take a knee, then help those who are struggling to come up closer to G-d,  where you believe you are at with Him.  Would Jesus abandon them? Well then neither should you.

If it is a case of doctrinal issues or cultish legalism then find another church where you can serve with peace upon you.  The enemy seeks to separate you from the word and other believers, so he can set his hooks deeper into you. Drawing you further away from G-d who values you more than his enemy ever could, so take the I’m better than them attitude to the cross if that’s the case.  Ask Him where does He want you to serve,  where you, will get the most joy from it?  If you think the trials end ever,  I have sad news for you not on this side. Robin Williams would be alive today had he taken this approach towards life,  we are here to serve somebody and serving G-d brings the greatest joy. Serving anyone else or thing,  leaves one empty and unfulfilled,  don’t be missing the point of why you were made to begin with. You were made for G-d to take pleasure in and through,  ask him to take the wheel and you move into the passenger seat. You will enjoy the ride I guarantee it.

When I first got saved in May 1982, I began attending a Pentecostal Baptist Church where I met the second love of my life. We would as a congregation make a statement of faith when someone entered into our fellowship. In it, we would profess… “Should we leave this body; we would quickly seek another and continue to serve the Lord wherever it was we went. ” We read it aloud as a congregation with new members. Whoever wrote it. possessed great wisdom. To not fellowship is to give way to the wicked one and enter rebellion,  1 Samuel 15:23 G-d demands fellowship.

1 Samuel 15:20-23 KJV
(20) And Saul said unto Samuel, Yea, I have obeyed the voice of the LORD, and have gone the way which the LORD sent me, and have brought Agag the king of Amalek, and have utterly destroyed the Amalekites.
(21) But the people took of the spoil, sheep and oxen, the chief of the things which should have been utterly destroyed, to sacrifice unto the LORD thy G-d in Gilgal. (22) And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.
(23) For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.

A primitive root; to prick up the ears, that is, hearken: – attend, (cause to) hear (-ken), give heed, incline, mark (well), regard. Total KJV occurrences: 46 Regard by the way is a poor substitution for the word respect in Genesis 4:4.

Hearken means to listen to, to take heed. Rebellion  by the way shows up in 9 verses nine times in a KJV those who follow my messages know that nine is a judgment number,  any number multiplied by it has a sum total that adds to nine. When G-d sends judgment it always comes as in the form of a nine.  G-d’s confirming signature is the numbers in scripture. It reveals He is the author and finisher of our faith. 999 to an angel looks like 666 as well, unless it is surrounded by something else but the three numbers alone on a piece of paper confusion sets in.

In the NASB, the word rebellion appears 16 times and why am I not surprised? In the NIV 41 times, why is there more rebellion in both of  these translations than the original intended? Confusion is not of G-d, and again it has a lot to do with it not being my father’s word.

stubbornness is as iniquity  

Matthew 13:41-42 KJV
(41) The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; (42) And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

They have more rebellion in an NASB and NIV and less iniquity that must be what they consider is balance? Are they stubborn??? Just try to get them to see the truth of it all, and they attack like vipers. They laugh at us who have Thous and thees and eth’s at the end of words but those words are insignificant in weight compared to G-d’s words like respect, honor, love, compassion, mercy and grace and might,  the heart of G-d’s word is removed or changed in several places in other English translations. Explain that little mishap to him on judgement day. How can we be of one mind when G-d changes his so frequently?

The math confirming the authorized Bible can not be done in the other translations, because it is no longer doing its function confirming where it originated. The lost are right when they say G-d’s word has been changed,  it is a point hard to argue.  What has not changed is the G-d of the word. To ignore the crop circles because I respect G-d’s word and use a KJV is absurd.  So to suspend the revival to argue over translations is equally absurd. One thing is certain lay people can see what is going on,  so why can’t my pastor?  What has hold of him that would condemn millions to hell and rob G-d of his glory?

