On this day 1,983 years ago the Darkside was rejoicing until the next morning.

It was a Saturday the Jewish Sabbath; Christ was lying in his tomb having been crucified the Friday before by the Romans, who enjoyed killing people. They even did it for sport in the Colosseum gladiators were like football stars are today.  We are more civilized as to how we kill others now.   So what’s another man to them and that being a Jewish man?

In the final blow against the false gods of Egypt and to break Pharaoh, the angel of death is sent to kill all the firstborn of the Egyptians. The blood of the lamb represents the blood of Christ. It is celebrated today as Passover.

Jewish people were starting their Sabbath, the beginning of the Passover. This celebration lasted seven days in remembrance of what God did for them in Egypt. and it was the mother of all holy days the Passover. Many oblivious to who had visited them who it was lying in the tomb, even HIS disciples had doubt.


Though the prince of darkness recognized the nature of God in HIM for he once carried the very lamps that Jesus now was carrying only without measure.


The disciples were hiding in fear for the most part.  So for them to roll the stone away and steal the body while Roman guards stood by is the most ridiculous of stories about the resurrection one could ever accept.


Then be careful to fold the linen burial cloth, Which I have taken to mean because there is no fall back reason for this in scripture. There is no mention of what the dead are supposed to do with the burial cloth after they rise.

God has a sense of humor HE does. The burial linen signifies HE does all things decently and orderly.

Those same people who hid in fear stand up and proclaim one has risen from the dead. The angels who refused to attend worship brought death, insisting on looking on the face of God.  God placed protection between the loyalists and the rebellious. Revealing to the defiant, the SON of God has value in the creation of the covering.

Which, for the most part, is evident life does not end but continues, and some people just refuse to believe. Jesus came to show us the path and all the time, what was HE doing lifting up and honoring HIS Father and keeping the laws.

He told  HIS followers to make disciples of all nations, and only five chapters earlier, he warns the Church about leadership and not to call anyone teacher or Rabbi or even Father. I was tested on that last one. A priest at a Catholic college in Andover Mass. asked me to refer to another priest as a father, and I told HIM what Jesus said, I guess he didn’t know? Instead of thanking me for sharing what the master said he called me insolent then called my boss and tried to get me fired,   What would the world look like with these people running the show?

I know it will be a revival of inquisition and Nazi Germany brought on by none other than a priesthood that should not exist. Who gave us both separately now they will combine them.

The lost think their bodies and their short existence is all there is. As if life had no lessons needing to be learned?

We are coming back with new bodies in case you haven’t heard, and our facilities now will still be here. Saints will take the housing of the unsaved and damned on their return.

Those first Christian saints did not even have a new testament to read.  Now they will have mansions with pools and  BBQ grills until Christ finishes HIS millennial reign of rest.

They knew who lived in them and understood what HE did for them on that cross because HE SPOKE with them and explained it.

The Jews seek a leader like David, a king warrior, to overthrow Rome.

I am not Jesus, and I would not dare say I would sit on  HIS right side; what matters is HIS words what HE taught, and if we neglect HIS teachings, how can we say we are followers?

In the early Church loving your enemy meant giving up your life to show them a path they needed to follow. Today’s Church loving your enemies has come to stand with those who lie, cheat, and steal and place stumbling blocks.

Jesus is returning with wrath to destroy the wicked who refused HIS covering of blood and the one who pointed it out to a lost and dying world.

The early Saints gave no thought of their own lives; it would be like having a Christian today stand up against the most influential groups on the earth who created this beast and made this world into what it is today. By pointing the finger at those who are responsible who mock the work of God and by their actions reveal that they do not believe in the finished work of Christ, for them, Christ has yet not come, and I am speaking of a restored priesthood offering sacrifices daily.

That would take some  faith wouldn’t it?

Daniel 8:12 KJV
(12)  And an host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practiced, and prospered.

