How Wolves Hunt

Wolves hunt in packs and there is always the Alpha Male and the Alpha Female in this case she is spirit.  She is the invisible queen of death and they serve her blindly and obediently.

They surround their prey so that it does not know from which angle of the attack is coming from, these wolves are smart been around along time and as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, Jesse Ventura said,  “that at the Whitehouse level its like Professional wrestling.”  At the end of the day, they are laughing at the gullible people who don’t see they serve the same pack.

How else does the same agenda of destroying America take place the gun and puppet masters are all in the White House.

Like Protestant Lutheran Germany that started the reformation, they had to bring in their doctrines of devils and destroy the integrity of a prospering nation where the word of God was being freely spread threatening their way of life of manipulating and control. Satan wants all authority over everyone,  his priesthood brings that to him.

It’s a strong delusion that many think their vote really matters, that’s why at the upper-level in heaven Father already has HIS leaders, God makes the elections. God always chooses HIS leaders who love and understand the value of HIS message and the gift of HIS SON.

Revelation 4:4

The Banner for the House of G-d
The Banner for the house of G-d.
777 makes up the stargate like insignia here. Each point is on the 888 of the twenty and four scrolls, represent the elders that surround the 777.

They claim they are directing and leading their pack of dogs into heaven, but what they do is keep them from the true Christ and word of God condemning their souls to hell.

Hell is a real place and it is full of souls of men and women. Those who go there never see each other because a spirit has no body and the soul is never quenched it continues to long for (desire) what it had in life that is no longer available.  They will hear each other as they weep and (gnash their teeth) hateful anger at themselves having not directly had a relationship with Jesus but trusted in their Church, blind guides, or lost friends.

Mrs. B. Eagle will not soar with the Eagles because she does not know Jesus what HE said or did thoroughly, she is not born again as Jesus insisted one should be. She has never fully inspected the sacrifice, or she would not be Mrs. B. Eagle she is not in the Royal Family because she failed to trust in Christ alone. She has God on her mind and believes in God but she does not have HIM in her heart or she wouldn’t be Mrs. B. Eagle.

His words had no value to her as she called men Father which Jesus said not to do or to pray repetitiously. She did not adhere to the only commandment Mary mother of Jesus ever gave.

Those who claim to love Jesus who still remain in the coven with claims they are there for the others that are lost they are enablers allowing the devils to do their thing mocking all that is HOLY to God.


The following video was done by those who have not bowed to the prince of darkness they are elect and have not been deceived. Would you do to heaven what you did to America in just 70 years?

The Jewish Priesthood HE ended and the sacrifice of HIS SON was acceptable no longer did he need the priesthood to make a sacrifice.

The devil believes in God just like Mrs. B.Eagle and you will find God frequently is on his mind and how he can outsmart God.

He’s the new kid on the block and God has been around a lot longer,  HE has actually seen the end from the beginning. I know God HE likes being God and is very good at it. No need for another I would not want any other God other than Jesus.

Daniel 8:12 Guess who?

We expose them as the charlatans they are and those who enable them are no better, those who say they have no problem with Catholics may as well say they have no problem with evildoers who would destroy nations in service to their gods.

Jesuit World Conquest Map
Catholic Jesuit world conquest map. From Psalm 37:35 I have seen the wicked in great power and spreading himself like a green bay tree.

Jesus never forgets HIS first LOVE Jerusalem and HE and I are not supporting idolatry and paganistic ways. Jesus would not place stumbling blocks.

When you send your children to their schools and defend them it reveals you would allow evil in heaven you have no problem with it. Well, the angels and I do,  it harms children and destroys the peace of any society.

The angels are leaving behind all things that offend and do iniquity so you may wish to reconsider your position who have no problem with Catholics. They built the gallows for Protestants but it is they and their supporters who will hang from them guaranteed

Praise Jesus Psalms 10:2,  Psalms 33:10.

The antichrist changes the seasons and the times Julian Calendar was Julius Caesar the Gregorian Calendar was Pope (Caesar) Gregory.

The antichrist denies Jesus came in the flesh and is the SON of God. PERPETUAL VIRGIN??? Think about it.

The antichrist wears down the saints (they never compromise their paganism) they never repent or destroy their idolatry, they never bend their knee they are one leg of IRON and the other is Greek Orthodox but not as evil as they,  two holy fathers in the earth and neither of them are mines or Jesus’s.

People want me to do supernatural feats and do as Wigglesworth has done. While the ecumenical’s can’t tell who they serve or why Cancer and illness run rampant?

Virgo was placed under Cancer with Jesus’s feet on cancer outlined in the wilderness tabernacle.

It’s Mary Queen of death once called Dina, Aphrodite, Venus, Mythra, and Isis.

Virgo sits under cancer and if the wilderness cross was erect she would be several feet in the dirt but that is not where she is,  she is lifted above Jesus and HIS Father.

Why is their so much suffering in the world?  Because there are Priests pretending to know God.

The Pontificate Maximus was the high priest of the pantheon of gods in Rome.

I may be just in time to get more for resurrection.

Good government has already been placed in heaven and is coming to Earth!

The angels have targeted the Whitehouse for destruction and America because no one sees the value in Jesus the SON of God.

Though I reveal value just as the first light bearer did.


Each section represents one branch of America’s government. The Angels outside seek to attack the enemy within. The Pyramid is the Executive branch. The T scales are of Justice the Judicial branch. The other is the House of Representatives. In each position, you will find a Catholic where a Protestant should be. One is evil and the other is not.

Rome placed Obama as a false Messiah to a lost people only because they do not know the Prince of Peace because their goddess is not the Mother of Jesus she is an imposter a murderer like her creator.

The insider Republicans put a price on John McCain’s seat and run for the White House in 2008 in a two-party system with Jesus so close to returning the other was going to pay the price whatever it was and thinking they were clever they took the money out of America’s economy so it was double indemnity,  first it spit on all the soldiers who died defending America and our way of life freedom to worship and freedom of speech, so their way of life could continue. Second, it drove people to be homeless and burdened society further causing unrest. The bailout of industries gave them even more possessions when they took over.

When the word teaches us that the antichrist wears out the saints you gave away heaven on earth,  you gave away America to them. They never compromised and you in your ecumenism surrendered your home to them, why should the angels trust you or take you into theirs? Would you not do the same in heaven? Am I evil because I tell you the truth and care?

Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace which would make his bride the instrument in which to bring peace.

There is no denying with the loss of America who they are and whom they serve and that they were responsible for what happened in Germany against his precious children of Israel. I don’t want it here!

Is God’s Son’s honor worth the world to you Christians?

WAKE UP! The Sun sets in the west,  it sets on Benjamin.

Brother Abel (Benjamin) God adopted.

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