Has G-d hardened his heart like the pharaoh?  What great plan does G-d have for him or how will the destruction of his life help others? Obviously he feels I have not suffered enough to warrant the call G-d has given me. So maybe his G-d must punish me more by not allowing the Son to be honored or lifted up,  or the word given to the world in the form of crop circles as his G-d punishes me some more.

I thought exposing the truth and setting souls free was going to be a call of great honor,  how stupid was I?  Pastor forgive me for being someone who cared,  I will try to be more like you for now on.  However, I warn you kissing the ass of the Pope is where I must draw the line,  along with learning to Goose step.

I apologize that I gave you the crop circles hoping you would take the pass and run with it. I placed you in a terrible position that would have saved souls. I have, however, found a  leader for the Catholic contingency among your congregation. Now I will need to get one for the Mormons, and I don’t want to use a Mormon or a or a Protestant Pentecostal Catholic Mormon, or a Protestant Pentecostal Catholic Mormon Muslim. I will seek a full 100% spirit filled Protestant if that’s OK with you? After all Protestants are the little horn spoken of in Daniel while the two bigger ones are…Well if a truck driver has to tell you who the two larger horns are I am just going to upset you more, you have the education and I do not. All I have is the author who wrote the original.

One of the reasons Romans never accepted true Christianity is because it was servants who found G-d before they did. Taking instruction from those beneath you is so degrading of one’s position in society or in mind. Me I’m just a truck driver involved in transportation,  no clear message there, driving for Land Air Express no clear message in that either, crop circles made in England in a town that holds a transportation museum that bears my last name which means beautiful place, no clear message there either. My initials are Babel first kingdom in Genesis 10:10 after the flood of destruction,  we are at the end well no clear message there either, first Tower was Babel two towers down a Babel appears, no message in any of this. You keep wanting to walk in the spirit so when are you going to?

No one is going to hell as a lay person who has a translation different then mine.  Teacher’s on the other hand will be held to a higher standard, as they always have been,  they will not be going to hell,  no one born again will be, thats the promise. However, first ride out depends on the angels does it not? For eternal kingdom positions in heaven based on our works and walk Christ is watching,  to fail in the area of discernment is to..?

Matthew 13:41-42 KJV
(41) The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; (42) And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I use the KJV,  because it is the only one that has respect for Abel and his offering and that passage is key to the whole harvest.  As for leaders in G-d’s kingdom in the hereafter,  don’t count on it.  G-d’s word is the same yesterday today and forever and it wasn’t an NASB or NIV that G-d ordered rightly. So if you can’t see great crusades and revivals happening its because of the compromise and embrace of a harlot who made it all happen to remove the Son of G-d out of the word to fail in the area of discernment is to..?

It is no longer a book written all by light, it now has darkness tossed in it as well.   We don’t have to agree on everything to be friends in Christ is a asinine statement when contending with truth. It either is or it isn’t but it can’t be both?  It is a simple equation.  We boast of our spiritual knowledge and tell people not to posses Ouija boards or certain talisman or what movies are bad to watch.  However, we care not who wrote or had a hand in our Holy Bibles does G-d change his mind? America and England both the two most significant Christian nations on Earth both speak English both under attack by Satan, why is it that English suffers the most translations??? To fail in the area of discernment is to..?

My Jesus believing supervisor had fruit depicting his absence of relationship. When the Lord tapped me 5/13/09, I had just finished figuring the greatest mystery out. This battle was based on a silly game of king of the hill. Soon as I had completed the image below,  I jumped from my chair shouting Babel, Babel several times and my body was taken over by a new benevolent anointing which began by cleaning my apartment throwing papers away I had saved for years, all the while shouting through me like I was a puppet this life is over for me a new thing is happening. It was like Jesus had placed a new spirit within me, the things I struggled with now meant nothing to me. The messages in the crop circles came a month later and he reminds me of a better time, when I knew him not as the Son of G-d but as Father.