Daniel 8:23 KJV
(23)  And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

Nothing is more wicked than trying to pass off another  Messiah to a lost race that they were responsible for creating. What’s wrong with the Messiah Father gave us? Who only used the term HOLY FATHER once in the whole of scripture,  these are the legs of iron refusing to bend.

Hoping he is worth it.

It’s no Cadillac, but he has driven it before. This has to be my ride, says the devil he is at the top of the hill where I need him to be.

I’m evil by the standards of Rome, who made the evil look good and the good to look evil.

They are at the top of the food chain at the pinnacle of the Pyramid.

The whole system the devil began in Babylon Christ ended it at the cross. Only one can rebuild the temple, do you know why?

Because they are on the square and on the level, they are honest about who they are.


Take a good look at the Inverted Pyramid, the one eye who wanted to be God blocked from seeing what the real God is doing in building his kingdom. So like me, he has to make what is right look evil. In the Amazon series  “Good Omen’s,”  the rider of the first white horse has failed to show up, and they make him into a monster with Satanic power.

God gave me my call because HE said people knew me. Does this sound like me?

God cares about CHILDREN!

Harming Children comes with a price, and lying to others, you know God just as bad.

The raised sections are 18 total the hairs on his head, and his binky add to fourteen. The Bible teaches G-d numbers the hairs on our heads. Matthew 10:30. This crop circle points to Matthew 18:1-14. It may be upside down?  Like our LORD, no matter how you see HIM, HE is the same and does not change because you went to seminary and got a degree.

Ministering angels are stirring within the congregation, and the enemy needs his peace plan and temple built, so the latest Star Wars film gives us again a clue.

Many are unaware that the enemy moves in them while we know God moves in those who follow HIM. Darkness gives way to light. In the movie, there is a device they are fighting over called the “Wayfinder” shaped liked a Pyramid?!?  God loves you people, and HIS mercy endures forever.

You want to know the way to heaven; it can be found in Israel on a hill called Golgotha / Calvary.

It couldn’t be more visible.  If I am the one, then I need to be lifted to the top, and the truth would be heard. However, his ministers of righteous think they are the Avengers with superpowers, and one of them is not the truth.

In houses all over Israel during this time before the sunrise of the next morning, while Jesus laid in the tomb, the youngest male child would run around the house with a feather and look for that hidden small piece of leaven that should not be in the house.  A reminder that they had to leave in a hurry and had no time to allow the bread to rise on this Passover night.

The angel of death (COVID 19) was coming to slay the pagan Egyptians that kept them in bondage and served idols rather than the true God.

The Jewish people are here to help protect us from the darkness by revealing there is only one God; now, we need to introduce them to the SON of God.

I grew up in New England except for the trucking across the country in the late 90’s  I never lived more than fifty miles from where I was raised; these are my stomping grounds.

My first charismatic Church was a Baptist  Church and being new to the faith. I was unaware there were two different types of Baptists—those who believed in the gifts and those who did not. I, for one, believe that the gifts are meant for all believers. However, they should not become more important than the word or the speaking of it.   We are charged by God to hide the word in our hearts as not to sin against him.

My first convert was a Computer Engineer who had his nose always in technical manuals, while on every break and lunch, he would see me reading my pocket new testament. He asked me one day what it was I found so intriguing about the Bible.  I replied, “it’s  my technical manual on how to live in harmony with my God.” As I was a new convert in May of 1982, I learned that once I had him say the sinners’ prayer, I needed to follow up and find a Church within his community.  He told me there was a Baptist church near him, so I went to church with him and his family; I was so excited I didn’t get me, one soul, I got a whole family a wife and his two children or was it three? It was some time ago.

I liked the preaching his pastor get right with God hellfire and brimstone; it was inspiring. I  told him he was in the right place. A month or so later, we began to talk about the gift of tongues to which he began to insist it was ecstatic speech.   Now I got my tip while praising and worshipping God and then laying in my bed to go to sleep a word came into my spirit man, and I spoke the word then several more followed. When I pray in tongues, I feel the presence of God and the damage being done to the enemy’s kingdom.

