My specialty is knowing He is special.

There are four prominent eyes and three circles to give us seven eyes. Zechariah 4:10, Revelation 5:6. Coincidentally??? There are 14 raised sections that make this image up, two which are not eyes…Psalm 14:2.

Revelation 12:11  And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Everyone specializes in something. Ministers preach the word and helping others out of the world of darkness. They counsel and console the heavy heart. The good ones can boldly proclaim their specialty is knowing that he is special. While at the same time knowing that his mercy and His justice are his specialty.

I was asked to give my ten-minute testimony at the next men’s breakfast on the 28th of this month. How does one explain why G-d assigned the call to one out of so many and support the call in just ten minutes? For me, it is mission impossible, so I need to practice for that big day and get it nearest the ten minutes.

It takes television usually a half-hour to an hour to solve all the problems from the beginning of the show until its end. Maybe this is why the church falters in saving the world for Jesus. 2000 years was just not enough time to decide whether G-d has a Son or not and is he necessary for peace in the earth?

I’m going with yes on both counts. Yes, He has a Son, and yes; he is the prince of peace. It is after all the original debate wasn’t it, that began the war in heaven? Does G-d have Son and is he necessary for peace to exist at all?

I was born in Chicago Illinois June 10, 1959 (6/10/59). My mother was pregnant and had to leave her home town to have me. Her husband was in the service and not present when I was conceived. I was given his name in hopes she could fit me into her family. I never met her or him or the other children. She blessed the world with.

My stepfather told me she was a beauty she looked like Marylin Monroe and in 1958 that was a popular look on any woman. My step mother was in the hospital undergoing her second miscarriage when my paternal grandmother asked my stepfather if they were interested in taking me? Her daughter was in the throws of divorce over the mistake she made. My stepmother was raised in a Catholic orphanage for 12 years of her own life from four to sixteen and never met my Jesus. She wanted a girl after having had two boys. She was never going to be able to have another child. Her last miscarriage was a tubal pregnancy, and a hysterectomy followed. My stepfather told me when they brought me to her; I was wrapped in a pink blanket and a bonnet on my head. They were both thirty-two years of age when they adopted me for the sum of $125.00.

The other alternative for me was to place me in the foster-care system of Catholic charities or in an orphanage as my stepmother had been, she could not see that for me. The problem is that my stepmother was not fit to raise children. She began drinking at the young age of sixteen. Her father would cash her paycheck for her and buy her a bottle of wine while he got his liquor out of her money. My stepfathers father my grandfather was also an alcoholic with a mean disposition who had lived with us for a number of years. The good thing was that they knew about the trinity and that there was one G-d. Because they were Catholic, they did not have to know him, his word or obey his laws, and my stepfathers aunt was a Catholic Nun my grandfathers sister which is an auto pass into G-d’s kingdom under Catholic tradition.

Revealed to me in 2009 was a truth that I had at no time noticed about my life until Jesus revealed it to me after learned a remarkable truth in the Bible as to why Jesus was named the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I had never met my parents, my stepfather was a carpenter, and my stepmother was my covering named Lucille, who was unfit like his own covering both having too much spirit to soon only hers was alcohol, and his was the spirit or the lamps of G-d within him. His protection failed as did my own. Like our heavenly father, the main desire of my heart was to have a family one that was not dysfunctional. I married a Born-Again Baptist Christian woman and only had one Son.

He wrote into my life, His word his story. My wife is like His Israel no matter what we said to them, they got it wrong and misinterpreted our meaning and intent I am in this story a modern day Hosea.

My earliest recollection of hearing the voice of G-d came when I was four years old.  My step parents who had given me a new name were fighting over me; my stepmother was calling me by my birth name and adding to it that I was her dumb pollock that she should have never adopted me.

My father yelled back at her to call me by the name they had given me as to not confuse me.  I ran out of the house crying as I looked up to the stars in heaven and began shouting at him… “Why don’t you like me? Whatever I did I’m sorry,  please forgive me.” These words became the mantra of my childhood for many years thinking if I said them often enough he would change my world. That night I clearly heard these words at four years old…”He behaves as if he knows we’re here?” to which I shouted “Of course, I know you are there.”  To which another voice replied…”Quite, he can hear us as well.”

