Happy Veterans Day America

It was 1966 I was in the first grade and learned for the first time the Pledge of Allegiance which made me a seven-year-old feel safe as we concluded it with One Nation Under God indivisible with Liberty and JUSTICE for all.

It was in 1963   when I was four that  John F. Kennedy was assassinated so the conclusion of the pledge  I knew that  JUSTICE for him would one day be served. Because this was a Nation under God and God is Just and balances the equation Proverbs  11:1.

The Vietnam war was going on and I remember watching the protesters Vietnam was not a popular war in its day and at my age, it was not my major concern.

However, those men were laying their lives down because our leaders asked them too. It was to slow the growth of Communism so we were told and they deserve as much respect as those who fought in popular wars.   War is an invention of darkness seeking to stamp out light and hide the truth. It breeds corruption and greed. We sided in the forties with Nazis because they were against Communism for a nation that votes in their politics for the lesser of the two evils this was a bad decision.

Because of it, Jesus is coming back to a Nation that looks pre-world war II  Germany a system that sought to call the Jewish people the problem.    Hitler became an ally of Islam stirring up more hatred towards them.  America helped make that happen through financing Hitler before we realized he was a mad man a demon in the flesh who attended a Parochial School and confessed Catholicism as his religion of choice he was not a practicing Catholic he was born a Catholic and would die a Catholic like so many others who do  not care what the Bible had to say or teach.

Rome made them both happen because they started the anti-semitic campaign blaming the Jewish people for the death of  Jesus.   Jesus needed to die that was the plan the purpose of all their sacrifices was pointing to the final sacrifice.  Where would we be if they hadn’t handed HIM over to Rome?  If it was not for the Jewish people I would not know the God of Abraham, Isacc, and Jacob and HIS name is Jesus.

We all owe them a great overwhelming debt of gratitude, not any contempt.

If God is going to be angry with anyone wouldn’t it be the ones who invented the cross as an instrument of capital punishment?  Who made the whip that beat Jesus with shards of bone and glass embedded in the leather straps?   With all the inquisition tools of torture to Protestants in the future, they were not invented by  Jewish people they were all done by Rome.

The Bible is God’s word and those who know God search HIS word for the truth to live the life that Christ wants us too and we are to be shaped into the image of the  SON  HE alone is the example to live life by. How is  Catholicism anything like the image of Christ?  Why do so many who claim to be supernatural spirit-filled acting like they are right in their faith? Knowing that neither Jew or Muslim would ever embrace such a blasphemous idol carrying Christ denying church who never give Jesus the victory off the cross!

Veterans and people of America where is the justice for all those who died in just wars including those who died for the faith Revelation 6:10 that is in Christ to be the city on the hill that shines the brightest for the world to see what God has done for us.

American senators and congressmen and soldiers all took an oath to defend us from all powers both foreign and domestic.

When’s that going to happen?

The map comes from the Jesuit website. Is the world a better place is America any longer the nation we once so loved?

In the appointed time’s list, we pointed out one woman who was a student of theology and a Catholic we took her appointed time and found the theology that  God reveals they hold. I could not make up those days or choose myself the day and times these people would die.  That’s all on God they are well-recorded dates and ages. It is your final wake up call!

Maria Gaetana Agnesi A Catholic Philosopher and Theologian her end of life Points to their Theology.

They took what God established as good and they called it evil because as a Nation under one God “Protestant” and we were and for the most part still, are Protestant.  However,  we were not under their god.

Anyone besides me wanting them to know the true Christ of Scripture?

I have one mediator between me and God and that man is Christ Jesus, the other god has several mediators between his followers and God and none of them come close to Jesus and that stands eternal.

You may be disappointed in me but the disappointment is all mine.

I am not disappointed in my veterans, I am more disappointed in the ones who claim they walk in the light as HE is in the light and call evil good and good evil.

Help crush the head of the serpent and set her captives free so that the enemy can get his new world order in place and have his seven years.

And the rattle on his tail goes Nazi, Nazi, Nazi. We see the head of the serpent appear cut off. What happened to Papal infallibility?

“If you caused the conversion than they are not saved.” ~Bill Fay

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