If It Wasn’t For Them? Which them again?

It is a phrase used often to justify a group whose actions lead to either what is good or what is evil.

Evil tries to make that which is good to look evil and what is evil to look good, evil denies that it even exists but that’s evil for you.

The HOLY Spirit is given us to help us in our journey and to aid us in discerning these two distinct paths.

It is not a blurred line we are to have 2020 vision.

Voting for the lesser of two evils still gives us evil.

The very purpose the whole stage exists is to see the difference in both and to choose one over the other.

Jeremiah 4:22

Lucifer was the closest one to God in the kingdom and he chose unwisely.

The message he was sent to give the angels before the rebellion is found in scripture it is still the same call today for man.

If you will delight yourself in the LORD HE will give you the desires of your heart Psalm 37:4.

It is the same platform I am asked by God to relay to the world and I do not want anyone to be God other than the true God.

If you will delight yourself in the LORD HE will give you the desires of your heart Psalm 37:4.

New heavens, new earth continual peace, love, and joy if that is what your heart desires. Who doesn’t want that?

The numbers in the chapter and verse 3 7 and 4 also can speak to a man whose heart is sensitive to God and what is important to HIM. Is it 3 7’s revealing that the first 4 commandments matter and still are important to the relationship?

To say God had no hand in the numbering of scripture is to deny God again as being God and in control of all things.

It is in the heart that God looks to see who stands on truth from those who would reject it and stay in the bondage placed by the lies believed by the father of lies who was once the bringer of light.

He is not interested in opening the word of God or lifting up Jesus or expose the sin that cursed the earth, to begin with.

A utopian society is one that would have to be void of evil with boundaries established so that it cannot ever rise up again. The Third Reich went after all that was HOLY and right in the sight of God. The hate of God’s Jewish people is the hate he has to the angels of God who remained to await the SON of Man to take HIS proper position in the heavens. The Jewish people represent that dynamic of heaven – the angels who waited for the promise of the SON. The Jews are awaiting the Messiah who we call Jesus.

They are watching and see the same conditions that formed the Third Reich which was structured by the same false church that made it happen the first time. Hiding the word of God from man is evil all it’s own. God seeks those who delight in HIS word and HIS Laws not in those who change HIS laws and makeup ones as they go along.

One group will use the phrase if wasn’t for them to claim credit for such things as the discovery of the Americas or for establishing a Pro-life movement. Sadly they are not for pro-American life but that is not mentioned by those who stand behind our pulpits to defend their destruction of America, many saying they have no problem with Catholics won’t they be surprised when they are left behind with them.

A group that seeks to have a government that holds to a one or two child policy such as China has,  they play all sides just to add confusion but many of them who are building this New World Order have their education in Catholic-run schools which means the word hidden in their hearts is not there and not important to them.

Jesus never forgets HIS first love and I cannot stress it more deeply than the elect is Abraham’s seed who cannot be deceived and why many of the descendants of Ishmael and Isaac do not find God in Christianity, it is because Christianity to them is teaming with idolatry.

You see how hard it is when you develop your relationships with the person you love, that you and they have all these other choices and how heart-wrenching it is to either one of you when possibly consider another? That is what man does to God on a daily basis when all HE ever wanted was you.

The Pontificate Maximus before Jesus came was the high priest over the Pantheon of Rome’s gods who sought your affection and attention. As for Rome claiming they would be conquering in this sign, it was what they were using to conquer and enforce their rule on those who broke their laws doing it and using it for four hundred years before Christ came. Rome in relationship to the true God is the wife beater the jealous one who would rather destroy any happiness you could have with another.

So many who claim to love Jesus side with the ones who would destroy heaven if they were let back in,  is it not up to us to break it off and cling to the only one who truly ever loved us? Rome was not called to restore a priesthood that God no longer had a purpose for. In its restoration, it reveals it does not accept the apology or the display of perfect love that one would lay his life down for many.

It is woven into the grand design that only Israel and their priesthood build the temple no other one can do it so what does that tell you about ordination, selection, and the love God has for all?

Why is it that only the HOLY PEOPLE of Jerusalem are allowed to build that temple and not the Christian Church?  It was the devil’s design to use the priesthood to make slaves of the masses to build his one world order and use the name of the LORD in vain to do it.

Those who went along and defended such an atrocity to the purpose of the cross only reveal that when it comes to loving God they are not there for HIM or what matters to HIM.

