My great what if’s of life.

1.) What if your father hadn’t met your mother?

2.) What if Jesus did sin? (Because of who He was makes this one impossible.)

3.) What if Noah left the roof off the ark?

4.) What if the angels had never rebelled first or second time?

(This next one actually has happened.)

5.) What if 2/3 of the population never heard the Bible preached because of a religious system who had control of it and kept it from them so they could play church and lie to the others that they knew G-d?

(This one should happen.)

6.) What if those who knew the word stood up and condemn the ones who created the problem to begin with and brought them to repentance?

7.) What if when Jesus came back and He found faith in the earth instead of the great defeatist attitude of so many?

8.) What if the man whom G-d desires to honor never stands up before the rapture occurs?

9.) What if there is no prince in the kingdom whom G-d would like to honor as his stand in for the rehearsal dinner because he gave himself to another?

10.) What if G-d does not punish those who are responsible for placing and leaving the effigy of His son in the dirt and not honoring Him?

11.) What If Jesus is not lifted up?

Looks like there is a hole in my roof,  the peace plan will fail because of it, the ship will sink. No temple will be built the disaster will cause many to turn away.  Because specific instructions were given to win the greatest numbers into the kingdom have now been severely compromised by the  loneliness of one who allowed the church to discourage him. He is not the only one to blame,  many ministers know the truth and keep it from the world. Not to mention the tares that sit in among us protecting the harlot from exposure by making ministers compromise their own places in the kingdom.

If you are a Protestant minister and felt the presence of G-d in a Catholic liturgy you have been compromised, your discerner is no longer a burner of truth and you may be too proud to admit it.


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