After cleaning the place I grabbed a cup of tea and sat in front of my computer. Staring at the image above with this passage repeating over and over within my spirit man,  “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” Next thing I know he pokes two fingers in my right shoulder blades and goes “Tag you’re it.” I jumped out of my chair and under my covers crying ” don’t look at me.” Even with my eyes closed his form passed through my eyelids, he laughed as He proclaimed… I sounded just like my father. He laid hands on me and said, “Happy birthday Bobby.” next he took me in the spirit showed me how they built the first pyramid then he showed me stepping out of a limousine in front of a church. He said I will restore your relationship to your wife, in turn you will restore my relationship to Israel.

The image began to evolve, and he began speaking to me for weeks afterwards in my truck about what needed to be done. I would be praising and singing listening to my favorite ministries, when a flash of light would catch my attention on my right side. I went for a full physical, cat scans and eye exams just to be certain it wasn’t some fleshly anomaly. I knew it wasn’t, but I wanted to be safe. This had gone on several years and when I stumbled upon a truth, more of the mystery hidden in scripture was revealed. This is what he meant by practicing and prospering.

When I would go home, I would open up my browser to my favorite crop circle site. Almost immediately I would have the answers to several. He impressed them upon me and showed me in his word where he had written me in. The images revealed what it was he was looking for, the lamps that made them were coming to me.

Because of who I am not because of what I had done, I was raised by Catholic believers who knew not the word, but were obedient pets of Rome my stepfather because of his co-dependency burned into my spirit the importance of keeping a vow. I must have asked him a million times to leave my stepmother and a million times he told me he took a vow, for better or worse. When I got saved in 1982, I realized that Jesus took this same vow when he offered himself up for each of us. The night I received the Holy Spirit I asked for all the ministry gifts, when I concluded he asked is that all? I asked, “Is there more?” He laughed repeating it back “Is there more?” I said “Give me what I need to bring in your harvest.” He spoke in the affirmative, “Done.”

He sent me return to bring it to a close. I only realized that in May of 2009 when he wished me a happy birthday. A 50 th birthday which wasn’t going to occur until 6/10, he was referring to the day I got filled with the Holy Spirit 5/13/82. The enemy’s kingdom is just a bigger puzzle for me, and it is all built on sinking sand.

He is almost giving it away they may catch on to the game.
He is almost giving it away they may catch on to the game.

I explained to my supervisor at work that I believed the 700 billion dollars which left America in 2008 was a delusion. It went inside the church of England, the previous Prime minister Tony Blair has a handle on it. He is a past colleague of the Queen of England, who converted to Catholicism. Now he is the chairman over one of their bank’s.  Is this a coincidence?  Tell me that the spirit in him does not tip you off to something’s up? G-d has his workers and the devil has his and when I show you his you will understand why I stayed in the AG church these last six years.


I showed my supervisor the image above and asked him how much would a person require each to get by on three years and help those in need, three million dollars or more? He slipped down his sunglasses over his eyes and began to walk with me outside insisting oddly that he wanted to have seven years. Repeating, “I want seven years.” I pressed him again. How much would one need to survive for three years and serve the ministry? He shouted “I am taking it all.,” only a few minutes had passed then I realized whom it was that was speaking through my supervisor. For almost a year afterwards, his back was in agony and no wonder, consider the big load he had carried in less than five minutes.

He was totally confused to where he was at or how he got there. I asked what would he do with merely a few million dollars, and he said he would build a shelter to take care of neglected animals. I said nothing only thinking that evil seems to like animals better than human eternal souls, and I need to be careful whom I hand the money out to, when it comes my way. It will happen because Jesus said it will. He wants it used to bring in His harvest and to show the people his greatness in making this happen for them. Keep in mind it’s not me who needs a peace plan or a temple built? I just got the wisdom to make it happen because I acknowledge the truth,  something many ministers seem to dismiss is the value of G-d’s Son’s honor.