I noticed today that tongues are learned responses from a group of “believers”  helping a new convert get their gift. The problem, now it is no longer an intimate gift it could be ecstatic speech making the person feel they belong that they now fit in the group, and isn’t that what most people want to do when they come into the Church is fit in.?

Is the person truly “Born Again”? If they go home and begin reading the word and seeking God and get the gift, it will mean more to them and assure me they are hearing from God, not a bunch of confused zealots about gifts over the word.

Most of them who have the gifts don’t have the word; they are stirred by emotion, that does not help explain to the lost person why they need Jesus?

I’m not about faking it till you make it that would be lying about something you do not have, and it wasn’t God who gave it to you.

When I was going through the toughest time of my separation from my Christian wife, I told her I loved her, and she did not believe me, I can understand why I was not raised nor was I prepared for marriage and what came with it. When my step folks fought, it was every day, and nothing ever seemed to be resolved. I said to her the truth I cannot give to you what

Then how can one be sure it is the Holy Spirit? Mormons speak in tongues, so do Muslims, and I am talking a manifestation of tongues, not their own. One sure-fire way to know it is the HOLY SPIRIT is that you honor God’s word and tell others about Jesus.

The Bible is clear; God looks in on the heart, and it is HE who gives to whom HE wills the  Kingdoms of the Earth.   My life reveals that the SON HAS VALUE! The first light bearer did not see his value; I will not make the same mistake.

Is not being like Jesus to be kind and loving, yet I never called another a  dirtbag to his face, I wait until I am alone and discuss it with God, most of the time asking for forgiveness for them because they know not what they do, still.

It is only in Pentecostal churches people get slain in the Spirit and come up more influential for Rome why not any other Church? If Rome is mentioned in the seven churches, which one would she be, and why would anyone who knows the God of scripture support it and not take a stand to correct it?

He gave us HIS Spirit to discern right and wrong, and we have had plenty of visuals to know what it is about.

Is this good, or is this evil?

What stumbling block? These are not idols. They’re action figures. Older adults should not be playing with dolls grow up!
Be more pro life in this direction and teenage woman will get more of the word.
Leviticus 26:1  Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the LORD your God. Also found in Exodus 20:4, it is the commandment they removed from their religion.

His first love is always towards the Jewish people, and we are to reconcile them to HIM  and reveal that HE indeed was that promised messiah. God keeps HIS promises. How can you say honestly to the Jewish people you have a relationship with God and side with Rome?

Could the relationship only be in your head and not your heart? It is for those mentioned above.

He is the CHRIST the SON of the Living God, and it is upon this statement HE has built HIS CHURCH. Not on Peter  and the truth is  they stole the keys like they steal everything else only they  opened the gates to hell wide, and no one noticed,

The map comes from the Jesuit website. Is the world a better place is America any longer the nation we once so loved?
T what a priesthood of Satan has built for the world. Jesuits and Catholic Priests need to understand Jesus ended the need for the priesthood’s purpose at the cross.

They kill you thinking they are doing God a service.

The world’s population, like in Egypt, has become unmanageable resources are limited, and affluent Americans do not know how to share. Thanks to hiding the word  from the hearts of men  others suffer as a result,

A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

I found it written in stone.

Dream Stele of Thutmose IV is carved in stone in between the feet of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. All Thutmose needed to do was dig the sand off his body. All I did was place HIM where he led America to put Him out of the dirt and lifted.



People call the enemy cunning; he easily deceives only those who are not elect. To think I know a  man of God who traveled over seven hundred miles from his home thirty-three years ago to inform me that I  do not understand what the lamps are for?

So let me get this straight the one who has the lamps does not know what the lamps are for????

Note where we find the lampstand in the heavenly tabernacle of G-d.  Lighting opposite the bread of life.

