Judah the Lion who shall rouse Him?

Judah,  this is the conclusion of the eastern side of the tabernacle so precious is Judah that I dedicate one post to the one who made life possible and bearable for so many of us out of Judah sprung our beloved Messiah. G-d made the stars, and it is his enemy that distorts them.


Hebrews 7:14 For it is evident that our Lord hath sprung out of Judah; as to which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priests.

(Even Jesus who is the holy one did not seek a position among the priesthood. He actually came to render it useless. AFTER ALL HE IS THE FINAL SACRIFICE!)

John 12:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto myself.

Genesis 29:35  And she conceived again, and bare a son. And she said, This time will I praise Jehovah. Therefore she called his name Judah. And she left off bearing.

Genesis 49:8-10
(8) Judah, thee shall thy brethren praise: Thy hand shall be on the neck of thine enemies; Thy father’s sons shall bow down before thee.
(9) Judah is a lion’s whelp; From the prey, my son, thou art gone up: He stooped down, he couched as a lion, And as a lioness; who shall rouse him up? (10) The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, Nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, Until Shiloh come: And unto him shall the obedience of the peoples be.

When the sun rises it shines on the Lion, when it sets the Lion is in the shadows. Unacceptable construction the Son of G-d belongs in no one’s shadow. There are 16 parts if we use the Pyramids two revealing sides as a multiplier we have 28. Both work for me. They should for you as well Psalm 16:1-11 and Psalm 28:1-9.

That scepter of David is held by the Christian Church in England,  that is the reason G-d raises up a Protestant king in the end evident by the one able to read the handwriting on the wall. While Rome is the gatekeepers holding all the keys blocking the way for so many to find Jesus.  Sooner or later someone is going to have to fight them.  I will be honest with you,  every agent who has stood their ground and come against them has lost his or her life. Still their world is based on a system of rules.  Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

G-d made sure we understood that in the end, we knew what this battle is all about.  It is about respect and honor for the one whom gave us life. This includes both angels and man. First time we find the word respect is with Abel Genesis 4:4.

Darkness tries to hide the truth but in the end, truth reveals the lies and sets the captives free. In the image below find the Lion. Now use your imagination picture the two symbols (we will call good and evil) with lush vegetation surrounding them found when the earth had only dinosaurs roaming on it.  A time before gravity held them down unable to move wiping them out.

The pyramid was laid out precisely to be true north at its construction. Today we know it is three degrees off actual North. Satan was able to use mankind to build the great circle, so we can assume correctly that using his angelic fallen help it had to align precisely on true north when constructed. Meaning the surface of the earth moved by three degrees off of genuine North at the destruction of the dinosaurs.


The fallen angels understood the basic building blocks and how to make weapons,  what threw them off was after they died leaving only their spirits,  he needed us to build the flying machines and weapons of today.  He thought man would be quicker in our discoveries that is where man came in and the tree of knowledge.  Satan needed us to gain this knowledge because we are his avatars who do not follow Christ.

There are 94 Fruit positions which is the Atomic number for Plutonium. Upside down we find what that does.
There are 94 Fruit positions which is the Atomic number for Plutonium. Upside down we find what that does. Psalm 94:1-23 there are 8 people standing in the formation. Psalm 94:8 because that’s His favorite number.


Bozo was going to have to wait a few thousand or more years until man caught up.  that is what happens when you only read the end of the story and not the important parts in between.
The head of the Illuminati was going to have to wait a few thousand or more years until man caught up. that is what happens when you only read the end of the story and not the important parts in-between.

