LBGT community will not RIP

My prayers are with the families of those who lost loved ones in this senseless act of violence. The loss of human life no matter the stage is always a tragic senseless act.

The war for the souls of men marches on and this act of wickedness by a wicked individual ensures the perpetrator behind it gets his fill of souls,  he reaps the lost.    The next thing on his agenda will be the taking away of our rights to own guns as part of the make me feel safe society we now live in. The people who could have given us the true peace and safety never came through,  instead they used violence and theft to gain their ground.  Weak Christian clergy helped every step of the way who supported the false priesthood of Rome and the take down of America.

How can the lost come if they do not hear the word preached?  No one likes going to the same show over and over.  You can only attend the same musical so many times before it turns into boredom.  Demons have enjoyed the mock sacrificing of Christ through the centuries but they know it is coming to an end.   Their plan is to gather as many lost as they can before the man G-d calls arises to exact punishment on the wicked,  the goal of the invisible enemy get them before they turn.  Thanks be to G-d he is no longer as invisible. The rattle on the serpent’s tail goes Nazi , Nazi,  Nazi it is so you can hear him coming. In Nazi Germany,  they accepted all until they took all power the first to go was the handicapped and then the homosexual population. At least with Islam,  you know where you stand and thanks to Rome and Obama they are the new Nazi’s coming. The top of the pyramid stays safe while their lost congregation takes the heat,  pun intended.



Covered in gold and precious stones G-d allowed him to dress up again.
Covered in gold and precious stones G-d allowed him to dress up again.

G-d allowed his adversary the devil to dress back up in his precious attire of gold and jewels in order to set the captives free.  He sits as a queen and proclaims no harm shall befall him. Only the clergy continues to protect him / her with fervency as they feign remorse over such tragedies while Catholic spies sit in our churches blaming us and making us feel the weight of failing G-d when it is them all the time working to steal more souls from Jesus. Many are not ashamed to admit they are still Catholic on the inside and have a love for the Church of Rome “if it wasn’t for them”  is their chant.


If it wasn’t for them Martin Luther could have won more to Christ as would Wesley or Tyndale, Spurgeon, and the many other well-versed men of G-d had the opposition noticed they were the problem to begin with.  The keys did not open the gates of heaven they opened the gates of hell and every foul beast came from this wicked system. Killing the ones who preached the word left a witness shortage to the Muslim people. Now they want to be friends with Protestants without repentance.  The clergy decides they can build unity around a common threat of abortion, the church should be built on the word of G-d and the teachings of Christ then there would not be any abortions.   I say get rid of the idols  repent, recant and remorse. Then preach the word stop playing Babylonian Priest using fear and works to control others.  Death has been defeated in Christ so the priesthood has no power to do anything any longer.

The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.
(Genesis 49:10) ~ The sceptre has more power than the keys.

The Pope made no secret about his position with Islam and his hate for western Christianity calling himself the Antichrist.  Protestants have been saying that for thousands of years but it still is nice to hear it from former Caesar himself.

Looking for hope not here in the Cope or the Pope.
Looking for hope? Not found here in the Cope or the Pope.

When Rick Warren said that Catholic’s are Christians too it gave him away to me  that he also lacks discernment, which must mean he lacks oil and has more confidence in the flesh and his own methods of winning souls.

Do we suffer the loss of our own children because we do not defend G-d’s? Can there be something to selling off our first-born?

Making a deal and compromising with the devil is not an option for a true servant of G-d.

augustus_caesar2G-d will not share his glory with idols or liars HE stands on HIS word and unless man changes it,  HIS actual word will stand forever and those who changed it will answer for it.  The message will be clear away from me,  I never knew you.

HE is the same yesterday today and forever and what he condemn in the old testament as being an abomination is still just that.  He did not ask us to take an opposing position on the matter.

If you love someone you love even their eternal soul to neglect their soul is to not fully love them. To enter heaven one must be born again through repentance and honor G-d’s way. That means not go against the natural order established by HIM,  we are here because many angels refused to worship the Son or believe HE even existed.  G-d tossed them out of heaven because of their unbelief and rebellious attitude.  But everyone thinks they do not need the Son to get  into heaven or a relationship with G-d.  If you want to come into my house you best be playing nice with my children or you won’t be coming to any of their parties.

Hell is made for me so I can live in peace without the fear of rebellion or being molested against my will. There are too many beautiful creatures in heaven to allow the perverse into it.  The perverse  will not find peace in the place where peace is a foreign concept,  there is no peace in eternity without Christ. Those who use HIS name in vain are well-known to the angels and I for many it has become a job of fleecing the sheep not a calling of love.


Copeland and the Antichrist Pope by his own admission. We have to love those faith ministers who are little gods too and help them see why they are not. Birds of a feather do flock together.

As for the LGBT community,  there is someone who loves you so very deeply and your rejection of HIS way saddens HIM.  In order to have a perfect and safe society one must choose the hearts that love the deepest. This is only the proving ground we are being tried to defend error shows the lack of love we will even have in eternity.  Because of my call,  I support the ownership of guns among responsible Christian people Luke 22:36-38.   A gun is one of the things we should be leaving behind in the tribulation so militia men can protect those from receiving the mark by taken down those who have taken it.  The word of G-d makes it plain those who receive the mark will not enter heaven they made their choice Revelation 19:20.  The Militia can protect new converts.    Making all to think twice about their eternal destiny. Should one receive Christ in the tribulation give the gun and a Bible to another and die with dignity knowing a better place awaits those who have given their life to Christ.

Brother Abel.







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