In the second Church, I attended where I first encountered him in my walk; the people were more mature in the gifts than my previous Church.  Also, they were very knowledgable about the word. They had one fault they were not protective of who came into the Church; they did not vet the membership and enforce why it would be wrong to send children to a Parochial school. The same Schools that employed the same doctrines and tactics as was taught to Adolph Hitler and many of the  Nazi’s.

The Church had a school of its own; unfortunately, the children attending the dragons schools did not participate in theirs.   Could it have been that the school was only there to protect their Son and no others? It seemed they added a grade to each grade he was to attend until they could go no further?  My stepfather pointed that one out to me, I had not noticed it, and it made sense.

I was there a year when the one who would take the Church down appeared who had his vision of what God wanted.  The population of Boston was threatened to have been saved had the one God wanted to bless had remained.

He was made a public spectacle because he honored God’s word.  The state placed him in the headlines. I was honored that he would ask for my attorney’s name that did my divorce I found the nicest gentlest man I could,   to handle my divorce.

The previous Church I attended disappointed her in their decision to hide sin, which is precisely what the devil does so people will become his servants. She had been raised under the sin of divorce her father left when she was four, claiming her mother could not give him a  son. Guys, it is you who determines the sex of your child. Had King Henry known that we would have never had a Protestant faith and remained in the darkness of a delusional priesthood that has special cookies and lies to feed us.

Me I was no prize I was raised by a woman who had adopted me at thirty-two and had been a heavy stay at home drinker. I was told by a Christian brother now at home with the LORD  that at the first sign of trouble, her fall back will be divorce.

I said to him  “You do not know my Jesus !”, ” My, Jesus  can do anything.” Faith that gets attention.

Not long afterward, an event took place that would change my life forever. The Church in Boston began doing something all other churches were not doing it made them into a  spectacle a fishbowl is what the Prophetess at the Church had called it where all the world would look at Boston and see God doing a new thing.

I was not attending the Church at the time I was on the road claiming America for Jesus. I had stepped into the laughter anointing,    that I understood  God is about JOY. The devil seeks to steal our joy.

My father would tell me on my phone calls home what was happening at the Church, and I told him that I knew these people whatever it is it will be revealed in its time. They knew Jesus, and if the man who Massachusettes took to the woodshed had stayed that money they are using now for COVID-19  relief would have bought him the Boston Garden, and everyone who went through the tunnel would have heard the gospel.

It seems wherever I go, the devil is not far behind because that revival was abruptly ended, and those who write books about strange winds and strange fires didn’t know what it was I knew when the display of Noah’s Ark was followed by the Twin Towers coming down. A two-minute warning what scattered us in Genesis 11:9 was to unite us in September 9/11.

Now the faith of the church is under attack, and I am at fault for having found the effigy of the SON of God in Egypt and trusting Pentecostals to care about the word and truth. God is angry because no one sees the value in Jesus or the message God seeks to bring out. No, I am supposed to turn stones into bread and water into wine campaign for Mitt Romney and close my eyes to the truth.

We are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together as we see the day approaching.  We can’t show people you have faith in God if you don’t attend church, so what if you catch COVID -19. Read the reverse Psalm 91:10   or flip it for Psalm 61:1-8 now, who’s disappointed?

There are things worse than COVID-19 like hearing away from me I never knew you into the fires prepared for the devil and his angels.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions; again, I have never lived more than fifty miles from where I was raised.  Who is it that wants to stop me and keep the microphone out of my hand? Every revival I ever knew started with a call to preach, but as our transient has told me, I cannot think of myself as better than another.

I did not come to stop the gifts. How could I if they are from God? They need to be used in a way that will win people to Jesus, not make them more excited about joining Rome or scaring away others who love Jesus. They are not as mature as those who speak in tongues who have greater faith than they do and yet are stumbling blocks to so many.

Brother Abel.

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