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The enemy is artful of making slaves of us. If you have spent some time on my website, you have seen how he and his church used us to build their one-world order, how they destroyed America while duping Protestants to aid in its downfall. If it is going to be worse than Nazi Germany, and the Inquisition combined brought to you by the same body of men. Who really wants to stay?

wearenThat is exactly the way it is going to be. We see it now in the Nazarene symbols just as it was the star of David on the Jews during the holocaust. We need to warn Israel and others that it is time for resurrection / rapture. It is a once in a lifetime event, and it will never happen again. The fields are ripe unto harvest, and we have confirmation… Harvest, crops, crop circles it is time to unite together as one church, one body, one purpose, call the lost to repent and join us in a place where pain and suffering will cease. If they stay behind the only ones to blame is themselves.

The original debate that urged it on….Is the Son of G-d necessary to maintain a society? Only a fool at this point would say no.

My deepest desire is that Rome will open their eyes to how the devil played them as fools to do his bidding. In hopes of setting them on fire as they meet the true Jesus of scripture. Not the Jesus they created in their delusion of grandeur and power that never finished his work and needed their help to lift Mary over him and not HIM alone. He does not even need me. I am just honored to have been the first casualty, recently awakened to the whole truth.

Now I’m not talking about the Catholic fire that killed thousands of Bible believers who could have gone on to win the earlier Muslim populations. I’m talking about the real HOLY SPIRIT fire that will save them from the eternal hell fire for using Jesus in the way they did. To serve Satan’s purpose of building HIS one-world order. The Pope does not speak for my G-d, nor does his Jesuit wrecking crew serving the Emperor with new clothes,  to destroy every nation for Rome.

Every nation has fallen only one is able to bring it back when the true Bible churches join forces with England. There will be a Church on a hill again. Just like Churchil.
Every nation has fallen only one can bring it back when the true Bible churches join forces with England. There will be a Church on a hill once more. Just like Churchill only this time catching them before they begin again.

Leaving behind anyone is not our intended goal, leaving the enemy with little is.

Moses held up a staff and parted the waters G-d shall hold me up to do the same. In Jude, we see that Michael wrestled with Santa over the body of Moses. Here is what was going on… The enemy impatient to rule as G-d jumped the gun, he knew it is going to be a leader of G-d’s people, and it will be after an Exodus,  G-d tipped him off so that we can see it clearly as well.

Now we can see why the Roman Catholic Church kept trying to stop Protestantism and the reading of the word of G-d. The enemy knew if it were a Christian the blow to his kingdom would be devastating, as for it being Abel returned to share a body with him, how much worse can it get for him? Having to respect the one whom offered the first sacrifice that pointed to the SON, who would crush his head. Now he finally gets it. Do you?

The key word missing from many translations in the most important place because G-d doesn’t offer it to everyone, is found in Genesis 4:4. If you cannot respect the author of life than life will be lost to you. The first of the 24 elders of Revelation 4:4 is found in Genesis 4:4.

He fears the antichrist more than you all and right he is, he was once the light bearer, so he knows the power of the light and truth. G-d is going to use a Christian as HIS vehicle. Just like HE used Lucifer in heaven. Jesus left himself 3.5 years to complete HIS seven years of plenty. Only for the Spirit of G-d to have residence in any individual the heart had to be pure, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see G-d.

When I thought, Obama was the Antichrist I was elated, he still can be if Christian leadership doesn’t feel the Son’s honor is worth the world? G-d is hoping you do think HIS honor is worth the world.   Thinking Obama was the Antichrist I said… I wanted to shake his hand, put my arms around him and thank him for coming, my Jesus is next. It may have been for a moment. However, I had the purest heart in the kingdom in that moment.

Not long after I said it, G-d led me into Egypt and showed me HIS effigy and what this battle boils down to, where the Son belongs in creation. America before the priesthood got here knew.

The truth lies in Egypt so that when HE lifts me I automatically lift him and let the world know the hour. Jesus said if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.  There you have it,  not only did the enemy build the symbols of the battle he  also shoots himself in the foot having to do as Haman did with Mordecai if he is to get his temple built.

It is a highly advanced game of king of the hill started by the biggest baby ever, who thought he could do better than G-d.   He has proved to the angels and the rest of creation he has no idea how to do peace without Jesus.

There really is no other plan but this one, show creation our need for HIS Son.

G-d is classic and the humor is astounding so who wants to be the head of the harvest? The AG church has made it plain to me they do not, they would rather side with the Jesuits and protect the dragons treasury rather than expose it for what it is,  truth unfortunately eludes them. Though truth has always eluded what appears to be leadership.

He wonderfully destroys the mighty and holy people Daniel 8:23-24.
He wonderfully destroys the mighty and holy people Daniel 8:23-24.

The Woman riding the beast,  the beast is the system of laws and governments that try to govern man. G-d only gave us ten that would have worked for us all. He even shows us how not to break them by placing HIS Spirit in us.

Breaking one law meant eternal separation from G-d and making us guilty of breaking all.  Breaking G-d’s laws means spiritual death and eternal separation.

Accepting Christ as savior frees us from the curse of the law which brings death. A truly repentant man shows a change. The angels take notice. They can see who has the spirit from those whom are faking it. They are sworn to protect Christ after seeing what mankind had done to HIM, their most high G-d. They know the heart of man is wicked. It is they who are sent to separate all those that offend and do iniquity. Just as Jesus said they would. Sealing the 144, 000 can begin now, G-d will call them out during the crusades preparing the bride to ready herself.

It sends a clear message,  true Christians don’t bluff,  this is going to happen!

In the celestial realm Leo (Judah) is kept from Libra (Levites) by Virgo the Woman.
Katy Perry in the 2015 halftime show reveals a spiritual message. Satan thinks he has won.  In the celestial realm Leo (Judah) is kept separated  from Libra ( Law /Levites) by Virgo (Mary) the Woman. Causing many to die under the law.

We see it in the wilderness tabernacle as well only here G-d corrects the place he wants her to be,  in order to set many souls free.

G-d makes no mistake in where HE places Virgo in the tabernacle where she belongs under the feet of Jesus (Judah / Leo) beneath Cancer
G-d makes no mistake in where HE places Virgo in the tabernacle,  where she belongs under the feet of Jesus (Judah / Leo) beneath  Issachar / Cancer.  Here she interferes with no one including Jesus it is the part of the cross that is buried.  She was never to be exalted,  Christ had many opportunities to do so and HE did not.

Here is the full layout…



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