The next day after talking with the enemy unaware at first it was him. I noticed a crop circle I had completed the day before it had been added to. As much as I try,  I cannot understand his gibberish? You would think after twelve thousand years he could formulate a well-written statement. My ancient hieroglyphics fails me, and Joseph Smith isn’t here to interpret it for me. The message came after my insistence that I only get three and half years, when he was promised seven. All I can say… Isn’t free will a bitch!

When Lucifer finds out it is I he attacks the image. I still cannot read his gibberish.
The image is wrong that’s the problem!
When Lucifer finds out it is I he attacks the image. I still cannot read his gibberish.
The writing is still alien to me. However, after the next one, I can pretty much assume it means he has a short circuit and is definitely in need of some major repair. He was promised seven years. I denied him that in front of my boss because I didn’t know it was him. He wasn’t wearing his Channel odor of Sulfur  No. 666. This could be the code confirming his wanted seven years?


After having done fifty or sixty of these, I wrote in my blog that Satan could not be doing these. Because they open up to G-d’s word, and I use a KJV which he is not a big fan of. It’s as if they are meant to bring healing and hope to others. Why would he do that in the backyard of Rome and give a truck driver working for Land Air Express the answers to them?

I said that his work was not fridge worthy in my blog. That he could not stay in-between the lines so his work didn’t get on father’s fridge, the very next day this image above appeared. It was then I realized he reads my posts and knows who I am.

When I was eight or so my step brother’s best friend named me laughingly booby bird brain. The image above is a reference to that. He sees the angels as bird brains and man he sees as grays pulling from our minds the technology he needs. He gives away a lot by doing this.   Without the angels, he gets nothing. Once Israel became a nation G-d began to send them in like paratroopers the books of knowledge were opened to finish the work. Because of who he is ‘EVIL’, he also increased abortion to limit our arrival. He needs this technology to have his seven years to play G-d as he was promised.

My step brother’s friend was cruel to me most of my life. Then he became a drug dealer, when I found out he threatened my life in front of my brother. He died weeks later after the threat was made. That was when I was only thirteen. Five years into the future G-d reveals himself to me again, and my family has me committed. I frightened my Mormon sister in law claiming my G-d is greater than her’s, and I would prove it to her someday that was in  May of 1978.

In 2012, my pastor and many others like him tried to prove me wrong when they went and voted for a Mormon President and the devil laughed at them all, while G-d shook his head and seeks judgment on those who would dishonor his Son’s position here in America, my America.  The kingdom of heaven is at hand, means it is here it is how we treat each other. On Earth as it is in heaven is how we are to work. In heaven, the angels did not see the Son before the creation of man, he was invisible to them,  known only to them as the Most High G-d.

Father was not unseen to them, make no mistake Father and Son are one and the same. If you seen Father you seen the Son. What is the symbolic meaning of placing another god over America? The angels had an excuse, they did not know the Father, and Son were one in the same. Jesus cleared that up for all of us. However, when it comes to defending his honor election 2012 proved invaluable to the angels. I was appalled at the amount of Christians who were going to make my 1978 ordeal a false prophecy to my sister in law. It only confirmed the iniquity among us.

We are doing the book of Revelation and my minister said the bible does not talk about great crusades and grand harvests, yes we like telling Satan and his followers all about our plans.  The bible didn’t mention the trap we set for him as well,  but there you go plain as the nose on your face and who are you following?


So Mr. I care about the lost are you going to let all this work, and the circles go to waste and not let anyone know the truth? Well aren’t you special, you grew up under the altar of a church and your parents told you how exceptional you were, they kept saying how proud of you, they were? The approval we need to seek is not from others but from G-d.  FYI Judas ate with Jesus, and they hung out together as well. Know wonder you have a hard time locating the Antichrist, the Nile is just not a river in Egypt you know.