Jeremiah starts prophesying against Israel as Ezekiel did the king of Tyre Ezekiel 28 and like Ezekiel, he goes beyond the object be spoken to. Then reveals to us a truth a mystery revealed Jeremiah 4:22-27. Could the words that were spoken by G-d that day been “Undo it because it will undo you?” Is it possible the enemy’s comment by building it facing the sunrise was this “Let him stare into your glory and see how he likes being mocked?” It was the rebellious angels who mocked him. However, the angels who didn’t rebel did not try to support him or encourage him to bring back the fallen.   Will we have a repeat of such a travesty here or will we do better than they did and win our friends and loved ones to Christ before departure?

leoJudah is symbolized by the star sign Leo and the flag of a Lion the only tribe that star sign and flag match.  G-d want’s Judah to stand out.  Judah is Leah’s fourth son, and Leo is fifth of the astrological signs. Four represents the heart of G-d. We find His Son in the first four gospels which was hidden and alluded too throughout the old testament.  Five is the number that represents mercy.  Combined they are nine for judgment.  The symbol appears as an Omega sign symbolizing the end.  Jesus said from the cross “It is finished. ” Sometimes it is seen as a circle on the left  giving the appearance of one bowing before the throne of grace.

256px-LeoCCG-d judges the world of sin; the judgment is placed on His only-begotten Son.  If man refuses to accept this atoning sacrifice, he is no better than the angels who began the war denying he ever was.  The Father’s very heart is in this man we call Jesus.   A lion is a king in his own right he watches over his pride and is a social creature defending his family against any threat.

Why is Jesus called a lamb when we know a lion would devour a lamb?  First, a lamb is gentile,  children fall in love with lambs. G-d instructed the offering to be that of a lamb without blemish symbolizing His very own Son, who is without fault. Those whom find fault in the lamb don’t know him or care to know him. The high priest was instructed by Moses to inspect the lamb for any blemish / fault. People who do not know G-d have never inspected the sacrifice. it is the very reason why we are called a holy priesthood. We find no fault in Christ those on their way to hell do.

In the world’s eyes, he is weak while, in reality, the Son could have wiped out the world rather than go through his ordeal on the cross.  Innocent blood, his blood is the only way we can enter into the joys of heaven.  The whole rebellion began with dishonoring the Son and denying His importance to the creation.

The strong feel it is their obligation to devour the weak because, in reality, they don’t know true strength.  In the case of father, it is exactly what happened. G-d created the instrument that crucified His Son at the cross. What was made to protect His Son turned on him. Too much light all at once,  a sense of power overcame him as alcohol overtakes one not accustomed to its influence.

Lucifer was the first line of defense against the angelic rebellion. He was G-d’s original Homeland security, today in our world; he has become a mi-raid of other protection services each with its own dysfunction each as destructive as, he.  A Rule was challenged in heaven and broken, and the enforcer came forth.   All because one law was neglected, the law of respect. They refused to honor the one whom is responsible for it all and worship the Son the Father delighted in the most.

Lucifer turned because he believed strength is power and what one cannot see,  cannot harm you. Instead of turning things around, he led the rebellion and seduced the weak willed who sat against the fence. The foolish only needed a little encouragement from those whom claimed to be faithful, so they all had their theories of what the Son was about. Instead of recognizing Him in Lucifer the bringer of light,  who we know today as the prince of darkness is because of them who claimed to know the Son, they helped create the darkness; he is now the father of.

Lucifer lost  faith; those in the congregation did not help him do the work he was created to do, which was to restore order and worship.  If they only understood why he was necessary and what evil was capable of,  However, evil was a term they were unfamiliar with for evil had no definition in heaven until after the fall.

It was free will that put Jesus on the cross yours and mine, and the sin G-d won’t allow in heaven.  We are like them before the casting out,  now the righteous in Christ will be taken home.  Will we be as unhelpful to G-d’s light bearer here as they were to Lucifer? Will we not try harder and do better to win many to Jesus?  After all,  we do have a better understanding of it now.

Someday the Lion and the lamb will lie together that day is quickly coming when death will be no more. I do not wish to leave many behind, and our time is short. I do not foresee the Queen of England surviving another Presidency in America.  When we get to the western side of the tabernacle, you will see why we need both nations to take in the worlds lost.

However, next we will look at the heart of Christ the very chest the inner workings such as the seven lights on the Menorah shining on the show bread here we find the tribe of Levi and the star sign Libra, which coincidentally is a set of scales,  GO Figure.

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