My stepmother had always insisted that if it wasn’t for her having me baptized at two years old, my soul would have gone to hell and how my birth mother was a failure at everything. I remember standing at the baptismal my god parents playing their role as the priest insisted I was to big to pick up in his arms. So he took water with his hand and poured it over my head while saying in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost, I baptize you Robert Andrew Beaulieu.

My last name was divinely given to me, which means a beautiful place. However, for years later, I was still my stepmother’s little Eric Lewandowski the dumb pollock that no one wanted and no one was ever going to love. I would never be anybody or amount to anything as she reminded me quite often. I came home from the first grade and was excited about what I learned, after telling her what I learned I went from being her dumb pollock to becoming Mr. Know it all.

At the age of thirteen, a drug dealer in my neighborhood was killed in a car accident. It was a car in which I was invited to join him in on that tragic day.  A week or two earlier I called him by his drug handle name.

He had been my tormentor as a child he enjoyed coming over my house and getting my mother in a frenzy just to watch her yelling and laugh. If he or my brother broke something, it was easy to blame me, she never questioned it. So he feared what I knew about him, and threatened to take my life in front of my brother who was his best friend. Should I tell anyone or call him by his drug handle again?

I knew that night it was a divine hand protecting me, and I fell to my knees and gave thanks to G-d that he didn’t pick me up even though I was upset most of that day that he didn’t come by. Instead, he picked up his supplier who was behind the wheel in the two-seat Porsche when it crashed in Maine crippling the driver and killing him a passenger in his own car hours later.

A year later another person I knew,  claimed I stole money; he owed a drug dealer. They came after me,  this time it was a woman who feared my knowledge of her.  She was killed by a car crossing a street a few weeks after having beaten me up over money I never took.

Five years later while working for a concrete foundation company G-d revealed himself again to me. I had just come out of a four-year relationship with the owner’s niece. In my depression, I turned to drinking with the other guys. It was 1978; I was eighteen years old the legal drinking age at the time.

Side note: My first real job was putting in foundations a solid foundation builds a good house. My last job will be in transportation “Land Air Express” before leading the church to victory.

I was on my way for the third week in a row to play cards on Milville street in Salem NH.; it was a Thursday night in May. I had a six pack on the seat of my car. I had won both large pots over the last two weeks. I was thinking I should become a professional card player, when I heard this voice say…“You’re going the wrong way.” It startled me so that I missed the drive-way I was to turn into, he repeated himself …“You’re going the wrong way.” I pulled into the street on my right to turn around. When I did I had seen five vintage cars pass me by and in each was someone I knew. When I got to the house, I was startled, they thought I was on drugs as I began to relay that I had just seen some of them drive by me. The whole thing seemed so surreal as if I had been caught and exposed to two different worlds.

That evening I went home shaken by the whole ordeal, I cried out to G-d “If you are there I need you in my life, please help me.” That evening I had the best sleep I had ever had. Upon waking my room was filled with a brilliant light, and peace was on me that I had never known before. I could see through my wooden closest doors at suits of white hanging up in a row, suits I did not own at the time. Then He spoke “Rise up and heal.” Immediately I got dressed in my finest suit, I owned. It was a Friday morning I went down stairs and was going to head over to my Sister in Laws, who at the time was a Mormon which spoke of father quite frequently, as if she knew him. My stepfather intercepted me and said it was a workday, and I was to go to work with the same people I had left at the card game the previous evening.

Many people outside my family liked me. I was always polite and friendly my stepfather adored me, even more so when I led him to Christ in 1989. The company I was working for in 1978 was owned by a Catholic Canadian family called Boudreau and Son’s concrete foundations none of them US citizens but were here on work visas. I went out for years with the owner’s niece; we had broken-up several months earlier before the Milville street going the wrong way incident it was that night they contacted the owner, they knew I was battling something.

That very next day a Friday in May of 1978, they took me to this housing project in Hampstead NH. Where they cut corners and kept labor costs down in building single-family homes to make them affordable so banks would give out smaller loans to those who could not buy one built correctly. I didn’t know then, but I know now what the devils were up to.

It failed G-d’s standards entirely Proverbs 11:1 while undermining America’s housing markets.

The ordeal was causing me some confusion. For years, I watched at how carefully they worked on all the other jobs, but this was something entirely different. I kept having this feeling not to trust them or my Sister in Law; they did not know G-d it was impressed upon my spirit that whole day. I was trying to piece it together in my mind when someone said behind me “We are doing it, because we love you.”