A minister who claims to know G-d whom I gave the crop circles too, someone who said pyramids will confuse others. Now he claims there will be no great crusades before Christ comes back. Well as for him being a leader with free will,  we can see clearly the direction he decided to go with it.

Just simply repeat after me and your eyes will be opened…”The priesthood ended when the last sacrifice was made, its purpose completed, Jesus confirmed it in these words, “It is finished.” ” So any priesthood Catholic or Mormon is a mocking to the completed work of Christ. The only priesthood that exists is the Royal Priesthood and believers everywhere are included in that.

He obviously does not understand G-d at all. When Jesus said there would be marrying and giving in marriage. Jesus also has a desire of his father that none should perish that all come to repentance. Seeing the circles and the vacancy of England needing a King and the world’s serious need to hear the gospel, he should have jumped all over it. Instead, jealousy grabbed hold precisely like it did the angels in heaven over the Son and then again, the coat of many colors or the covering cherub. The devil just never liked me, Genesis 4:4 if he did he would have left respect where it mattered most to G-d, so I am not surprised his agents do not as well.

He had the opportunity to present the gospel to the world, and he said no.

He cannot complain when he is left behind. Sadly those who allow a man like this to lead them will condemn others to be left behind as well Matthew 5:20. We are to bring G-d glory and tear down Satan’s kingdom crushing his head. However, when you are the devil’s safety helmet that is pretty hard to do. Let us make sure the devil is not Bugs Bunny in this story making you Elmer Fudd handing you the weapons to take him down with, and they lack the strength to do so. What’s up doctors of Theology?

He sat on the crop circles three years before the 2012 elections even took place.

As long as men like this are leading, there will be no great revivals or crusades and G-d will be robbed of his glory. They have eyes to see and cannot see,  ears to hear and cannot hear. The circles will continue in his hands too not to see the light of day and be neglected.

If he continues this path, the true word will remain hidden. There will be no King in England, and no pulpit for a great leader (not I and at least I’m honest) to preach from. I will, however, sign the agreement and take the bullet when the time comes, it will be the arrows from the bow the rider of the white horse places, that will do all the work. When I entered the transportation field from electronics the first company JB Hunt that I worked for gave me an ID that is mine permanently it is Bear31, just so you know I am smarter than the average bear all because I know the 3 in 1.

I just want be with my beloved and offer her the life the both of us were robbed of by people in the church. I want to see the world and tell great men,  about my great G-d and what awaits them on the other side for good or for bad.

I do not wish to rule the world, only to bring the world to Jesus,  what’s left over, pastor can stay and continue to teach Bible study out of his NASB that robs G-d of more than he knows. He didn’t want to provide the 144000 with finances, so he should not have any either in the tribulation. A great man of G-d such as him should live on complete faith and whatever little wisdom he has will continue to get him by.

Many like him think the holy spirit is gone before the 144,000 are chosen.  He keeps stressing they are Jews but every Christian grafted into the vine is a Jew and the only tribe that is here that is full Jewish bloodline is Judah. What of the the other 132,000? Again it may be his Jesuit education. It is clear to me the church is the bride of Christ Israel is G-d’s woman and Jesus is the bridegroom birth through Israel.  Seems the bride is still found here just before judgment is past on the harlot.

Revelation 18:23 KJV
(23) And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

Revelation 19:6-8 KJV
(6) And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord G-d omnipotent reigneth. (7) Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.
(8) And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.

Can we say we are ready?  I think not, because if disrespecting G-d’s word and works in England is claiming you are ready,  than you are a fool.

This has always been a love story,  it it has all the makings of a great story, a damsel in distress (Israel) a dragon who needed access to fire.  In 2008 his church got it for him (Rome) who is responsible for the fires need to begin with. Now the true body of Christ must rise up together wearing the full armor to slay the wicked serpent and set the woman free and that is made possible by placing G-d’s king in position.