In the process of bringing peace the right man could give him away, he was once covered with all precious stones and his church has got them all back for him and those who defend and protect them reveal they are not to be trusted with the things of God,  denying the truth is kin to denying God. The SDA church reveals who is getting left behind in the tribulation without even realizing they are doing it or do they?

Do you recognize yourself in the following video as being one who would spoil and ruin HIS home Jeremiah 4:20?

Jesus is at the door and now they need peace.  Now would be a good time as any to come out of her as you can see what she has done to America.  As a watchman it is time to circle the wagons the demons through their idols have taken over our country.

The curse on the earth Jeremiah 4:28 is because of the poor behavior of a race of beings who were here before man was.  The world calls them ancient aliens and those in the know call them fallen angels who took on bodies of flesh Genesis 6:3 (pinch yourself and read it again) they are again spirits jumping in and out of the unsuspecting trying to complete the new world order their ministers of righteousness who side with her are not the elect. It’s not that God does not love you it just reveals you may not love HIM as you claim too.

The enemy wants creative power to change the elements or make a new world in his image which would be disastrous because we will always continue to be in the image of God whom he truly hates. If he were given those powers he would prefer us to look like the imaginary aliens of Babylon Five. He said he wanted to be like the most high God and Father gave the whole thing to Jesus.

I would think the antichrist could not do any of the similiar works of Christ hence the word anti??? Look at all those who claim they have gifts yet side and protect the true antichrists who place rocks of stumbling in the path of the descendants of Abraham and testify they are servants of the most high???

Jesus never forgot HIS first love nor does HE break HIS promises to her and would you want to be in a relationship to someone who is always breaking their promises?

If It Wasn’t For Them? Which them?  Which of them is all credit truly due?

They stoned the prophets and kept the traditions that pointed us to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and God loves them for it and so do I and it is only them who are allowed to build that temple. Praise God that the nations of the world including America needs access to the greatest of the world’s oil reserves. If only this COVID thing did not occur we would be halfway there by now. The enemy is always self-destructing.

Nazis on the left-wing Nazis on the right and the false Christians behind them both and all need to be under the blood in order to make resurrection.

One tries to tell us they protected God’s word??? The word protects itself as God had protected Job only in one of the books of all the translations had to be protected, so the claim to fame does not belong to them but to God.

One translation contains the plan that is needed at the end of the age to bring about the peace that is needed in the middle east. The KJV will surprise us and have within it one last revival. It got us to where we are in the Church today, it worked in the 1600’s, 1700’s, the 1800’s and in the 1900’s only the devil and his cohorts hate it.

By removing such words as “respect” and “replenish” from the other translations shows his tenacity at removing important truths that reveal his existence before man was here. Man is not the reason the earth has a curse on it the curse was here when the kingdom of God split and the New World Order began by the ones who thought they were smarter than God.

God likes being God and will not be surrendering that position, ever. This present heaven and earth are meant for total destruction after the final selection process, 2 Peter 3:12-13.  Here we have been building the kingdom of God on earth only it is for a false god.

He was promised seven years. Jesus’s ministry lasted only 3.5 years. The Apocolypse is framed by white horses and no one has figured it out except the one who was given the lamps to read the handwriting in picture form in the Protestant Capital of the world.

Because of the crop circles, more people will hear the truth and be able to make an informed decision based on HEARING the WORD. The hope is that they will see the love God has for them and us all. Expressly meant for Israel we find Romantic gestures in the crop fields of England that reveal HIS love for them and while we make the introductions the world will hear the truth.

Daniel 8:12

Need leadership how about we start honoring the teachings of Christ and place Virgo where HE placed her in the design of the wilderness tabernacle and understand why HE said to call no man Father.

Want healings how about showing respect for the word of God and place Virgo where HE placed her in the design of the wilderness tabernacle and understand why HE said to call no man Father.

Want victory how about showing respect for the word of God and place Virgo where HE placed her in the design of the wilderness tabernacle and understand why HE said to call no man Father.

Rome did not do anything for us except reveal that Satan is real and that he is organized and deceptive. Only the elect cannot be deceived by them and the very reason why Abraham’s children have not all come. To the prince of Persia and to her kings over Persia Paradise awaits you,  continue to hold the ground and great shall be your rewards.

Brother Abel (Benjamin)

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