I looked over at him, and he was drinking a beer on the job site. My mother drank and she occasionally said she loved me but actions always speak louder than words. When they all went to lunch, I refused to leave, I panicked, and stole a company truck feeling I was in some mortal peril. I went to my sister in laws because earlier in the morning G-d told me not to trust her. When I arrived, I told her that my G-d was greater than her god, and I would one day prove her god was evil.

I had frightened her so bad at the accusations I was making about her god that she called a hospital. My Mormon sister in law had me placed for observation into a Catholic hospital where they filled me with drugs and tried to tell me the light I had seen and the voice I heard was not a visitation from G-d but a chemical imbalance.

The two groups G-d said not to trust now had power over me; it all took place in 1978. I had graduated high school a year earlier in 1977 our motto “In doing we learn.” I was definitely learning something. While I was there I met this woman whose husband committed her because all she talked about was Jesus, she taught me a lot I said the sinner’s prayer, but nothing happened the timing was just not right Daniel 8:23.
Side note: Both these same groups were  in 2008 and 2012 were after America’s seat of power now the timing is right for Daniel 8:23.

Five years passed, and in 1982, I was working as a computer technician at Wang Laboratories where I met some true believers who handed me Jack Chick tracts. My girlfriend at that time was attending Yale University for an ultrasound course. I went to visit her when he began speaking to me again. I was thinking how would have loved to have had the resources to go to such a great college; I would have not partied my life away as I had seen many of them doing. We were standing outside New Havens famous cemetery where the inscription read “The dead shall rise.” I had never heard of this, until now, my friend told me it was a belief of the Christians, then I heard him say… “Even the elite will find themselves here.” I was startled again and asked her if it was she who said anything, and she said no.

That following week at work, I was invited to a home bible study in Tewksbury Mass. where I made my commitment to Christ and was filled with His spirit. We had just gone over the gifts of the spirit. I was elated at how much he loved me, that I was somebody, and I had a purpose a contrast to what the alcoholics in my life had told me. The other Christians in my neighborhood only ever said to me G-d would not give me more than I could handle. I went home that evening and began praying for all the gifts I had learned about. I went down the list, of 1st Corinthians 12:1-31 tongues, word of knowledge, discerning of spirits when I concluded the list, I next prayed for my family members to come and know him. I laid my head down and closed my eyes when he asked, “Is that all?” I asked, “Why is there more?” He laughed and repeated it “Is there more?” I said, “Give me whatever I need to bring in your harvest.” He abruptly replied with the word “Done!”


In May of 2009 a month before my fiftieth birthday he drew me into researching Egypt. My divorce to my Christian wife of 3.5 years had me always going over in my mind the idea had the Church not went and hid the sin of adultery of a minister a man in whom she had babysat his children and looked up to.  The shock had her refuse to go to the Church over the hypocrisy she encountered,  within two weeks the enemy came at us like a flood.  We were young in Christ and took our eyes away but for a moment to see our wretched selves.  She wanted a father while I was seeking a mother.  However, it was G-d who brought us together and what G-d has joined together let no man separate.

While researching Egypt it dawned on me that the enemy was hiding his sin as well. What appears to be an attack on the Son’s honor. Just as the church hid sin the devil did also. Only he makes slaves of us in order to hide it, consider the great circle as an example. He built the symbols of the battle and then goes and tries to convince the world it was not him. When it comes to the great circle or war, it is always him through us in our ignorance of G-d’s will. The bible alludes that he, and his took on flesh and blood after being thrown out of heaven, making it possible for him to have constructed them not ancient aliens but fallen angels.

Nevertheless, G-d took us all the way to America just to reveal where his Son belongs, and it is not in the dirt. So it is G-d’s cunning sense of humor to make the finder the winner and force the enemy to use him as his antichrist. Esther 6:10 reveals what Haman must do and this will expose his plans to the world. Lifting me is something he would rather not do, the pyramid was the key to unlocking the full truth of the battle. Some feel that the pyramids will confuse us, even the star of David reveals two in the opposite contrasts. Keep in mind the man who answers a matter before hearing it, is as a fool.

G-d said he would restore my marriage, and in turn I would restore his relationship to Israel, while this takes place the truth of the symbols of the battle and where everyone will stand on judgment day will be revealed. Decisions will be made for either being goats on his left or sheep on his right. How can a lowly truck driver take confusion from the world if G-d is not in him to do so? Do you think Satan wants souls saved this way? Do you think he wants souls saved at all?


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