Ignorance is no excuse; I have been patient and explained, but he likes playing the devils advocate with me. He can’t see what G-d is doing,  that will be his downfall as it will be for many. When he sided with Rome to destroy this nation and its wealth. Allowing them to place a false messiah to the Muslims, then he denied Obama as the Antichrist, he supported the Antichrist. We need to draw the power away and expose his hunger for power.

G-d gave the church opportunity to expose the people behind the downing of America’s towers, and be hailed as heroes by the world. How can that be if the elect believe they fell under the weight of the planes, that WTC SEVEN went down because of fires in its own foot print at five o’clock in the afternoon. People who are lost see better at times than those who claim sight.  The elect agree there is no conspiracy to destroy us by those in power. When did the elect become idolaters and servants of Rome?


It reveals clearly how many do not understand what is truly going on. G-d will not be mocked, especially by those who claim to honor and serve him. In 2009 those who knew about the crop circles and knew it was not Satan who opens up the word to the world, makes them clearly agents of his by default, claiming the circles are of him.

Is it blasphemy against the Holy Spirit if balls of light made them, the same lamps seen in Genesis 15:17 as described in the KJV? Is it a lamp Lucifer may have once carried? Compare that verse in your NASB and NIV. Because if they are not of Satan, it definitely means they belong to G-d, I have proven time and time that they are G-d’s, and still those that know me continue to rob G-d of millions of souls, while claiming to serve him. I did not go to seminary. I am not part of the Jesuit let’s stick together and break G-d’s commands club. I am the one man guaranteed that no weapon formed against me will prosper, use that knowledge to the advantage of the kingdom.

If the Pope can hide behind his version of Jesus and build his one world order, then surely many can hide behind my version of Antichrist.

Satan has no interest in someone who has no power. The only power I have is the steering in my truck of transportation and a direct link to the Master. He did not ask me to bow to your false translations and demonic doctrines, that rob him of His glory. We are being selective of whom is coming and who is staying. If G-d only provides you a short time to get it right, what will you do?

I can’t work with prideful arrogance and those who cannot tell they have been fooled by Rome. A good leader places leaders who can do the job in the right positions. He delegates, and he can do it with a few phone calls and a decent secretary. To have those who are blind insist they can see is a waste of this mans time. I want to be Romancing the woman G-d gave me in 1983.


Matthew 13:41-42 KJV
(41) The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
(42) And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

If laid out on good wood stock and cut you could make a coffee cup holder for a king. Which may have been better than giving him all those stones as a covering for the Son. He wanted to be G-d that truly took some stones.
If laid out on good wood stock and cut you could make a coffee cup holder for a king. Which may have been better than giving him all those stones as a covering for the Son. He wanted to be G-d that truly took some stones.

I frighten Satan and those whom serve him. That is why I rile and rattle his cage as G-d even mocks him in the crop images. The one to the left reveals a cup holder may have been a better choice than a covering was. This form of antagonism makes him surface within the body elect or should I say… Not so elect because the elect cannot be deceived. Seeing him makes it easier to deliver them.

When I thought, I found a man of G-d who could understand he turned out to be the hardest of men, and so I stayed. I love a challenge, just like my heavenly father. I brought him about fifty completed crop circles in October of 2009. I then brought my dad whom I was pleading with to leave the Knights of Columbus, all this man had to do was confirm G-d was working in my life so that my father would hearken to my words and free himself from the Knights. I told him about how G-d placed within my life his story. I never knew my parents, and my stepfather was a carpenter. My step mother was named Lucille a covering that obviously failed me as his did him, but I never failed G-d in loving her.

I explained the fives in sequences of three that followed me throughout my life, he said to my step dad it was a coincidence. Unfortunately, my step dad died not long after. He was a man I loved dearly; he suffered a great deal because of my presence in his life, today he knows why, I wanted him to know then.

