It comes in threes or building a better mousetrap.

People say the damnedest things, one of them is when someone dies that it comes in threes. We are facing the next WWIII could this just be a coincidence along with the uprising of 666?

Is it not the will of G-d that he be known to all?

Does G-d not insist in his triune existence as one G-d revealed in three person’s Father,  Son and Holy Spirit?  Is not twelve divided by three equal to four, which are the number of sides found on a pyramid? The star of David can create three equal sized pyramids each with four sides and this is no coincidence.

Do not  the first four commandments pertain to each of the G-dhead? Those whom break them are unwise and do not deserve to be followed honored or even respected. Those who teach others to break the commandments or follow those whom do will be called least in the kingdom of our G-d?

Matthew 5:19
(19) Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

I was told by a well-meaning  minister that pyramids would confuse others. First, he should repent it is not his call to decide that for anyone sounds more to me a demon may be oppressing him, or he is not whom he claims to be?

Saving souls is the bottom line and revealing truth may not be on his agenda though it should be the agenda of us all.  It is truth that sets others free. Many are going to die souls lost because the wrong people are in power in our political structure. Historically, their track record against Protestants has been nothing short of wicked and evil.

I am not a Catholic basher I have loved ones whom are trapped within her clutches whom believe baptism and works saves them as so many of them do. The idols alone allow for demonic activity to flourish around them. Three hundred years the church grew without the need of a priesthood until Constantine showed up.  Sounds to me Satan is pulling a delusion over the eyes of the world by bringing it back!

The Bible tells us G-d clothes himself in darkness, he does this in order to hide his plans from the enemy whom is darkness.  Historically the order of builders (Masons)  has kept the trinity in the forefront of our minds. There are people whom deny this truth, however, we know who is behind them in order to deny G-d.

triptych1-Masonic triptych2-Masonic triptych3-Masonic

What moves us?

G-d made America into a trap to expose the truth to the world whom these people actually serve.  The free masons are hated by them and are looked upon as evil.  While the  Catholic knights of Columbus are serving the holy of holies while in reality all they are really doing is protecting the dragon’s work and wealth.

Freemasons formerly known as Knights Templar famously known for seeing people safely into the “Holy Land”  until they were attacked and  killed in the Catholic inquisition.  How many of them have been brought up on charges of child molestation?

Here is why the dragon hates them they expose the truth of the  invisible war.


George Washington was one of Fathers most prized servants.  He heard from G-d and in the center image lays out the plans for Washington D.C. a larger image below reveals there is a time to study and a time to place on your armor and go to war.

George-Washington-1732-99-1796-Posters copy
Left image he plans it is time to of study. When the trap is closed on the right a time to go to war and set souls free the armor is on and the books put away.



FYI the Mason’s have been waiting for me as has the Queen of England. The Masons are loyal to the Protestant realm awaiting the light bearer.  They will assume the original roles that the Templar’s had seeing safely the pilgrims into the promised land.

The below is the list of the most vilest Satanic members of the Freemasons and now you know why!



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