Knowing Messiah the Elect of God Cannot be Deceived

If your father-in-law is still a papist, then the trumpet you have chosen is the right size; it makes a squealing sound, not a sonic boom!

You love him but will not convince him that the nation shaped like a boot has many dirty, stinky feet in it that he needs to come out of, or maybe he is just not God’s people? There must be some way of telling if he is or isn’t?

Once a treasurer in the AG church, when I asked what do you think if Protestants had 700 billion dollars to finish the new world order and he says we would blow up the world, and not in a good way??? His HOLY SPIRIT sees no value in Jesus, which leads me to believe he has no HOLY SPIRIT from God to lead him in all truth.

God chose one nation above all others to reveal himself to… Israel, in doing so, HE made them a target for evil, the jealous one who wants what he cannot have. He hates them because God loves them and gave us HIS word thru them. If not for them, we would not have a Bible or a Savior and LORD.

This is where your extreme hate for them manifests and though you may say you do not hate them but love them while you side with their enemies who embrace idolatry, though many claim it is not idolatry, they’re just icons. If the HOLY SPIRIT is in them, then why do they need anything more? There is a definite counterfeit of the HOLY SPIRIT, or the church would not be so divided; the SPIRIT is meant to reconcile the lost and win the world to Christ.

The crop circles are a different story; they are not permanent; within a set amount of time, they are overgrown with new crops in their place. What they are is a last-minute warning no one is listening to.  Many circles made in PROTESTANT OLD ENGLAND are revealed in PROTESTANT NEW ENGLAND. They like the old and new testaments reveal treasures hid treasures revealed.  They point to David’s Psalms, who we know was a man after God’s own heart, and I know God is out after yours. Want to give God a hug and thank HIM for life then embrace HIS SON and ask HIM to come into your heart for HE cares for you.

EXPLAIN! How does this make the nation of Israel jealous? If anything, it makes them wary of all Christians, and do you blame them?  The Muslims are also forbidden from idolatry as part of the Abrahamic lineage, and the elect status of 12 Princes shall arise from Ishmael. When ROME first went to convert them, they would not have it because of the paganistic culture with the term Christianity attached to it. So Mohammed’s people, like the rest of the world, had the priesthood of ROME hiding the word of God from them.

I care.

Abel was killed because the enemy thought he was the child between the woman and him (serpent) that would crush his head. After all, God had shown Abel respect.

Not without Jesus, he couldn’t!

And the rattle on his tail goes Nazi, Nazi, Nazi. We see the head of the serpent appear cut off. What happened to Papal infallibility?


Several times Jesus denies the lifting of Mary and places importance on His Father’s will.


Jesus came to lift HIS FATHER, and HIS FATHER lifted HIM and wants HIM continually lifted above all. That is why the name of Jesus is given the name above all others to be above all others.


The elect knows that the Messiah will overthrow the Nations of the earth and bring them into subjection to HIS will to honor HIS laws and respect HIS commands. Because Jesus did not overthrow ROME HIS first time, they felt this was not the SON of David, the promised one.

All of us who profess Christ know HE IS the one they were waiting for, and the great news HE is coming back again and overthrowing the culture where all the pagan gods gathered to subdue them and kill Jesus the first time and have a history of persecuting Christians.

Did you hear we are the body of Christ but too many lack discernment because they follow the herd and not the word?

Thinking if they kill the heir of the vineyard they will own the vineyard and we who know Jesus,  know Jesus is not so easily dismissed because HE is GOD.

Besides this real estate earth is going to be destroyed by fire and that after Jesus has his rest of 1000 years here, then if you do not like what we do, the other option will still be on the table, and sadly many will prefer eternal torment in the lake of fire rather than joy unspeakable in heaven only because they did not understand the word because of those who want to control it for profit.  I would plead to please consider joining Jesus and see what unfolds HE never does us harm who belong to HIM.

Woah, to those who betray HIM, they will wish they had never been born; HE only turns HIS back on the friends who turned on HIM first.

Pick up a Bible and read it for yourself, start with the book of John 21 chapters 3 times.  It is the best of the four gospels seven chapters a day and in nine days you will have read it three times and when I ask you who Jesus is you will know!

Jesus can fix anything, but stupid is a free will choice.

The enemy is a liar, and telling Jesus the kingdoms of the earth belonged to him was just another one of his lies.  The earth belongs to God and everything in it,  period exclamation point. The creature is never greater than its creator. If they were, it would be like the Matrix, where the machines imposed their will on their maker.

WAIT A MINUTE???? It’s kind of like that now, isn’t it?

In the hall of doors they are holding all the keys and no one is getting into heaven who follows them.


The Jewish people are whom Jesus longed to gather unto himself, though they rejected HIM he took that time to bring in the gentiles who would have HIM, bringing us into the fold and grafting us into the vine of Abraham (the elect). Who cannot be deceived by the paganism that has entered what many are referring to as the church and the angels are watching as they are represented by the Jewish people awaiting Messiah for them it was the SON they were promised would come. They learned what is good and evil by observing mankind to understand why the SON was given so much praise by the Father, who kept trying to tell them that HE and the SON were the same.

If you have seen ME, Father said,  then you have seen the SON.

Angel outpost observing man. Learning what is good and what is evil suspended by the seven days of creation. From the bottom to the top, the angels are docked, and the countdown has begun.


As long as the church calls ROME Christian, it is evident they are not the church-going home. They were not paying attention and would allow evil to enter into heaven. We are to turn men from their sins to the infilling power of the HOLY SPIRIT that will keep them from sin and remind them of God’s word.

Those who are filled with the “Holy Spirit” do not attack people like Ray Comfort, John MacArthur, Alister Begg, whose only purpose is to get men to see the right way of the master, and they do not need outward statues or relics to remind them of God if God is in them.

I attest that these men and there are many more just like them that are pillars of God’s kingdom but never greater than the master and know that.

I do not want to forget many like Mellisa Dougherty, who is sharp and steadfast to discern good from evil.

I had a Baptist minister tell me to not speak of the findings in Egypt and called the crop circles gobbly gook now he is dying of cancer,  I’m hoping it is just a coincidence.  Another told me I was not important or to consider myself better than another (agreed), and another AG reverend called me a dirtbag.

Gotta love that free will!

Truth be told it is only free when it is given back to the one who gave it in the first place and HE reveals time and time again HE is deserving of our love.

Brother Abel (Benjamin)

Escape the MATRIX!

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.

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