What was not going to change in his life is the fact his wife spent twelve years in a Catholic orphanage who went in a scared little girl. She came out full of fear and a frightened woman. I just brought out the worst in her, and I was the lightening rod for the devils she carried.  G-d must have told his creature I would know who the antichrist was first.  None of us are perfect and I did really believe it was Obama, I had my atheist step brother convinced it was in December 2008. Then when I said at church it’s got to be him I want to wrap my arms around him and thank him for coming my Jesus is next, it was in February 2009.   I was set up, because it was May of 2009 Jesus said “Tag I was it.” after being led into Egypt to see what brainless did. He said I was to let the world know He is on his way and to begin celebrating, and what better way is there to tell the world then getting the call?

The Pastor in question seen the website I placed up at the time, he mildly rebuked me. Asking me what was I doing revealing G-d’s secrets? I should have replied… “When you catch the rat, you can uncover the trap, that’s why.”

I explained about the pyramids, here is a seminary student fully aware of four hundred years of slavery of G-d’s Jewish people and the star of David. Who has the audacity to say to me pyramids, will confuse people???

When I heard him say that I swore I would set him free from the sin of rebellion and stubbornness. Because I heard it as… I am living in the dark and do not care about who G-d is speaking with, as far as the Son’s effigy if it is or not, I do not care, just leave him there. You’re foolish to think G-d’s Son’s honor is worth anything much less the world. The crop circles I will do nothing with, like a Catholic. I will keep the word hidden from the world allowing more children to infuse drugs within their arms and continue to shoot and kill each other. I offer no hope other than what little I know, I pretend to care right along with the rest of them, and I have a piece of paper that says I can. G-d is in control and do not have to worry. I have Jesus; he may be a Catholic Jesus, but he is still a Jesus.

He is doing the book of revelation, and I warned him he will not complete it, as long as I am Abel If he does it in my presence out of a corrupt manuscript. He can never say I did not warn him. He says there will be no great outpourings or last day crusades of people coming to Christ. Only because he does not see it in scripture. There is a lot that is revealed as truth alluded to in the bible without being detailed, for instance, Satan making the Son of G-d his pet. It is no where to be found except in his possible cover-up in Egypt. Having G-d to have to call His Son the lion of the tribe of Judah… What do you call what Rome did to the Son or there parishioners? Ring a bell, sit, ring it again we kneel? When they say this, we say this back. When they ring the bell another time we stand and sit, then we can come and get our Jesus cookie after the “PRIESTHOOD” mysteriously magically pulls him out of heaven to continue the unfinished work of Christ, and all the people walk out in some false victory when they didn’t even give Jesus his complete victory.

Well, we all have an opportunity to be leaders of this revival, but he threw away the crop circles like they were trash. I told him Jesus said I was going to get my marriage restored,  was it so that I could ignore my bride to deal with the matters of the harvest? Think men think,  it is a love story!

I do not want to rule the world, I just want to lead the world to Christ that is going to take real men of G-d. I am just exposing the actual antichrists,  while doing it. By rattling and rileing the enemy, his soldiers stand against me and reveal themselves.  Sorry if you were one that became exposed,  how is not promoting the crop circles bringing G-d glory? If you fell for it and denied G-d his glory,  you have time to get right with G-d and repent.  As for being a leader within the kingdom,  you have time to prove your worth, we need leaders who can follow all that Jesus teaches and instructs, who hold his word and him precious. He honors me only because I seen where He was dishonored in the first place. Plus being Abel and all and I am very touched on several levels.  That’s not important as much as getting lost souls to the cross.

crop_circle_lg387Pastor you tell everyone no one will be wiser than King Solomon. I am only looking for one’s half as wise to lead G-d’s church and not one, but several. I hope to enjoy the last few years here on earth with my beloved and with my closest friends of course. The devil robbed me and her of childhood, and I feel I owe him something, which is to steal from him the souls he thinks belong to him. If you don’t want to play then put down the bat,  stop swinging like a child at special olympics. Take first base and wait for the next batter.

