Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Satan Admits Defeat!

newspaperIf heaven had a newspaper, this would be its headline. The very fact that the Protestant Church of England has had added to their treasury 700 billion dollars is an admission of guilt.  It is the money taken from “America” in 2008 to install a false Messiah proving they cannot make peace and need our help.

They say when you do deals with the devil, he will double cross you. Looks as if Rome has been double crossed. He needs a peace plan, and I do believe the Protestant Church has the perfect one.

Rather than laughing at this incredible tragedy, I want you to get angry run to your windows fling them open and yell, I AM MAD AT HELL, AND I AM NOT TAKING IT ANY MORE!!! JESUS IS ON HIS WAY AND WE  NOW HAVE UNLIMITED FUNDS TO TELL THE WORLD THE TRUTH.

Daniel 8:12, Daniel 8:23-24, Psalm 21:11, Psalm 126:2,5,6.

Help us finish our one world order, please. We need a peace plan. Please is stretching it a little, he does hate me.

The guilty party who stole it from the world would not ever give it back he had to be trapped to surrender those assets. He would not have given it up by any other means other than to buy out the Republican party to place Obama in office as a false Messiah to a lost people attempting to create a false peace. It tells us whom the harlot is, and it is time to set her captives free and take back America from the Decepticons.

Father tells me that this is only a third of what we have coming to us. That does not include Microsoft money, Proctor and Gamble money and much more. People who do not want to spend eternity in hell but know it is coming up on the earth. It’s because of what I carry that makes this happen. Lucifer was the original bringer of light and failed.  G-d was looking for a replacement.  Let us not fail G-d as his first Angels failed Lucifer.

The first pyramid built was him revealing to the angels how he would structure his kingdom. However, the top was never completed hence the gold under glass for us to finish it for him.



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