Sure some will stay in the tribulation but why does my pastor want it to be the family and friends of his parishioners, is beyond me? It may have something to do with pride and denial, that the elect cannot be deceived. He said felt the presence of G-d in a Catholic liturgy was that a “PRIEST” performing it??? I wish my stepmother in a Catholic orphanage for twelve years had or most of the ones sitting in bars who went through them, how about that Hitler character?

He defends a defunct priesthood and a system that mocks G-d and sends their parishioners to hell. He says G-d does not need money to bring about the harvest, well we can see whose treasury it is he likes to protect. Maybe he likes them buying bombs; he makes no secret about how he like guns, that is why he went for Romney. It wasn’t to offend G-d. It was more about the protection of the second amendment which was much more important to him than Romney’s religion teaching him that he will be a god some day.

There will be no great crusades at the end, the reason is you treat G-d with no respect or his word. Look at who is in the pulpit,  a man who would keep children from reading G-d’s word. By doing so he hid the revival from the world, not hard to see which one of us is the true Antichrist?

We need more weapons to leave behind for those left in the tribulation. He appreciates Rome investing in our Politics here in America and placing Obama up to the Muslims as a false messiah. He assured me that Obama was not the Antichrist and after all the things the angels did to make him look like that Antichrist, how is is  he knew it was not? How was I deceived by it and he wasn’t? It is a scary implication indeed. Now he sees so much better, he is to keep glory away from G-d by hiding the crop circles,  while he keeps stepping on a child of the Most High abused in Catholic home all his life, who clearly has a relationship to G-d,  but the plan is to protect Catholics while allowing millions to never hear the gospel???

Whatever did the Jesuits or Rome promise him? Newsflash that is not our G-d’s wealth sitting in Rome,  it feeds the Jesuits and feeds a corrupt clergy. It builds weapons to subdue us… It has been saved up for my G-d to give his god the peace plan he needs. It is,  clearly his gods money  if he does not see its value at this moment in time to set others free. He protects the dragons wealth as do the Knights of Columbus, how is this bringing the G-d of heaven glory or setting captives free?

The Jesuit text book on inquiring asks, does G-d need money to bring about the harvest? No, the money was meant as a gift for me, because of what I found. I would like to use it to help the harvest, help get that temple built for G-d and all. No, G-d does not need the money for the harvest. However, the 144000 will be appreciative if we set a little something aside for them.

The money only shows the world the greatness of our G-d in honoring those who honor him. Never want to worry about anything ever again, give your life to my G-d, his name is Jesus. He is definitely not Catholic, that you will see. Also get yourself a good KJV bible and find a decent church to read it in. I recommend any church that carries Babel’s seal of approval. Jesus did say I was to give the money to his church, and I am looking for them. If your minister can be found at, I like most of them, so that’s a excellent start, AG non Jesuit would also be a decent places as well. Jesuits are like cockroaches. We are calling upon the ORKIN men. We are hoping to exterminate most of them before the rapture.

wtc7mj8The dragon should have left respect for Abel in the bible. It seems every time he tries to hide something it just has a way of standing out. Better yet he should have left the possessive personal pronoun in Genesis 10:10 as Babel’s this would have given him his temple that much quicker. Now we have to watch thousands more die in Damascus but remember pastors we have free will , six years ago when I started my websites and came to you all we could have stopped it, can we change what is written?  Not really,  but we can cause severe damage to the other side and grab more souls than we first thought. If only had you seen the treasure lying in Egypt and in England as I had. We could have been well on the way to set millions free.

If one man seeks to save souls, and bring G-d glory while another denies that, who is the other serving? Finding true leaders to bring about the harvest is what I seek to do, not to run the world. However, in that call, the enemy will go after the one with the power it’s in his nature, that is all he wants or cares about. Making his exposure and setting captives free a lot easier,  don’t you think? Satan will continue to kill until he gets the man G-d wants to represent him, who claims to be Abel,  funny how that worked out?

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